Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Barghouti on the Gaza Offensive and More

Some myths that the Israelis offer to justify their "self-defense" are challenged by Barghouti in this article posted on Huffington Post.

It is a nice synopsis of what many people have been saying for years.

Kadish and Pollard

More details on the link between Kadish and Pollard.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Obama is Silent

You know, I was just thinking about the current onslaught that the Israelis are putting on the Palestinians in the Gaza, and I was thinking what would our President-Elect have to say about the matter. And then I started to realize that after having perused dozens of articles on the Israeli assault on the Gaza that I had not seen many blurbs at all on Obama and the current crisis. So I started to question why the President-Elect of the US had nothing to say. And that led me naturally to consider his political evolution:

When Obama was a state senator of Illinois, he once said that no people had suffered as the Palestinians have suffered.

But when he was running for President, Obama was reminded of this comment. So what did Obama do? Well he promptly gave a speech to AIPAC on the growing concerns of radical theocracy in Iran and completely kissed AIPAC's ass. And what did Obama do after he was elected President? His first appointment was White House Chief of Staff and who did he appoint to such a lofty position? None other than Rahm Emanuel, a Zionist son of a murderous Zionist terrorist who helped bomb the King David Hotel in 1946 and kill many innocent civilians, including more than a dozen innocent Jews whose only crime was to be a guest of the King David Hotel when Zionist terrorists were fighting to force the British from the region, without whose allegiance no such course of action would have been possible in the first place.

And then I began to grow angry, because I remember the silver-tongued Obama in all of his speeches, and how he made McCain look provincial and ignorant, but could not reconcile his notable silence on this pressing issue, which will certainly occupy a major role in his foreign policy considerations.

So do Americans have a JFK on their hands or do they have a reptilian politician who speaks his mind when it is politically expedient and accepts the chains imposed by special interest groups when they offer no room for dissent?

I really want to know, because in my current tour of France, many French people contend that Obama will solve all the ills of American society specifically and the ills of the world in general, but to them I say NO, just wait and see. He is shockingly mute when the issue demands a stance, principled or bought.

Israeli Treatment of the "Dignity"

Wow ! I could not believe my eyes when I read this article. But I do not doubt the veracity because of what Israel has done in the past .... USS Liberty but on a much smaller scale. Hopefully Cynthia McKinney will use her contacts to make sure this event is well-documented.I

Bravo Kucinich !

For the person who made the comment on my post 2 entries ago, I encourage you to read the following statement from Dennis Kucinich, Ohio congressman, failed Presidential contender, but very principled and moral person and one who maintains a strong consistency between his public statements and his true convictions. Eerie how his comments echo my own.

Bravo Iranian Jews !

This is a moment of solidarity for people of conscience. It is a question of justice very simply, and I am glad to see Iran's Jewish community send representatives to the UN office in Tehran to voice their solidarity with the Palestinian people and speak out against the Israeli war crimes being committed as we speak.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A 2nd day of Israeli Attacks

The death toll climbed to 271 from yesterdays attacks with more than 700 wounded, and the Israelis are again using disproportionate force to deal with home-made rockets. No one ever checks the Israelis, neither the UN nor the Arab neighbors nor the US (please) nor the EU nor the sensible Israeli citizens who understand that acts like this only pour gasoline on the fire for future generations of Palestinians who will outnumber the Israelis in 20 years or so. Maybe it is genocide that the Israelis want after all.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gaza Massacre

200 dead, 750 wounded, and for what? For Qassam rockets which have killed < 10 people in 8 years. If ever there was an epitome of disproportionate use of force this attack by F-16's (paid for by US tax dollars my fellow Americans) is it.

All in the name of "self-defense". Please. This is immoral offense, and indiscriminate killing, and, by god, if you hold elections and call it a democratic process then deal with the results in a civilized manner, but not quarantining Gaza, withholding funds, petrol, electricity, medical supplies, humanitarian ships, ad UN mandated observers from entering Gaza and then wonder why home-made rockets are being fired (with no sophisticated guidance chips or any chance of doing massive damage).

