Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
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Monday, March 31, 2008

I Agree with Glen Beck ?

Never thought I'd say I agree with Glen Beck on anything, but I just watched this video, and holy frijoles, he knocked this one out of the park.

Real Chutzpah

Again, Israel does what it wants to do. There will never be peace with the current Israeli regime until a radical change of thinking occurs. Rice leaves and Israel announces West Bank expansion. What a slap in the face to Rice.


Israel to Build New Homes in West Bank

By LAURIE COPANS – 3 days ago

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel announced plans Monday for 1,400 new homes on land the Palestinians claim for a future state — just hours after U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ended a peacekeeping mission to the region.

Jerusalem's city hall announced it would build 600 new apartments in Pisgat Zeev, a Jewish neighborhood in the eastern sector of the city. Soon after, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish party said Prime Minister Ehud Olmert promised to build 800 additional homes in one of Israel's largest West Bank settlements, Betar Illit.

Palestinian officials weren't immediately available for comment.

Past Israeli construction projects in the disputed areas have sparked a series of crises in the peace negotiations, provoking the Palestinians at one point to suspend talks.

Rice said at a news conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, however, that talks were moving the sides toward the goal of some sort of peace agreement by 2009 that would lead toward the creation of a Palestinian state.

"I think it's all moving in the right direction," Rice said."I fully believe it is a goal we can reach."

But Rice criticized Israel's continued approval of new housing in contested territory.

"Settlement activity should stop - expansion should stop," Rice said.

Olmert spokesman Mark Regev had no comment on the new construction plans. But earlier in the day, Olmert pledged that Israel would build in east Jerusalem and heavily Jewish areas of the West Bank — land Israel expects to keep in a final peace agreement.

The ultra-Orthodox Shas party is a powerful partner in Olmert's coalition and Olmert needs to keep the hawkish party from bolting to hold on to power. Without Shas, he would lose his parliamentary majority.

Olmert insisted the building would not disrupt peace negotiations.

"This is going on within the framework of negotiations, and the negotiations will continue to progress," he said.

At a U.S.-hosted peace conference in November, Israel and the Palestinians agreed to relaunch long-stalled talks and base negotiations on the 2003 "road map" peace plan. The U.S.-backed proposal calls on Israel to freeze all settlement activity, including in existing settlements.

Because it annexed east Jerusalem after the 1967 war, Israel does not consider construction there to be settlement activity. The Palestinians and the international community do.

Israel also maintains the right to build in West Bank settlements to account for "natural growth" of the population there, even though the road map specifically bans such activity.

Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski said he was confident that "following the prime minister's statement that construction in Jerusalem neighborhoods will continue, the government will not impose any delay on this plan."

A spokesman for Shas, Roi Lachmanovitch said Olmert promised to revive frozen plans to build 800 homes in Beitar Illit.

"There are more on the way," he added.

Monday's announcements followed a report by an Israeli watchdog group that Israel has approved the construction of almost 1,700 homes in contested territories since the peace talks were relaunched in Annapolis, Maryland, last fall.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said officials presented information on Israeli settlement activity to Rice.

"President Abbas told Rice this is the most dangerous obstacle to peace," he said.

Also Monday, Israel began taking down some of the 50 West Bank roadblocks it pledged to remove during Rice's visit. Israel maintains more than 500 checkpoints and roadblocks, saying they are necessary security measures. The Palestinians say the travel restrictions are excessive and have crushed their economy.

Israeli defense officials said the Rimonim checkpoint near Ramallah, the seat of Abbas' government, had already been taken down.

