Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Friday, February 29, 2008

A Gala for Sderot

While Israel continues to bombard and kill innocent Palestinians in the Gaza there was an event in Hollywood for the people of Sderot, who are targeted by Qassams.

While the Qassams strike fear in the hearts of the Sderot population, the truly lethal force is from the Israeli side, who in 2007 killed more than 500 Palestinians while 10 Israelis died due to attacks from militant groups.

Just yesterday 5 Palestinian children aged 8-12 were killed by an Israeli missile while playing soccer.

I want to know where is the vigil in the US for these innocents killed by naked Israeli aggression. Where are the stars in Hollywood speaking out for these victims? Which presidential candidates speak remotely for these children?

If only these Hollywood idiots knew more history and followed the data more closely. But therein lies the problem ; injustice perpetuates itself until people become aware.


Israeli Blogger said...

scottie, why do you claim to "see the big picture" when you are so obviously very one-sided?

scottie said...

the more one researches the issue of israel-palestine the more one realizes the many injustices that accompany this issue.

i regularly read the findings from amnesty, b'tselem, human rights watch, physicians for human rights-israel, and they all point to the samne damning conclusions i mention on my site ;

so the question should not be "why is scottie" one-sided? the question should be "why are the US and israel so out of step with the rest of the world?"

e.g. in 1988 the issue of palestine was broached at the UN and the vote count for resolving the issue along the lines of UN 242 was 154-2 (US and israel)

so are you going to argue that the 154 member nations of the UN with their career diplomats representing their various diplomatic arms are all one-sided as well?

if you have a more specific question please post it here or to some other post, but i have done the reading and the research and i do not arrive at conclusions based on whims or questionable sources.

scottie said...

israeli blogger, i saw from your statement that you desire peace. i remember a haaretz poll a few years ago that said that 51% of israelis favor withdrawal from the occupied territories in exchange for peace. while this is but one step in the overall process (right of return must also be negotiated) 51% of the people wanted this step to take place but it did not. gaza "disengagement" was nicely packaged west bank expansion. and the government did not listen to the will of its people, but yet it is still called democratic.

why did israel not seriously discuss the arab league proposals, first proposed in 2002, then resurrected again in 2006 leading into 2007?

gideon levy wrote a nice piece in haaretz saying that israel does not want peace. i thought he spoke truth to this rejectionism on the side of the israelis. did you happen to read that article? if so, what did you think of it?