Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

George Galloway vs a Texan

Pretty heated exchange between George Galloway and a caller from Texas. I decided to post this not for the value of Galloway's arguments but really to show the mindset of an American who has clearly bought into the steady stream of indoctrinating propaganda. The brainwashing is complete for this poor Texan, and I doubt he could ever take a step back and actually judge his country's past misdeeds without calling upon his illusions for relief.

Bottom line, Americans can sleepwalk through their time on this earth regurgitating platitudes about America's greatness, or they can try and understand why the world is so disgusted with our government. The world does not hate the US government because it is jealous of its institutions. The world has a problem with the directives it has initiated, be it invading countries by way of deception, or overthrowing foreign governments through shadowy manuevres, or being hypocritical on nuclear positions, or being hyprocritical on terrorism double-standards, or the US's long legacy of UN obstructionism, or the US's long history of economic exploitation of smaller, weaker countries around the globe.

The sad thing is people like Galloway know their history, and the people like the Texan in this piece think they do.


beany said...

I agree with you 100%.
George is fabulous, his radio show is fantastic.
I listen every week and am astounded at the level of pure ignorance and vicious racism out there.
George never fails to take them down in spectacular fashion.
Let's hope his show can grow and grow, we need to get on top of this problem.

scottie said...

Hi Beany,

Thanks for your comments. Please continue to visit my site.

I stumbled upon George Galloway's interview with SKYNEWS about Israel's devastation of Lebanon in 2006, and I became an immediate admirer of his courage, conviction, and honesty.

He speaks his mind, therefore he is a dangerous person to the establishment.

beany said...

Hi scottie,

I presume,as you are familiar with GG, that you do know of spidered news?
Sorry if that is a silly question, I felt I had to make sure.

Also, Alison Weir and her site -if americans knew.org?

Beany U.K

scottie said...

Hello Beany,

I have the "If Americans Knew" site linked on my site, and I am very familiar with Alison Weir's work on this issue.

I had never heard of spidered news, but I just visited that site, and I am going to add it to my links as well.

Thanks and best wishes.

beany said...

Hi Scottie,

Just to let you know, it was Spidered news which featured your article on GG vs a texan.

Beany U.K

scottie said...

oh ok

well great !

cheers from the states !