A Palestinian who tried to stab Israeli hitchhikers near a West Bank Jewish settlement was shot and killed by one of them, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said, calling the shooting self-defense.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Police State

This is total bullshit. An 80 year-old wheelchair bound man is arrested for wearing an anti-war T-shirt. If he handed out anti-war pamphlets and the people did not want them, all they had to do was refuse, exactly the same measure of refusal if a recruiter for the US Armed Forces tries to hand out brochures and people do not want to take them. But to arrest this guy for refusing to turn his shirt inside out is about as un-American as what the critics will charge this octegenarian with. The Police State has arrived, freedom of speech is dead, the Constitution is shriveling up before our very eyes, but you know, we can watch sports and Britney Spears and reality shows and this election farce 24-7 and this episode won't make it into the MSM's headlines.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rosen and Weissman Trial

I am anxiously awaiting the trial of these two Israeli spies. Since Larry Franklin admitted guilt and took his nearly 13 year prison term in stride, I would expect a guilty verdict of these 2 AIPAC officials, assuming of course that the judicial process does not become mired with extra-curricular activities, like high-profile subpoenas, lawyers who distract from the non-controversial facts of the case, or further delay.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Super Article from FoxNews of All Places

Very good article, not only providing necessary background but putting the current crisis of the dollar in its proper historical context.

If only Americans would read these things on my site !

Richard Cook, Crackpot or Prophet?

This guy has an impressive resume, but he seems to be making some statements which appear "conspiratorial". Let's get past this red herring term and read his comments, some of which are very good and thought-provoking.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dialogue between an Angry Zionist and a Devout Jew

Wow ! I stumbled upon this video and this angry fellow storms into the interview and verbally assaults these Orthodox Jews in their explanation of how Judaism and Zionism differ. It is funny to note that the angry Zionist says that the other group present has the right to publicly speak, but he implies that these Orthodox Jews do not have a similar right.

You judge for yourself.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And Foreign Policy is Supposedly McCain's Strength

How can a Presidential candidate make this type of blunder? I guess it fits in with his MO, claiming to understand certain things when he does not at all.

Like the question he almost collapsed at from Ron Paul on the President's Working Group on Financial Markets.

Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Coming , the Dollar Eulogy

This has been coming for some time. Unsound currency has created all these ripple effects, and eventually Americans will identify the source of the problem, not the fixer of the problem ; the Federal Reserve system.

Abolish the Fed before we have to endure another great depression because of the parasitic international bankers and their dimented schemes and dreams.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Proof of Iraq's Euro Conversion

It has been argued by many that the real reason Iraq was invaded by the US in March 2003 was to preserve the dollar hegemony Iraq's move to the Euro threatened. Here is a CNN article in 2000 which documents the change, and nations ought to be able to trade their resources in whatever currency they deem best.

Iran and Venezuela are the other 2 nations trading their oil for non-dollars and it is no coincidence that the US government has issued repeated bellicose statements about these 2 nations.

It is time for the US to return to a sound gold-backed currency and abolish the Federal Reserve system which has unconditionally destroyed our national currency.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sick Society

We live in a very sick society and are witness to very immoral times. This story echoes volumes. What was this guy thinking? Did he weigh risk versus reward and ultimately decide the risk was worth his dimented reward?

What is wrong with people?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Way to Speak Truth Pastor

Cowardice asks the question - is it safe?
Expediency asks the question - is it politic?
Vanity asks the question - is it popular?
But conscience asks the question - is it right?
And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular; but one must take it because it is right.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I respect the Pastor's comments and could not agree more. It is the height of arrogance to suggest the US has the moral authority to do immoral things against other nations. We should abide by Christ's Golden Rule and demand our foreign policy reflect that basic principle.

US Government Conspiracy to Honor Nazis ?

That is the claim in this article about an elderly care center in Alabama which looks like a swastika from the air.

The Jewish activist in the article, Segol, claims that the building here, along with some Naval barracks in California, are part of a government conspiracy to honor Nazis.


Not many people have helicopters so the offense is basically contrived. Plus the swastika has been used by many cultures (it can even be seen on the Buddhist temples) long before the Germans used it. So the swastika itself has no inherent evil, even if some people who used the symbol were evil.

I guess the ADL might get involved and charge the elderly who live there with inciting anti-semitism.