Israel does not want peace. It wants to remain bellicose with its neighbors and continue to be indispensable to the US war machine and continue to receive our hard-earned and increasingly worthless dollars. Shame on the godless Israelis and their American stooges that support this type of over-response.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Benefits of Common Causes

People who organize and protest obvious injustices should always be commended for their passion and diligence. And it seems the boycott of Lev Leviev is working as his business is nosediving.

Just Desserts

Thankfully, the presiding judge in the case smelled a rat and she was right. Another shakedown in the name of the Holocaust. This boob ought to be made to go work for the bank he was trying to defraud in exchange for his non-payment. At least the fraudster got disbarred.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ron Paul and Peter Schiff As Nostradamus

Watch the video on the link. We could have listened to them during the primary cycle but now its too late !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Madoff's Non-Clientele

A nice article here on the institutions that did not invest with Madoff, pronounced "Made-off" which is very apt. What I want to know is if a purse-snatcher on the street stole a purse from a woman with a few hundred bucks and got caught, where would he be? On house arrest at home? Nope, in the slammer. How this man swindled so many to the tune of $50 billion total and gets house arrest in a $7 million apartment is beyond me. His ass ought to be under the damn apartment, or let his cheated clients decide his fate.

Israel Blocks UN Official From Entering Gaza

Richard Falk participated in the documentary "Occupation 101" and his treatment here by Israel is in response to his statements in "Occupation 101" and his other comments about the Israeli treatment of Palestinians.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

House of Cards

The house of cards is falling down before our very eyes. Bank scandals/bankruptcies, Wall Street collapse, NASDAQ fraud, conflict of interests, taxpayers burdened with the government mandated bailout programs, and eventually our currency and economy in full.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Corruption or Typical Behavior ?

What a true snapshot of the thought process of an elected high official. Geez ... Sell the senate seat to the highest bidder.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Secret Wars of the CIA

Wow, I wish I had known about this video before. I had to read about this stuff piecemeal from various books, interviews, and underground media outlets before I could form a somewhat cohesive picture of what's going on and why, but this video does a good job of distilling some historical events most Americans have never heard of. To thine own self be true ...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

IDF Evicts Hebron Squatters

Well I never thought I would see the day where I would agree with Mark Regev. Let's hope this is the beginning of the dismantling of settlements and not a token concession.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bad Math Skills

Either these idiots are screwing up the numbers or there is a lot we are simply not being told. $8.5 trillion is the figure they are using in this piece, but that is about our national debt that has been accumulated over the past century basically. This figure is being used for the current bailout !!!!!!!!!!! WTF $700 billion is 7/10 of 1 trillion. Where are the other trillions coming from and going towards. I honestly hope this is a typo because Americans cannot come up with tax dollars to the equivalent of our national debt over the past century.

Settlement Issue

Well-written article on the issue of settlements. Laub could go further in her article in criticizing the human cost of the illegal settlements, but well worth a read.

Hebron Settlers Get Evicted?

These settlers in Hebron are absolutely abominable human beings. They throw feces on the Palestinians from atop their perch, above the Palestinian markets, in a building they have occupied as squatters. I applaud the Supreme Court in Israel for making a just decision, and these few hundred have sabotaged the 150,000 Palestinian lives' in Hebron enough. On the topic of Hebron, I have posted some videos of settler treatment of the Palestinians previously.

In the linked article, consider the behavior of the Israeli settlers in the context of the "God's chosen people" mantra. Makes you wonder what type of moralist God is if he endorses this type of deviant abhorrent amoral behavior.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jewish Settlers Desecrate A Muslim Cemetary

Wonder why this is not covered by CNN or MSNBC or the NYT or the WP or any of the so-called MSM?
Were the shoe on the other foot, the coverage would be endless I conjecture.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Israel Skips UN Forum on Racism .... I Wonder Why ?!

Israel announced it would skip the UN-sponsored forum on racism. Between 1973 and 1991 Zionism was classified as a form of racism at the UN, so this is a touchy subject for Israelis after all. Never mind if there is any validity in lumping Zionism into the Racism category, Israel will skip the forum nonetheless. Model behavior for the "model" democracy in the Middle East !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are You Kidding Me ?

