Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Australia and the Aborigines

In a monumental decision by the government of Australia the Aborigines of Australia will receive a formal apology for their treatment.

I wonder if the US government has a similar capacity to offer an apology to our Native American population. I read an article today concerning the looting of tribal money from our government, money set aside for Indian affairs.

I won't hold my breath on this one, and I can certainly understand the feelings of the Lakotah to withdraw from their treaty obligations since the US government has renegged on theirs.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ron Paul's letter to his supporters

When I started this campaign more than a year ago, I was a somewhat reluctant candidate. I knew our message of freedom, peace, and prosperity was the right one for our country, but frankly, I didn't know how many people today would have ears to hear it.

Well, did I learn a lesson! Millions of Americans understand what ails our country, and what is needed to fix it. So, with you at my side, I am in this effort to win. Not only by building the ideas of liberty, but by getting the nomination. Our opponents would call that nuts -- you know, the advocates of more inflation, more spending, more taxes, more war. But let me explain why they are, as usual, all wet.

For one thing, for the first time since 1952, we are headed towards a brokered convention. Instead of a coronation of one of the establishment candidates, the delegates, influenced by the people, will decide. And I am afraid that this will take place in a time of heightened economic crisis. That means even more Americans will be ready to hear our message. But it also means I am really going to need your help.

One would never know this from the mainstream media, but we've only had a few primaries and caucuses, and even after the extremely important date of February 5th, we will still have more than half to go. And the Republican nominee will not be decided by the popular vote among the "leading candidates" in a few states also handpicked by the media. The nominee will be decided by the delegates. So let me tell you a little about our "under-the-radar" strategy to get those delegates.

On "Super Tuesday," February 5th, there will be 22 primaries and caucuses. I have a hunch that we're going to do very well. But, of course, the media and the rest of the establishment refuse to recognize that. It's the attitude of the small child who covers his eyes to make something scary go away. But we are not going away.

While the media focus on the couple of states they claim are important, we're competing everywhere. And the reason that we're able to do that is because of your grassroots support. You all are an asset that no other campaign has: donors, and activists who want no special deals from the government, just the Constitution.

We're competing very strongly in all the caucus states, and in all other states where delegates are up for grabs. And we're going to keep picking up delegates. Our strategy's already working.

And we're committed to winning states. I have little doubt that if we can double our efforts in this coming week, we're going to grab many delegates from other candidates. Then we'll start getting ready for the biggest moment of all - the convention in September.

The path to the convention is twisty, however. When we were in Iowa, we got 10% of the vote. But no delegates were awarded that night. That's because voters didn't directly choose national convention delegates; they selected the county and state delegates who will make that decision. And if another candidate like Mike Huckabee is no longer in the race at the time of the state convention in June, his delegates are free to support whomever they want. If we work extra hard, we can convert them into delegates for our campaign!

A similar thing happened in Nevada. We won 14% of the straw poll vote that the media reported on, but what they didn't tell you was that we may have gotten up to a third of Nevada's delegates to their county conventions! I always laughed when I heard some people say Nevada didn't matter. Nevada chooses more delegates to the national convention than South Carolina.

So, while the media will focus on the results from Florida, and probably take down the campaign of my friend Rudy in the process, those results are less important to you and me. Let them fight in Florida while we bring our message to Americans in other areas, like the economically hard-hit state of Maine.

We want to win as many delegates to the Republican National Convention as possible, even if other campaigns don't see some areas of the country as "important. But in this work, I need your help. Help me get many, many delegates to this historic convention, by these three methods.

1. Donate. Your generous contributions are essential if we're going to keep going until September. We need, frankly $5 million by February 5 to run more TV and radio ads in the Super Tuesday states. Your help means everything: https://www.ronpaul2008.com/donate.

2. Canvass. You can help us identify those who support our message in your precinct. You can help us to convert others, too. After all, your neighbors pay attention to you. I am going to visit as much of the country as I can, but I need you as my partner in your area: https://voters.ronpaul2008.com.