Paul Findley

Since I mentioned Paul Findley in my last post, I decided to add a nice video background of Paul Findley and his crusade against AIPAC's corruptive influence in our political system.

The Real Litmus Test

All candidates must openly state their support for Israel otherwise its nighty-night.

Obama once said that nobody has suffered more than the Palestinians, which I applaud him for his honesty. He promptly backtracked and then gave a speech to AIPAC to smooth things over with the various Jewish groups.

US politics ... just ask Paul Findley.

Venezuela : A Terrorist State ?

Ratchet up the rhetoric against another country which trades oil for other services and not the dollar exclusively.

Read this article carefully and ask if these same shortsighted lawmakers are willing to hold our government, our CIA, to the same standard? Perhaps we ought to add the US to the list of countries that sponsor international terror since we practically invented the modern version of this tactic.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Impossible to Please

Hamas offered a 10 year hudnah, and even hinted at a 100 year hudnah. Israel refused to discuss the offer.

Now we are quibbling over the semantics of what is a truce? Is it a "calm" or is it a cease-fire?

A more comprehensive offer was put forth and the Israelis balked. It seems that the Israelis will not be happy until all the Palestinians simply lay down and surrender, which won't happen, so it seems the Israelis are quite impossible to please.

McCain more Hawkish than Bush

McCain is a pretty scary dude when it comes to his foreign policy stances. Even though the comment is partisan, I found it very poignant what the Obama aide said in this piece.

McCain is clearly married to the Neocon agenda. He has Lieberman stumping for him, has embraced the rhetoric from the Wolfowitzes, Perles, Feiths, Abramses, Ledeens, Wurmers of the Neocon ilk.

It would be a virtual toss-up which one would screw up this country even more than it already is : McCain or Hillary Billary.

Now that I think about it, Romney would have been a far sight better than McCain simply because he has NO foreign policy experience. This would be a better scenario for us Americans and the world than this Manchurian Candidate with a very dimented and radical foreign policy, which will only make this country more threatened and more impoverished.

And Hillary would spend this country into bigger debt with her healthcare platform, and she is slavishly owned by the special interests which have dominated this country for so long.

And finally, I am not sure Obama will be able to do anything except give nice eloquent JFK-like speeches.

I would probably not be so depressed if Ron Paul had never come along in this election cycle. If he never gave a common-sense, rational speech, never once questioned the toe-the-line traditional agenda, never once railed against the Fed, never once introduced the mere possibility of a sane, balanced, and moral foreign policy, never discussed what the role of government ought to be within the Constitutional framework. I would simply cast this election cycle off as business as usual in the surreal world of US politics. But he did, and he gave a few people hope, and now we are experiencing the hangover of Americans not embracing his message more enthusiastically.

It's a choice now between an absolute fascist, a socialist, or a nice speech-giver who also has socialist leanings.

But Americans will hear at least 1,000 times between now and November what a truly wonderful, exemplary democracy we have !

Uh-Oh Spaghettios

War with Iran? Perino says in this article that it is nonsense that the Bush Administration stifles dissent ! A more gutwrenching farce I have never heard. Ask Valerie Plame what her take on this one is...

White House Denies Friction With Fallon

By ROBERT BURNS – Mar 12, 2008

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House on Wednesday rejected charges that it quashes dissenting views in the military, an accusation brought to light by the resignation of Navy Adm. William J. Fallon as commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East.

For Fallon, the perception of a disagreement with Bush's policies on Iran rather than an actual rift was enough reason to step down.

"Recent press reports suggesting a disconnect between my views and the president's policy objectives have become a distraction at a critical time and hamper efforts in the Centcom region," Fallon said in a statement Tuesday in which he announced his resignation as head of U.S. Central Command, arguably the most important in the U.S. military.

Democrats seized on Fallon's resignation as an opportunity to criticize Bush.