What was Obama thinking with this selection? Obama evidently put the same thought into this choice as he did for Rahm Emanuel, Zionist pig son of a Zionist pig terrorist murderer. Special interest groups and lobbyists win again. Hooray for the exemplary democracy we live in !

Monday, November 17, 2008

Indiscriminate Killing !

How our government can say that operations like these target militants and insurgents (do not get me started on the latter) is beyond me. Watch this bullshit and see how our mighty military killed everybody on the ground and did not discern militia from civlians.

This is so appalling, shocking, immoral, and clear cause for why our country is so hated around the world.

Very Funny !

Check out the link for a humorous diversion from our present reality.

Inhofe Doesn't Trust Paulson ; Neither Do I

If I were to judge this Inhofe character based on his comments in this article about Paulson and the shroud of secrecy the disbursements of OUR tax dollars, I would have to conclude that he cares about this country and his constituents.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Truth, Illusions and Propaganda

Nice article. A recommended read.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Emanuel's Father Speaks From His Heart

Perhaps one can understand the inherent racism that Zionism embodies. Emanuel's father, a terrorist, at least is honest with his statement in this piece. See what he said !

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ron Paul on CNN ; Too Little Too Late

Finally CNN gives Ron Paul a forum to voice his long-overdue points of view. Butthe election was last week!

It is a true shame that this esay was not printed during the primaries last season, which might have changed the Republican choice from the sacrificial lamb McCain to a true Conservative who actually believes what he says, unlike Obama who will say something to get elected, then ignore it afterwards.

Olmert's Recent Speech

So he gets it now that his tenure is coming to an end. The obvious point is that if head espoused this belief earlier on in his political career, he never would have become prime minister.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11 Euro MP's Visit Gaza

Uplifting turn of events here. Hamas offers a long-term hudnah for a Palestinian state using the '67 borders, the standard framework.

But Haniyah's comments down the page summarize the situation all too well ; the fight is not with the Jews but with the (illegal) occupation !

The Palestinians did not resist Zionism because of some irrational hatred of Jews, but because the success of Zionism would mean their territorial dispossession and displacement (Morris quoted in Finkelstein) , which is exactly what happened.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Americans versus the Bankers

So our tax dollars from the bailout will rescue AIG further it seems. And they get a do-over. And we get the bill.
And that's the way it works.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It has Begun Already

Check out the article on Obama's choice for Chief of Staff : An Israeli !

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama Wins, So He Is Under the Microscope

I had a discussion today with 2 students on our political system, and I was very clear that I neither endorsed McCain nor Obama, and I drew attention to both of these candidates many shortcomings.

Now that Obama has won here is a list of grievances I have against Obama, and I guess time will be the best judge :

1. You don't say that no group has suffered more than the Palestinians, which is certainly arguable but at least morally-driven, and then deliver a reconciliation speech to AIPAC, a group that has pushed our foreign policy in a pro-Israel direction since its inception and has been complicit in espionage activities against the US as recent as 2005 ! If you believe that the Palestinians have suffered then you should be willing to accept all the political fallout from taking such a principled stance, even if it is not popular. But Obama caved and did not stick to his convictions, which I say is evidence of a serious character flaw and is manipulative and dishonest.

2. You don't refuse to salute the flag. I do not care what grievances you have with the policy of the US Gov, as an American I say love your country and scrutinize the actions of your government, which has been out of control for some time. Teddy Roosevelt defined patriotism as loving the country and not standing by any elected official. I doubt there is a single human in a 1000 mile radius that has as many issues as I do with my government, but the American people have not mandated certain actions and the American people feel very disenfranchised with the whole system, and when the government makes an error in judgment, even if the people know it was wrong to begin with, hold the government accountable, criticize those individuals responsible for flawed policy. But one must separate warranted criticism and buffoonery, and refusing to salute your flag because you disagree with certain policies is offensive.

3. Do not recruit lobbyists to push your positions then claim to be impervious to special interest influence. I mean really .... 30 lobbyists working on the Obama campaign. I will be very interested to see what positions these special-interest whores occupy in an Obama presidency.

4. Do not take $690,000 from Goldman Sachs then push the bailout plan which aided Goldman-Sachs (see my post from earlier today !) and proclaim that bailing out the banks was an American duty ! Please !
How transparent is this agenda? Your image in not squeaky-clean when this type of information is public knowledge.