3. ASK others to sign-up on our website. I meet so many people on the campaign trail who don't even receive my letters! I've told my campaign to make communication with you, the engine of all this, much better. But if people don't sign up for my e-mails, that won't happen. If you could just get one extra person to sign-up, that would be great. More would be tremendous.

Help me by forwarding this e-mail to every other Ron Paul supporter you know, and urging them to join our efforts! https://www.ronpaul2008.com/join.

We've come so far, but now the fun is really starting! I have a feeling the mainstream media will move from ignoring us to attacking us. But that will be a sign of our success. Join me as we continue this great movement into year two, and to a hot convention in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. We can do it!



The Lakotah Approach

I like their idea. The US government renegged on all their treaty obligations. It is general knowledge what the US government did with its program of Manifest Destiny, namely kill and conquer. In 1492 there were 13,000,000 Native North Americans and in 1892 that number was reduced to 237,000 (a problem from our algebra text). This is a % change of -98.4%.

Sherman and Sheridan developed a plan to kill the buffalo en masse, which would eventually lead to Indian starvation, since the tribes followed the migrating herds to kill for food. Additioanlly the hides were used for clothing and shelter, the bones for tools and weapons. Under Sherman and Sheridan's plan, millions of plains buffalo were killed.

So when you hear about how great our country is, how it is the best and brightest beacon of freedom and liberty on the planet, be cautious not to believe it too sincerely. Many evil deeds took place, many millions of innocent people killed, and many dreams of the indigenous were crushed to make way for the American dream.

And sadly, this story is repeated throughout human history.

Our Model Dictator

If you do not understand the psyche of our CIA and the reasons coups occur in the first place, this article is simply fantastic.

What we know about Suharto and Indonesia is but a tip of the iceberg. Similar operations unfolded in Central and South America, and with the same objectives.

We wonder why nations and people resent the US and are hostile to US foreign policy. It is because they bear the burden of our arrogant goals while US coporations reap the benefits.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Deeply Flawed Logic in this Pseudo-article

The author of this piece argues that Paul is an anti-semite and a sympathizer of Muslim terrorists.

Cry wolf one time too many and people will learn to completely ignore the comments.

After just finishing Walt and Mearsheimer's lengthy book, there is little doubt (there wasn't much before I started the book) that their case was made with sound logic, unlike the twisted logic of this piece.

But I post to illustrate what forces Paul is up against.

A World Without Suharto

How should the world remember a brutal dictator (whom the US backed) who overthrew Sukarno and proceeded to kill 1/3 of the East Timorese while the world watched and did nothing?

An Australian diplomat said of the slaughter of the East Timorese : "The world is a cruel place"

It remains to date the largest example of genocide relative to overall population of any group.

Do not send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee ...

Friday, January 25, 2008

JFK, MLK and Ron Paul

So many Americans are really terrific with mixing clips together and posting on YouTube collages of speeches from different people from different eras. It is becoming a creative artform.

The video on this link was supposedly banned from YouYube. Why I do not know. It starts with some statements from JFK that I wish our current leaders in Washington would heed. MLK makes some great comments on war and its perils, and it ends with some nice Ron Paul clips on the Iraq war.

Terrific stuff.

I do not get it

I just do not get it. The neocons clamored for US attacks on Iran for the last 18 months continually. Americans showed that they learned some lessons from the 935 lies the Bush admin told the American people on Iraq. We did not buy into the admin claims and the claims from the various neocon think-tanks on the "imminent" Iranian threat to the world. Then the NIE came out !

All 16 US intelligence agencies clearly stated that Iran stopped its nuclear program one month after the 2003 Iraq invasion by US forces. The same agencies say Iran has not since started back.

Iran signed the NPT, which allows countries to enrich uranium for civilian use. Iran has allowed inspections.

But today we read news of more sanctions imposed on them by, ironically, the permanent members of the UN SC, the most bellicose, nuclear-armed countries on the planet. ???????????????????

