Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Great 1st Step

The Israelis are making a great first step in this offer, which appears to be legitimate and sincere, of exchanging the Golan Heights captured in the 1967 war with a peace treaty with the Syrians.

If the Syrians take the deal, and they would be bitterly foolish to not accept the deal, then it would cut Syria out of the sponsorship of Hezbollah equation. There would be serious and legitimate consequences for non-compliance.

But this should be viewed as a first step by the Israelis, not the only step.

The Palestinians still have many grievances !


MOM said...

Great step! Israel's Ambassador to the U.S. has just called former President Carter a bigot! Tripe diplomacy...Is that all they can come up with to discredit Jimmy? Bigotry, the same old story again, but now in the Diplomatic realm.

Don't trust their Great 1st Step. They're just trying to wiggle out from being nabbed in their second spying episode. This one must be very important because of how much they are protesting. Maybe he will lead to many others...

scottie said...


Well I had just copied the link for the Washington Post article on Gillerman calling Carter a bigot, and logged in to post on this topic, when I saw your comment.

One small correction : Gillerman is Israel's UN ambassador.

See the new post on this topic.