"Over the last seven Bush years, we've seen those who toe the company line get rewarded and those who speak inconvenient truths get retired," Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., said in a written statement.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., echoed Kerry's comment and said, "The last thing America needs is an echo chamber of top advisers, especially on all-important questions of war and peace."

It is highly unusual for a senior commander to resign in wartime. Fallon took the post on March 16, 2007, succeeding Army Gen. John Abizaid, who retired after nearly four years in the job. Fallon was part of a new team of senior officials, including Defense Secretary Robert Gates, chosen by Bush to implement a revised Iraq war policy.

White House press secretary Dana Perino called the charges of stifling dissent "nonsense."

"The president welcomes robust and healthy debate," she said. "He has many members of his administration that represent different viewpoints. He has dissenting views on a variety of issues that get worked out through a policy process that is usually not fed out in the press."

"There's no one in the administration that is suggesting other than a diplomatic approach to Iran," Perino said.

An Esquire magazine article published last week described Fallon, 63, as being at odds with a president eager to go to war with Iran. Titled "The Man Between War and Peace," the article presented Fallon as a lone voice against taking military action to stop the Iranian nuclear program.

"I don't believe there have ever been any differences about the objectives of our policy in the Central Command area of responsibility," Fallon said in his statement Tuesday, and he regretted "the simple perception that there is."

Gates told a Pentagon news conference that he accepted Fallon's request to resign and retire, agreeing that the Iran issue had become a distraction. But Gates said repeatedly that he believed talk of Fallon opposing Bush on Iran was mistaken.

"I don't think that there really were differences at all," Gates said, adding that Fallon was not pressured to leave.

"He told me that, quote, 'The current embarrassing situation, public perception of differences between my views and administration policy and the distraction this causes from the mission make this the right thing to do,' unquote," Gates told reporters.

Gates said he did not think it was the Esquire article alone that prompted Fallon to quit. Rather, Gates thought it was "a cumulative kind of thing" that he and Fallon had failed to put "behind us." He also dismissed as "ridiculous" any notion that Fallon's departure signals the United States is planning to go to war with Iran.

Fallon's departure, effective March 31, is unlikely to immediately affect conduct of the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. His top deputy at Central Command, Army Lt. Gen. Martin Dempsey, will take his place until a permanent successor is nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate.

Gen. David Petraeus, who runs the Iraq war from Baghdad but is technically subordinate to Fallon, was known to have differences with Fallon over the timing and pace of drawing down U.S. troops from Iraq. Fallon has favored a faster pullback. Petraeus issued a statement lauding Fallon's service.

Possible replacements could include:

_Petraeus, although Gates said recently that Bush had made it clear to him that he wanted to keep Petraeus in Iraq until late this year. He is likely to get a second four-star assignment, and some believe it might be as the top U.S. commander in Europe.

_Dempsey, although he already has been selected to head U.S. Army Europe.

_Army Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, just named to a top post on the Joint Chiefs of Staff and who had been commander of U.S. special operations forces in Iraq.

_Army Lt. Gen. Peter Chiarelli, who serves as Gates' senior military assistant and is a former senior commander in Iraq.
On the Net:

* Pentagon: http://www.defenselink.mil

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So Which Was It?

This is the Reuter's report that graffiti inside the cargo hold of the El Al plane said "Long Live Palestine"

However, on the Drudge Report immediately below it was another story alleging that the graffiti was "Death to the Jews". Click on the link below to see this version of the story. It is amazing how Drudge can present articles from the Earthtimes as reputable. Until more data surfaces, I'll go with the Reuters storyline. Geez, talk about tabloid journalism.

click here

Hamas - Israel Truce ?

I think this news story is still breaking, but if true, then it begs the question why didn't the Israelis take the offer last December? Many lives would have been spared on both sides.

Fallon Resigns over Iran Policy

This is bad news for Americans and Iranians. When all the rational obstacles to war with Iran are removed, the belligerent agenda will win, and despite the NIE, there will be an attack on Iran.