Sanctions do not work. Take the Cuba example. Or the post first Gulf War sanctions on Iraq. Or the current sanctions imposed on the Palestinians for voting the wrong way.

Western morality is a contradiction in terms. We will impose sanctions on a country that kill half a million people then wonder why those mysterious populations in strange far-away lands come to hate us later.

Who are we kidding?

Every major religion or moral philosophy contains a version of our Christian "golden rule" ... Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It would be in our national best interest if our foreign policy would live up to this basic tenet of moral/religious law.

Ron Paul asks John McCain a question ...

During the debates last night the candidates were allowed to ask another candidate a question. McCain set himself up with an earlier response that he was well-versed on economic issues, which is why I think Paul asked him the question he did.

What ensued was absolutely hilarious. John McCain stumbled through his BS response and never made a single point except that he would defer to the Treasury Secretary.

The link has a re-mix of the clip with some funny commentary as well.

Gazans Escape their Israeli Prison

The entire world outside the US has denounced Israel's seige of Gaza. Shipments of food, medical supplies, water, and fuel have been blocked by Israeli forces. The Israelis said only the bare necesseties could cross the boundary of their Gazan prison.
Exactly how food, water, medical supplies and fuel could be construed as luxury items is beyond me.

The Israelis claim that the seige of Gaza is due to rockets landing in Sderot launched by Palestinian militants.

Gazan prisoners finally broke free on the Egyptian border 2 days ago by blowing up the barrier between Gaza and Egypt. They poured into Egypt by the thousands to buy food, water, medical supplies, fuel.

And now we hear from the Israelis and the Americans. Both are mad at Egypt for allowing this to occur. How dare those presumptuous Egyptians allow the Palestinians relief from their Israeli torture. Israel and the US are demanding that the Palestinians be herded back into the Gaza so that the US and Israeli punishment can continue.

After all, it is the fault of the Palestinians. They did vote the wrong way in a free election.

But remember we are "spreading democracy" in Iraq, and punishing the innocent in Palestine who happened to vote against US wishes.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2 consecutive 2nd place finishes for Paul

I heard that Paul was a very close 2nd place in Louisiana as opposed to the big disparity in Nevada when Paul claimed 2nd place, but Romney won first overwhelmingly.

It's probably why there are no numbers in this one ...

But maybe they ought to stop calling him a longshot !

2 2nds in a row, 5/7 he has beaten a "top-tier" candidate like Giuliani (and with the NH recount it is actually 6/7), Thompson has quit, Huckabee is broke, and Paul has money and an ever-growing grassroots army of followers.

Regardless of the outcome, this could be the start of something really meaningful in this country. Young people are flocking to Paul's camp and are learning about the key issues our country faces, and not the distilled version that our indoctrinating media with their various agendas provide.

It's all very exciting, and I think hope is re-emerging for the US. The challenge is to maintain this level of interest and passion even if Paul does not win the nomination, but I refuse to put a cap on his potential with Americans.

$600,000 in Q1
$3,000,000 in Q2
$5,300,000 in Q3
$19,600,000 in Q4.


So far Paul has silenced the media pundidiots like Sean Hannity who discounted him early on and said some very disparaging things about a very honest man of incredible integrity. We were told he would only get 1-2% of the popular vote. We were told his antiquated notions would never have popular appeal. We were told he was loony and flaky by the likes of Soledad O'Brien and Bill O'Reilly.

Liberty is a popular message and truth is a nice carrot to dangle in front of good Americans who realize that something is clearly wrong but not quite sure how to proceed from that realization. The Constitution is not just a "god-damned piece of paper" like Bush said, and it is heartening to see Americans stand up and voice their support of Ron Paul and their dissent of the terrible management of this country, our security, our liberty, and these ill-fated wars which provide profits for big business, longevity for dollar hegemony, security for Israel, and nothing for the deceived American people except a bankrupt treasury.

I watched him speak 2 days ago on January 21st in Baton Rouge, and even though I made the trip sick with bronchitis, I am so glad I went and was so invigorated to see the passionate throngs of Paul supporters who showed up on 1-day's notice.