5. Having so many questionable ties at some point forces one to either pick new friends or explain their past selection , from ACORN to the Rev Wright. Now I do not believe that a member of a church agrees with all the political philosophies of its minister, but if you found their views to be so repugnant, then should you not have addressed these issues?

6. Obama knows nothing about monetary policy, what caused the collapse of the credit-system, nor how to fix it. In fact, because of his special interest bank contributions, I conclude that he is ill-positioned to ever even attempt to correct the problem. This issue is quite pressing at the moment.

7. Giving nice speeches is a plus for being elected, but beyond the eloquence there needs to be substance. I would admonish Obama to not necessarily follow the entrenched foreign policy objectives of Biden, who is a machine vice-president, who adheres to a failed foreign policy. At what point does the Constitution resurface? At what point do our elected charlatans pay heed to our founders' prophetic warnings?

8. There is no Constitutional mandate whatsoever to tax Joe Q Public against his will to fund a national healthcare system he probably does not want. The insurance companies and the US government only obstruct markets' abilities to set prices and regulate quality, and these 2 groups have failed miserably. So get them out of the way, and let people decide healthcare plans without interference from government.

9. Obama says he wants to have selected strikes against Pakistan border regions to target Taliban and al-qaeda elements. While I agree with the idea of mark and reprisal, I think that this policy is quite foolish in the case of Pakistan One should not alienate a nuclear-power pseudo-ally by putting its government in the unenviable position of having to pick between its electorate and an over-arching superpower with bullying tendencies.
Get them on board and have them help you with this endeavor. In the meantime, swatting the mosquitoes is certainly one method for addressing the problem of terrorism, but to quote a wiser man than myself, perhaps the swamp should be drained simultaneously. Mosquitoes will always be a problem until the swamp is drained. An until Americans understand the root causes of terrorism directed against the US, there is no real chance of solving the issue for the long term. Lipstick on a pig ...

10. You ran on a platform of giving tax cuts to 95% of Americans. This better not be some quibble or semantic statement on what constitutes a "tax cut". Follow through with your rhetoric or you will be just like all the other US politicians who say one thing to get elected then follow another course of action completely after winning the election. If you ran on a platform of reduced taxes, then if you decide to back legislation that raises taxes, then you have 0 credibility, and should not be trusted on a single solitary issue after that occurrence.

So the question is, what are you going to do?

Paulson's Swindle Revealed

This article should make you mad as hell.

McCain - Rothschilds ?

Check this out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Yigal Amir's Success

Now there is the head of Shin Bet worried about settler violence and possible political assassinations to prevent a land-for-peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.

SO which side is the obstacle to peace? This is Yigal Amir's success ; he legitimized such a preemptive scuttling of peace agreements with political assassination.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exxon's Record Profits

And how did these record profits come about? OPEC releases statement after statement saying the sharp increase is oil prices were not supply-related but due to the dollar-peg and the dollar's crash against other currencies. So companies like Exxon get to gouge the consumer domestically, due to geo-political issues with dollar hegemony, and post record profits. If the profits of Exxon (et al) are the highest they have ever been, and we have not really consumed any more than we did before, then one has to wonder about the integrity of such a system .

A few more days and I will be further depressed when the outcome of this fraudulent political system of ours announces a change of cast ; the lines of the play are still the same ....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ron Paul on Cavuto

Why did these journalists not treat Paul with respect while he was actually running for President ?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Interesting Endorsement of McCain

This is an interesting, while not so surprising if you think about it, endorsement of John McCain for President. Read the article for a better understanding on why McCain is being endorsed by ....

All About Priorities

Title explains it all. Check out the article.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Olbermann on McCain's Rabid Supporters

This clip is only 3 minutes and worth watching.

Americans Flunk Political Quiz

You can call it a quiz if you want but the 3 question quiz was very very basic.

Which party controls the House?
Who is the US Secretary of State?
Who is the PM of Great Britain?

Please !

Only 18% of Americans answered all 3 correctly. 20% of Americans cannot locate the US on a world map, so why I am not surprised with this Pew poll ?

