Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

McCain more Hawkish than Bush

McCain is a pretty scary dude when it comes to his foreign policy stances. Even though the comment is partisan, I found it very poignant what the Obama aide said in this piece.

McCain is clearly married to the Neocon agenda. He has Lieberman stumping for him, has embraced the rhetoric from the Wolfowitzes, Perles, Feiths, Abramses, Ledeens, Wurmers of the Neocon ilk.

It would be a virtual toss-up which one would screw up this country even more than it already is : McCain or Hillary Billary.

Now that I think about it, Romney would have been a far sight better than McCain simply because he has NO foreign policy experience. This would be a better scenario for us Americans and the world than this Manchurian Candidate with a very dimented and radical foreign policy, which will only make this country more threatened and more impoverished.

And Hillary would spend this country into bigger debt with her healthcare platform, and she is slavishly owned by the special interests which have dominated this country for so long.

And finally, I am not sure Obama will be able to do anything except give nice eloquent JFK-like speeches.

I would probably not be so depressed if Ron Paul had never come along in this election cycle. If he never gave a common-sense, rational speech, never once questioned the toe-the-line traditional agenda, never once railed against the Fed, never once introduced the mere possibility of a sane, balanced, and moral foreign policy, never discussed what the role of government ought to be within the Constitutional framework. I would simply cast this election cycle off as business as usual in the surreal world of US politics. But he did, and he gave a few people hope, and now we are experiencing the hangover of Americans not embracing his message more enthusiastically.

It's a choice now between an absolute fascist, a socialist, or a nice speech-giver who also has socialist leanings.

But Americans will hear at least 1,000 times between now and November what a truly wonderful, exemplary democracy we have !

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