If he could only get more airtime with Americans without access to the internet, he would blow by Romney and McCain !

Firefighters are Angry at Giuliani

I always knew the "scoop and dump" policy that Giuliani chose would hurt his presidential run, rightfully so. These firefighters are pissed. I would be too if the mayor of NYC would not allow loved ones to find the remains of the fallen firefighters and police officers in the rubble to give them a proper burial, but instead pursued his expedient and immoral "scoop and dump" policy.

Sibel Edmonds story, with new evidence of a cover-up

Another government cover-up, say it ain't so ...

Oh, it be so !

I started to do a write-up on Sibel Edmonds for the MuckrakerReport, and I requested an interview with her. As i never heard back from her, and there are so many good articles out there about her, I nixed the idea wihout having new material to use.

But the Times in London has revealed some new evidence in her case, a case that every American should learn about.

Bush and his cabal made 935 false statements on Iraq

They sold this war on a pack of lies is a little more honest a statement. But this study demonstrates that Bush and his minions made close to a thousand false statements to sell this war to the American people.

No WMD's were found. No link to 9-11 uncovered. No link to al Qaeda (pre US invasion).

And Bush has still not explained why we went, since the official reasons are all demonstrably false.

It was not to secure the oil, despite hearing this statement ad nauseam from everybody, including high crook Alan Greenspan. It was partly due to the neocon agenda/AIPAC agenda of removing a ruler threatening to Israeli interests in the region, but this again is not the whole reason.

Listen to the speech made on the floor of the House of Representatives by Ron Paul a few entries down, and you will know why this disastrous war was instigated by the Bush administration. They preyed on the vulnerable and gullible in this country after 9-11 and they did it for the bankers, the Federal Reserve system, and the dollar, literally.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Watch this. I do not know what to think yet. But the guy has Boston Globe's website up and is using the AP approved numbers !

Demand a recount Ron Paul and pay the $67,000 dollars.

Ron Paul on Dollar Hegemony

I stumbled upon this speech by Ron Paul. I have argued on my blogsite that dollar hegemony drove the push for Iraq war (and Israel's security). I never knew about Ron Paul's speech, but I had read articles from global economists on the idea of dollar hegemony.

Here is Ron Paul's speech which echoes the argument made.

This piece is self-contained and explains so much.

Due to a broken link from another site which improperly placed the chronology of Paul's speech, just click on "end of dollar hegemony" part 1, then 2, then 3, then 4.

NOTE : Paul's speech starts at the 2:00 mark of part 1 so you can toggle to that point.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Mark Braverman Interview

My mom has been corresponding with Mark Braverman and she has told me some of his beliefs on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. The link is an interview with Mark Braverman, which is very good for a number of reasons, but the introduction sets the tone perfectly.

One of the many problems with Zionism is that it focuses on the will of a small group of people without regard to the rights of other groups of people. So for example, there was a push to create a Jewish state in the late 1800's (early 1900's) in Palestine, which was controlled at that time by the Ottoman Turks. After WW I, a Zionist delegation presents the Balfour declaration at Versailles, and claims by virtue of this British document lands in historic Palestine. With the UN sponsored partition in 1948, 30% of the people (recent Jewish immigrants) received 55% of the partitioned land while only owning 7%. And 70% of the people (indigenous Palestinians) received 45% of the partitioned land and this land was their land long before the influx of Jewish immigrants. So the rights of the Palestinians played second fiddle to the wants and dreams of the Zionists (If you will it, it is no dream ... Herzl).

I really appreciate Braverman's questioning the legitimacy of such a doctrine. To be a moral person means not only differentiating between right and wrong, but holding oneself accountable to those differences.

I also like the title of his interview, "No Peace Without Justice", similar to my site name.

Enjoy the interview.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

MLK Speech About Injustices of War

In keeping with MLK memorials, I post this link to a speech made by Dr. King on the war in Vietnam, press coverage of it, and the impact it had on the US.