And these numbskulls are going to decide the fate of this country and the world?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rense's Fantastic Claim

I strongly hesitate to link this "article" from Rense because it contains a claim and nothing more. The "Voice of the White House" says authoritatively that Lehman execs transferred $400 billion to Israeli banks before the bankruptcy filing. If this were true, then this would be a shocking story with severe consequences, but there is not a single shred of evidence in Rense's piece, only a claim made by an anonymous source. So at this point, until real evidence is obtained, this claim is highly questionable.

Lehman Brothers Financial Woes

A straightforward article from Bloomberg on Lehman Bros' financial problems. No controversy at all.
But read the nest post (the one above this one).

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

AIG's Vacation

If this does not anger you, then something is wrong !

Must-See Video on Goldman Sachs and the Nation-Wrecker Bailout Plan

Click on the link above, then click on the link at the site which says "Goldman Sachs Bribed Senate to ..."

Look at how much money Obama and McCain, especially Obama, has received from Goldman Sachs.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ron Paul on CNSNEWS

We could have had this good man running the show, but my fellow Americans picked McCain the angry, uninformed, lying, question-dodging, neocon lackey special interest whore.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Economist Analyzes the Bailout Rejection

Well-written with very incisive analysis, including the history of the problem ...

Check it out.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Obama's Lobbyists

McCain has about 80 lobbyists working for him, and Obama has some 38 working for him.
Special interests are winning the war, and Americans are losing their country.

This article is a bit dated, but remember this when you vote for either of these yahoos !

Baldwin on the Bailout

Chuck Baldwin is the Constitution Party candidate for President, and of course he won't win, but here is an article written by him on the bailout plan just shot down in the House today. For once, the system worked as it should. Americans called in angry at the idea of the government taxing them to bailout our fraudulent banking system, and the representatives listened and voted like their constituents insisted, at least enough of them to block the passage.

The Legacy of a Disgraced Israeli Politician

The cynic in me says that this is probably the reason dirt was dug up on Olmert in the first place, since the press can dig up dirt on any target they choose.

The pessimist in me says that even though this a courageous statement made by Olmert, it will be largely ignored by the incoming Livni.

The optimist in me says maybe this is a start.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pat Buchanan on the Bank Bailout Fiasco

Good overview of what caused the current "crisis", and sadly fear is the chief motor that the Democrats, Bernanke, and Paulson are employing to ram through this awful measure.

Friday, September 26, 2008

WAMU Done In By Old-Fashioned Run on Banks

This article reveals that some $16 billion of deposits was withdrawn by depositors after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, which exposed a "liquidity crisis" for WAMU.

Republicans Stand Up !

I hope that the Republicans who have dared to stand up, like Shelby in Alabama, stick to their convictions and don't fall victim to Democratic pressure to ram through this nail-in-the-coffin bailout legislation.

If the banks fail because of their questionable practices, then so be it. It is not the role of the taxpayer to save bad businesses. The market should select against these predators, which it is trying to do, against the wishes of the corporatist vultures. And the FED (which is the source of the problem and not the savior of it) might just roll out the presses and introduce another almost $1 trillion if we don't want to burden the taxpayer or borrow more from China, and imagine the effect on purchasing power of the already-weak dollar if Paulson and Bernanke can counterfeit their way out of the mess that Nixon and Greenspan and the former FED chiefs created with their shortsighted policies.

Don't cave in Republicans !

Give Credit Where It's Due

I have been extremely critical of Bush's policies over the past few years. But I must give credit where it is due, and I applaud Bush for nixing the Israeli request for a green-light to attack Iran last spring. With all the NEOCONS and their lackeys pushing us into the Iraq war under false pretenses, this shows me that Bush has rejected the recycled garbage arguments of the NEOCONS here in the US, which has been openly advocating for an Iran strike for the last 2 years.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Battery !

Thank You Johnny B for the Heads Up

This is the video interview of Ron Paul on FOX BUSINESS NEWS today, 9/24/08.

4 months ago or so the nation's republicans chose McCain over Paul and everything Paul said then about monetary policy has come true right before our eyes.

Where is a Delorean going 88 mph when you need one?

Monday, September 22, 2008

This is Beyond Shameless

The quest for the Jewish vote has officially hit an all-time low !