I am very pessimistic.

McCain Visits Israel with Lieberman

So Senator McCain will visit Israel with his little neocon chickenhawk buddy Joe Lieberman, who stumped for McCain in Florida to help him get the Jewish vote by claiming that McCain is the only candidate with a real plan for dealing with Iran.

Just what our country needs, the Manchurian Candidate getting advice from a Zionist neocon pig.

I hope McCain picks Lieberman as a running mate because it will guarantee an Obama victory, and I guess I'd rather have a President who will spend us into oblivion than one who will attack anything that moves in the Middle East.

Great system of governance on display yet again !

Monday, March 10, 2008

No Link between Saddam and al Qaeda ; No Kidding?

People like me who told others this pre-invasion were called unpatriotic.

It's better to be right, and the other thing people like me said was that if we invade a country like Iraq with no moral basis for doing so, we will only suffer later by recruitng more jihadists to fight against us.

But we are still listening to the misguided chickenhawk Neocon charlatans who are drumbeating against Iran.

Perhaps we ought to finally heed the wisdom of Jim Baker and Lee Hamilton and implement the Iraq Study Group outline.

Incredible Court Ruling on Homeschooling

The Govenator's State issued this ridiculous ruling criminalizing homeschooling. Government has no Constitutional mandate whatsoever to dictate educational terms to the individual.

Just like there is no Constitutional authority to punish states who do not meet "accountability" standards on the fraudulent "no child left behind" provisions.

Maybe homeschooled kids are growing up without the degree of indoctrination they would get in public schools, which might worry some !

Surely this ruling will get overturned at a higher judicial level.

Nader on Gaza and Palestine in General

Very nice article from Ralph Nader.

Interesting Article on Drug Residues in Water Reservoirs

People take drugs. Body expels unused portions. Waste water treated but cannot remove all traces. Drug residues finds water reservoirs. People consume trace amounts of other people's drugs.

So I guess our society is over-medicated literally.

Again, More Settlements

Settlements are the biggest obstacle to peace. Israel cannot have it both ways. Either they want to confiscate more land, and peace will never be achieved, or Israel dismantles all of its settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which I do not think the Israelis will ever do.

So the conflict will rage on, and the lip service about no partner for peace will be recycled again by the Israelis, but it is the Palestinians who should be echoing this refrain.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Way to Go McCain

This guy is hard to figure out. First he makes propaganda tapes (32) for the North Vietnamese while in captivity. In the tapes he claims that US soldiers are targeting schools, hospitals, civilians, etc. Then he single-handedly closes the door on legislation that would declassify all US government documents on the POW-MIA's from Vietnam (see my post on this site on this issue) Then he welcomes the Vietnamese Prime Minister and helps pave the way for restored relations (which was a good thing, just queer he would lead that charge). He wants to bomb Iran, despite the NIE. He wants to stay in Iraq for 100-10,000 years, or so he says. He wants to take jobs away from Americans and outsource them to a competitor for Boeing, at a time when our economy is seriously hurting.


You decide.

The Torture President

Bush might as well unilaterally withdraw from the Geneva conventions with this type of mindset.

It is torture, plain and simple, and it's amazing how "civilized" nations can take principled stances on torture, yet the US and Israel lead the effort in maintaining barbarism with their ridiculous arguments on torture.

Another black-eye for the nation ...

Friday, March 07, 2008

Palestinian Gunman Kills 8 Students

When the entire world (except for the US) has already publicly stated that Israel's disproportionate killing of the Palestinians in Gaza is immoral, excessive, and deplorable, acts in retaliation by this gunman really make one aggressively question the politics of killing civilians deliberately. There can be no excuse for that, these students do not deserve to die because their government is immoral and cannot follow international laws.

Acts like this also force disinterested 3rd parties to re-think their moral support for the Palestinians, even if it is the act of one crazed gunman versus the orchestrated acts of an entire military via their government-directed policies.