The speech rings very true about the plunge the US made in 2003, and I think Ron Paul's interview after the King speech makes good sense, the same sense that many like me said in 2002, when the drumbeat was steady.

NOTE : the link I originally embedded disappeared, so I replaced the link with a collage of MLK and Paul's messages.

Hope Renewed

Ron Paul finishes 2nd place in Nevada !

14% is his best showing.

Hope renewed ...


Well after watching the numbers from the South Carolina primary and the Nevada caucuses, I am very depressed. Ron Paul had his worst performance yet, despite having spent much effort in South Carolina.

Americans got a chance to listen to a different perspective on crucial, not tangential, issues from a person with real integrity and the best of intentions, and so far they are choosing candidates from the same old spiritless mold, with the same inclinations as the so-called leaders who have led this country down disastrous paths (plural) .

I just don't get it, and if Americans want to choose between McCain and Romney or Hillary and Obama, then frankly, Americans will get what they truly deserve ; more of the mess without any leader with the knowhow to clean it up or the willpower to withstand the special interest groups which have propped up these candidates with endorsements.

I feel sick.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Zionism versus Judaism

I was not too enamoured with the first 90 seconds of this piece. The narrator makes a few comments which are silly, like conflating Judaism with Zionism, and comments like Judaism is founded on the Talmud. Talmudic Jews and Orthodox Jews have many striking differences. Orthodox Judaism is based on the Torah, while Talmudic Judaism came later and is based on the Talmud. To imply that all Jewish people follow the Talmud is absurd. If you look at the beliefs of people like Dovid Wiess of Naturei Karta, this gives one perspective on the Orthodox Jewish view.

But I am posting this piece because it discusses Kahane and his rise, and Baruch Goldstein's slaughter of 29 Palestinians (150 wounded) while at worship. The comments that follow give the viewer insight into the Zionist mindset. Observe how Goldstein's actions are received and praised by many people interviewed in this piece.

The closing comments are very suspect as well. Some statements are made which are very questionable, but the interviews of the many people pertaining to Goldstein's action do provide an inner look at Zionist ideologies.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Innocent Palestinians Dead

Israel missiles kill a mother and her child, while roding on a donkey cart. I guess this mother and child were suicide bombers, and the donkey was the explosive material.

Israel says it is pursuing this offensive to stop rocket attacks into Israel.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Israeli "Massacre" Threatens Peace Scuttling

Every time peace deals appear to have some modicum of promise, Israel kills a bunch of Palestinians, and always with the same excuse "we fight terror"


Israel does not want peace under any circumstances, and violence is its Machiavellian way of achieving retention of settlements and blocking the right of return.

But according to Rice, the Arab nations need to offer more to solve the problem. The problem is not with the Arab nations, not with Assad, not with ineffective Palestinian or corrupt Palestinian leadership, not with militant groups operating to re-claim their lands ; Israel is the problem, the obstructionist, and the true terror agent.

How many times do we have to watch cycles like the current one before we see what is obviously before our eyes?

Paul Beats Guiliani and Thompson, almost combined.

People will look at the 6.3% Paul received in Michigan and think small beans of this number. But after 2 fifth place finishes, and double-digit rake in Iowa and 8% in NH, he finished 4th in Michigan, ahead of Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson, 2 "top-tier" candidates that Paul came very close to beating combined. Yes Paul was within 2,000 votes of having more votes than Fred and Rudy had combined.

Moreover, 3 votes so far, and 3 different winners. How divided is the Republican Party after disastrous policies by the Bush administration?

Paul is flush with cash, and Giuiliani's staffers are not receiving salary this month to save money. Paul will be around for a while, and that's good for Americans. Even if he does not pull off the political version of the immaculate reception and come back to win the nomination, his being in the race for the long haul can only bring more exposure to his beliefs and regardless of his future numbers, his message is getting out.