Lehman Raiders

So Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, and is being bought up by Barclays. But that does not prevent a $2.5 billion dollar exit package for Lehman employees in NYC. So the company goes belly up, the investors get ripped off, the market is in turmoil, and yet the execs get golden parachutes? Sounds about right.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ron Paul on the Bank Bailout

Amen ! Thank you LA Times blog corner for posting at least a blurb of the interview with Paul. We get the government we deserve when we vote for the corrupt duopoly that is destroying the very fabric of this once-great nation.

Lost City of the Khazars Unearthed?

Very interesting historical find. The Khazars converted to Judaism by decree of their leader, and the conversion was actually a toss-up between Judaism , Christianity, and Islam. Many modern-day Israeli Jews are descendants of Khazars, and this important fact is crucial in understanding the Israeli-Palestinian issue. If a large percentage of the Israeli population are descendants of Khazars, a group which converted to Judaism and are not ethnic Jews nor a part of the diaspora, then how can these Jews lay claim to historic Palestine. Moreover, the Khazars were not a semitic people, and a mere conversion to Judaism does not make them semitic. If a person converts to the Greek Orthodox faith, do they become Greek? No they do not.

Let's see how this archaeological dig unfolds and if there is more data unearthed to support the initial claims.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Magic Words

So Palin is much more adept politically than I would have thought. She even knows the magic words for being elected in the US.

Read the article and see if you can find the magic words !

Feds Bail Out Another One

The storm has been brewing since 1971. Clinton did us no favors by signing into law that stupid bill which allowed banks to speculate on risky ventures. And now we read articles daily on the collapse of another giant, be it Fanny Mae or Freddie Mac, which the taxpayers will pay for, or Lehman Brothers (one of the original member banks of the Federal Reserve System) who filed for bankruptcy then had their assets sold to Barclays for $250 million. Now AIG's future is not certain, and how many people will lose their life's savings because of these companies sketchy practices. And the linked article here shows how the Fed will bailout AIG with a huge stake in its future business transactions. Since when is our government a corporation? It takes money from taxpayers, prints paper dollars (causing further devaluation of the currency which has consequences) to flood markets with low-interest loans and they call this a solution.

Meanwhile Americans' wages are not keeping up with the rising prices of oil and food. 4 months ago we were at the edge of the storm and what did the Bush administration do in the face of mounting evidence that it is the Fed's monetary policy which is the source of all the economic woes? They expanded the powers of the Fed !

There is one solution to all this mess ...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ICAHD Funding Yanked by the EU

Why do the average people who have a conscience have to suffer from the political pressure that more influential zealots wield?

Jeff Halper is a good man. The Israeli Committee Against House Demolition had its funding yanked from the EU because of Halper's involvement in the Free Gaza boat mission recently. I'll bet Sarko the Sayan is behind this.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Obama's Foreign Policy

I cannot believe I am posting an article from, of all sources, the Weekly Standard !!!!

But this article argues how similar Obama's foreign policy is to McCain's. I have been told by a friend that I criticize McCain too heavily and that I do not criticize Obama enough. Let me be clear ; Americans will be the last consideration under either administration. I do not appreciate Obama's double-speak on the Palestinian issue. I do not appreciate Obama's stretching the Constitution beyond its boundaries with his tax everyone attitude to institute a national health-care plan governed from above. I do not appreciate Obama's pandering to AIPAC then making speeches about change.

These candidates are thoroughly blended and only a political novice or zealot cannot see this lack of distinction.

Former Secretaries of State Say ....

Finally some sane voices appear in the MSM on the subject of Iran. Of course there should be diplomatic channels opened. I think the US ought to give a formal apology to the Iranians for overthrowing its government led by a good man in 1953, which is the real genesis of soured relations between the US and Iran.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Principled Paul Won't Endorse McCain

I applaud Ron Paul for not endorsing McCain. McCain's empty rhetoric might convince the undecided voters, but he will not get Paul's endorsements nor the Paulistas' vote, mine included.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Is McCain a Simple Whore or Mephistopheles?

Check out the lobbyists and their backgrounds that McCain has working for him. All his talk and look at his record on veterans funding. All his talk about being a reformer and look at the list of lobbyists working for him. Clients are big oil, big pharma, telecoms, and bankers.

