Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Corporate Tax Evasion Scams

This article should really sicken all US taxpayers, since it seems the average American who pays their taxes fearful of the authorities are shouldering the burden of this nation. The rich and greedy and deceitful corporations on this list are stealing from the US government, and they are being rewarded. This is slavery in which the slaves are people like me, and the masters are the CEO's of giant multi-national corporations, who are taking tax rebates from the IRS in the millions, funded by the commoner, and spreading it around to their elites.

More Americans need to know about this, and I applaud Levin for taking on this issue.


MOM said...

That the IRS dogs normal Americans and lets corporations off the hook is another reason why Americans should have supported Ron Paul.

Even more ridiculous is the fact that Halliburton moved its headquarters to Bahrain while it continues sticking us in the proverbial buttcus for their super-overblown cost-plus contracts in Iraq. I think this is the lowest blow that Americans should have to take from the current Administration (and probably 75% of Congress, which has probably profited, like Dick Cheney, from investments in Halliburton).

HOW SHEEP can we get?

scottie said...


Sickens me to read that article and how the corporations avoid their taxes.

Corporations originally were only allowed small-term existences, but now they have evolved into this immortal super-beast with more rights than humans, as it turns out.

wdporter said...


Kill the subsidies. Bring the corporate income tax to absolute zero.

Problem solved. No charge for this one; it's on the house.

wdporter said...

OH and by the way, did you guys know that the corporate tax rate is the same as the HIGHEST individual tax bracket, so unless you are making more than $319,000 (as of 2004 when this article was written).

If you were owner of a small corporation (which the "two thirds" cited in the article obviously includes), and made less than $145,000 per year would you pay the 35% or pay out a 1099 to yourself and pay 28%?

But blame it on the EVIL corporations, and not the "progressive" tax code which forces corporations to choose between the U.S. government and its shareholders and employees (tough call).