If the best thing that comes out of the Paul campaign is that Americans learn that the neocons drove this Iraq war with their disinformation campaign and their despicable conflation of Saddam Hussein/Al Qaeda, then that would be a success, albeit marginal. If Americans learn how the Federal Reserve has destroyed our currency through inflation and irresponsible limitless printing paper dollars for export, and Americans question the legitimacy and Constitutionality of this practice, then that too would be a success.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Guess We Should Forget the Arab League Proposal, Condy !

This article is a hoot. The Arab League proposal, first put forth in 2002 and then resurrected this year promised FULL recognition from EVERY Arab nation in exchange for Israeli withdrawal to June 1967 borders and some solution to the refugees, either right or return or discuss other options, like monetary compensation.

It is the best offer ever for Israel, one that would certainly decrease the terrorist threat against it, and yet Israel did not even meet with the Arab League delegation to discuss the measures.

But here is Condy Rice saying that the Arab nations ought to extend a hand to Israel !
What a joke. They did, and Israel slapped that hand. But the rejectionists must always shift the blame to other parties.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Israeli Soldier Practices "Purification"

There are several comments that should be made after watching this video link.

#1 When an Israeli soldier says they are there to practice "purification" it reminds me of Nazi propaganda that the Aryans would rid their lands of inferior races to "purify" the fatherland.

This comment is absolutely sickening, and the IDF soldier smirks when he says it.

#2 The Israeli minister was not apologetic to the Palestinian family but was very clear that the Israelis should "self-censor" more stringently, meaning do not let videos surface which illustrate that Israel is violating its self-described "purity of arms" bullshit.

These kids lost their mom, and the man lost his wife, and she is just another innocent victim on the Palestinian side, the side with the disproportionate losses.

Suspicion was definitely warranted

With the news that the audio might have come from a prankster and not the Iranian speedboats, I think this admin needs to take a look at how quickly it rushes to judgement. We were supposedly within seconds of firing on the boats, and what a mistake that would have been.

I have also seen the video that the Iranians released. It shows the radio operator with a camera and the US warships in the background. It looked routine, asking for course and speed, etc.

All this ruckus over what ? How ready we were to start another war...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

They are a disgrace, so do something about them

Olmert called the settlement expansions a disgrace. He is right. Israel agreed to stop these in 2003 (and in 1978 and 1993). Yet settlement expansion continues on Palestinian lands.

Bush has criticized the Israelis on this facet of the roadmap. Let us hope that Olmert will follow through on his commentary and rectify the situation.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Simply Amazing Clinical Test

For people who suffer from Alzheimer's or its precursor Dimentia this new treatment offers fantatsic promise. Perhaps it will come to fruition and help many sufferers and their families.

Scary Police State Stuff

This story is amazing and frightening. Mention the Constitution and you are going to be treated like a problem-causer and criminals?

Ron Paul at the Fox Debate

The link has all the clips from Ron Paul. Part 7 was my favorite response.

It should be clear to all that watched the debate that every candidate (except Fred) went after Ron Paul on some issue. I think Fox is deplorable for asking him 2 loaded questions when it asked no other loaded questions to any other candidate.

I think Ron Paul did very well in this debate, and despite Brit Hume's conflating Paul's response with criticism, Paul did very well. By the way Brit Hume, when 2 respondants say send them to Hell and introduce them to the virgins they seek (with respect to Iranian gunboats) how else to interpret these statements but bellicose?
Brit Hume has no right to inject his repartee to Paul's comments, and everybody had a chuckle, but he who laughs last laughs longest.

32% of Fox News texters said Paul won the debate (again) and there was no close 2nd.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

In defense of Ron Paul

I just watched CNN's Wolf Blitzer ask Ron Paul about racism in regards to the newsletter that bears his name containing some very offensive comments circa 1992.

Paul says he did not write those comments, that he had various editors who ran the newsletter, that he had no idea what was in them.

The link gives some of Ron Paul's bona fide beliefs on race, and after reading this, if anyone thinks that Ron Paul has racist beliefs, then I'll just scratch my head.