If one has a problem with the military occupation, which is certainly understandable, then take the fight to the military that occupies, but don't target civilians. Killing civilians deliberately transforms a justifiable resistance movement into an ugly terrorist tactic.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Occupation Kills and Steals Pride

8 different human rights groups in the UK claim that the Gaza is in its worst shape ever, since the 1967 June war when Israel decided it would take lands from several neighbors and occupy these regions militarily.

80% of Palestinians are on food aid, and Israel keeps cutting the power to hospitals.

Why can't be we honest ? Israel wants every Palestinian dead or displaced further from their homes.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ron Paul's Platform in Forbes

Hard to disagree with his platform policy stances, if one believes that the Constitution is, in fact, the basis for our governance.

Thank you Forbes for doing what other media outlets have failed to do : give Ron Paul a chance to state his entire positions, not 30 second snippets in the fradulent debates, and for trying to cast this great human being as a kook.

Uri Avnery Interview

I have always respected Uri Avnery for his principled stances. A former Israeli Knesset member infuses some basic common sense and reality into the volatile Israel-Palestine issue.

It is too bad the Israeli government does not heed good advice from its former participants.

Click on "Good Morning, Hamas" (right column)if the first page has since changed.

B'tSelem's Statement on the IDF's Indiscriminate Attacks

B'tSelem is such a breath of fresh air for their honest statements. There is no convoluted message here about "no partner for peace" which is a smokescreen anyway. This statement exposes several of the Palestinian deaths for what they truly are : war crimes.

130 Palestinians Dead vs 3 Israelis Dead

The details in this article are very disheartening. Israeli F-16's, which are paid for by US tax dollars, are attacking Gaza with missile strikes, Israeli warships are shelling fishing boats and home from the sea, and for what?

Qassams are crude and have killed less than 10 people since 2000. Israel has killed 130 people in 4 days. Hamas offered a cease-fire in December (which would end the attacks on Sderot) and the Israelis balked. In fact, they did not even consider discussing a cease-fire.

Israel wanted its larger war to punish Gaza and Hamas.

39 dead children, a few of which were less than a year old, and 10 dead women. Again, what does this do the Palestinian mindset? Should the Palestinians be willing to discuss peace when their occupier overlord is hell-bent on a holocaust against the Palestinians?

The ratios resemble the ratios in Lebanon in the summer of 2006. 30 to 1 killed and mostly civilians.

I guess we have stumbled upon Israel's conversion factor of value of non-Israeli life . Roughly 30 non-Israelis are worth 1 Israeli.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Ira Chernus on Palestinian Suffering

Ira Chernus speaks the truth and makes some good sense on Obama's courting of Jewish voters.

30 : 1 ratios of Palestinian dead to Israeli dead, and Israel has ignored repeated Hamas calls for a cease-fire, one of which is several months old, which does illustrate how much Israel really cares about its Sderot residents.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Israel condemned for its attacks on Gaza

With the death toll over 100, the article linked from the BBC explains the various groups which strongly criticize Israeli actions.

Even Bush said the violence must stop, the same President Bush who allowed Israel to destroy large swaths of Lebanon in 2006.

Perhaps Israel is following up on its plans for a Holocaust of the Palestinian people, an announcement made the other day by Vilnai, a deputy defense minister of Israel.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Palestinian Blood Flows Again

The disproportionate nature of the killing is simply appalling. 1 dead Israeli and since 60 dead Palestinians.

The Israelis claim to be reacting to the Qassams directed at Sderot, but Hamas a month or so ago offered a hudnah, a cease fire, (and have hinted at a 10-year hudnah) and the Israelis did not discuss the option.

But they were offered a cease-fire, the Israelis responded with silence, which tells you how much Israel really cares about its residents in Sderot.

But Israel can now have its larger war, and they can justify their criminality by pointing the finger at Hamas, as they always do, and the Palestinians are the ones dying.