Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Conversation with a Colleague

Recently a colleague of mine who read my bumper sticker which says "Roadmap to Peace : Stop US Aid to Israel" confronted me about my 'anti-Jewish' bumper sticker. I had to explain very carefully that the bumper sticker contained no inherent anti-Jewish connotations, but was instead a statement of opposition to the illegal occupation and the US tax dollars which fund this misery. I had to explain the existence of many Jewish peace groups like JATO et al in which Jewish scholars and activists are equally opposed to the illegal and immoral occupation, and that if these groups can vocally criticize the Israeli occupation, then why can't I? After explaining to her that Israel has contravened UN resolutions and international law and Geneva convention protocols since 1967 (some since 1948) she promptly replied that the Jewish people have suffered historically, I guess in an attempt to excuse Israel's behavior today. So my comments really did not seem to make a dent. I asked her if she wanted a good book to read on the subject, and she said "I am not that interested in it."


MOM said...


It is always nice that people are against you, however ignorant they are...judgmental with no substance...amen

scottie said...

I've developed thick skin over the years ....
out of necessity.

MOM said...

I just posted your site on: breakthematrix.com Maybe it will generate more responses.

Liberal White Boy said...

How dare you suggest such a thing on a bumper sticker. That's anti-Semitic don't you know?

Anti-Semitism...A Fraudulent Term...And The Most Important Tool In the Zionist's Tool Kit


scottie said...

A tool that is getting well-worn with age and overuse.

Eventually that tool will no longer function and when bona fide cases of anti-Jewishness occur, people will have become so de-sensitized to the charge because of its frequent misapplication.