Bush uses the O word

Bush said the Israeli occupation must end. I am curious on the lengths he is willing to go to commit to that agenda, or if it's just rhetoric.

Pat Robertson said last night on the 700 Club that Bush's plan to "divide" Jerusalem and press Israeli concessions is irresponsible !

More Fraud in NH

Here are a few more examples of possible voter fraud in NH. I definitely recommend watching the video link at the bottom of the page.

Why don't we just count the votes by hand?

Every voting place ought to have one representative for each campaign that is there to sign off on the results. Therefore there would be 7 that each have to sign off on the precinct results before they are sent off and further tallied. This would eliminate any fraud at the local level.

Vote Fraud in NH ?

This could be an honest mistake, but it is very suspicious. If Paul had 31 votes in Sutton and the clerk wrote 13 that could be argued as human error. But to report 0 votes when he had 31 votes, I do not see how that type of mistake could me made.

Paul should pay $67,000 and have the votes recounted. There is no direct evidence that this could have happened elsewhere, but Paul was polling in the 6-7% range in Iowa and actually received 10% on caucus day. Rasmussen had Paul polling at 14% 2 days before the NH primary, and he only gets 8% in a state where he has campaigned significantly?

Count them all again.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Follow Up to Gulf of Tonkin II

The Iranians claim the video is staged. I think the audio is very fishy, I am sorry. "I am coming to you" Sounds like Andre the Giant in "Princess Bride" !

What the hell is a speedboat going to do to destroyers? Those speedboats are certainly not big enough to carry torpedoes. And whose coastline did the US ships approach? Iran's ?


I won't make any conclusions without more data, but given what we now know about the staging of the Gulf of Tonkin when it was clear the US would not attack, and given that the NIE does not allow the US to directly attack Iran on the basis that this admin claimed up to 2 weeks ago, I think one must observe this incident with full skepticism.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Gulf of Tonkin II

Brezinski said look for a manufactured pretext before Iran is attacked. I do not know if this current "provocation" fits the bill, but Bush is meeting with Olmert very soon and GNN is running a news article that Olmert is briefing Bush on options with Iran.

We'll see how this plays out, but the NIE is very clear. Iran has no WMD program.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Israeli Courts Unfair to Palestinians, No Really ?!

Pretty damning report with several Israelis sitting on the board which conducted the investigation and processed the report.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Assassination of Ron Paul

I have told several friends that if Ron Paul got too popular that he definitely would be in danger of being offed by the various power structures which he is an obvious threat to ;

But the linked article really scares me. Perhaps it's nothing, but if the author's intelligence source is reliable, then it speaks volumes about Ron Paul's message ; if he was just an old boob talking nonsense they would not be so threatened.

The Federal Reserve System would be at the top of the list of suspects, hypothetically speaking.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Stating the Obvious

This is not exactly earth-shattering news ; Israel has failed to live up to its promises yet again.

They want the settlements, they want the Palestinians out or completely acquiescent, they want to retain pieces of Syria and Lebanon, they want the whole world to conform to its atrocious Zionist ideologies, they want US tax dollars to pay for it all, they want their nukes and all their neighbors to never acquire nukes, and knowing all this that have the temerity to say "we want peace but we have no partner".


Thursday, January 03, 2008

A great laugh !

I cannot stop laughing at this article my Fruend from the Jerusalem Post. He is serious I think, or at least semi-serious, which makes the argument all the more funny.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Clear Evidence of Tainted Journalism

For people like me who have argued since 2002 that if America wants to really understand the root causes of anti-American sentiment we must consider the injustice of the US's unconditional support of a terrorist state in Israel and how unprincipled policy here leads to radicalized subsets of Islam.

This article explains but a fraction of the taint when Jeff Zucker, the NBC programming chief, chose not to run pieces post 9-11 which explained how injustice on the Israel-Palestine issue reflects poorly on the US. So canning the story keeps Americans in the dark and keeps Israel with a clean record, in the minds of many Americans. I guess Zucker being a Zionist had nothing to do with this ! Oops, did I say something I ought not have?