Has he sold his soul to the devil, or is he himself Mephistopheles?

Friday, September 05, 2008

A Story Worth Telling

This is a gut-wrenching story. I cannot fathom the degree to which some people will go to defend Israeli behavior like this, which is more typical than extraordinary.

Jeez, What a Worm !

This video further exposes McCain as a charlatan and a liar !

He sickens me so.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Finally, al-Arian is Released

I have followed this case from the very beginning, a case which has many implications for all citizens concerning undue detention because of certain political leanings.

5 and a half years of imprisonment ... several years after he was acquitted on all 17 charges by a jury of his peers ... after being wrongfully imprisoned with no charges against him and 2 hunger strikes he is released.

Regardless of the man's politics, regardless of his background, how does this case comment on our judicial system? Very poorly I am afraid.

And what about this guy's lost time? How could he made whole by this ordeal?

Who's next? Me or you?

An Israeli and a Palestinian Debate the Gaza Seige

Watch the video by clicking on the above link.

Gissin is a typical Israeli politician ; arrogant, dismissive, undeterred, and a liar.

And he has no reasonable response to the comments by the Palestinian woman, who was articulate and succinct.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palin on Paul

Nice interview of Palin where she makes some interesting points (the % of energy resources coming from Alaska).

But as far as the Big Picture, let me see if I get this straight. McCain made fun of Ron Paul, even though Ron Paul ran circles around McCain in every Republican debate, and then he picks a VP that endorses Paul and his character and his independent-minded message. Then Rumpelstiltskin says that Palin is the type of candidate to unite the Republican party !

It is too funny.

Gustav is coming and I hope it parks itself over my apartment !

Friday, August 29, 2008

Jeff Halper Arrested

I'm too disgusted at the moment to comment. Not about this issue only, but everything else as well.

Just read the article if you want to. Whatever.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Blending Continues

The blending of the Democratic and Republican parties is continuing at the expense of this nation. Most Americans think there is a real choice between candidates McCain and Obama, but with Biden's VP nod, Obama picked a mate with a foreign policy that very closely resembles McCain's ! This is amazing. It is a political ploy to deflect criticism away from Obama's virgin status on foreign policy matters.

Biden supported the invasion of Iraq, which many people did at the time due to the steady indoctrination, lies, propaganda and BS Americans were told pre-war. But he has not deviated from his original convictions. He has not learned from the events since.

The linked article above illustrates the degree to which officeholders will stoop to gurantee electoral success. Biden says he is a devout Zionist. So is McCain. So will McCain's running mate be. Obama said the Palestinians have suffered, then he delivered a shameless renunciation at his first AIPAC speech. Foreign policy debates are over. It is business as usual. Whoever wins, the failed policies of the Bush administration will continue. And whether Biden is the VP or someone else, it is clear to me that there is little choice in our upcoming big election. Corporations win, special interest groups win, Israel wins, and the American people lose (as well as Iraqis, Iranians, Central and South Americans, Ossetians, etc etc etc)

Model democracy my ass.


Rice should be a bit more intellectually honest and call it an annexation of West Bank territory, for that is the true purpose of the Apartheid Wall and that is the true strategy behind all the perennial stall-tactics of the Israelis.
But the BBC article above clearly indicates the challenges for "peace" when Israel builds settlements on Palestinian lands.

There will never be any modicum of peace without justice for the Palestinians.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama's VP Choice and his Stances

It has been argued by many that Obama's choice made sense because Biden has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the area of foreign policy, which is Obama's presumed weak area.

Here Stephen Zunes examines Biden's policy positions and we say that Biden's foreign policy is scarily similar to McCain's !

Maybe that was the plan all along.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Common Denominator

How many times when discussing the drumbeat for war do we Americans see Israel mentioned in our MSM articles?

In fact, I doubt seriously one can locate an article that discusses Iran from a US source in the last 18 months without mentioning Israel.

Israel truly is the common denominator in the discussion of military confrontation with Iran.

The linked article illustrates how behind the scenes politicking seeks to steer foreign policy in a pro-Israel path.

As a last comment, there is a reason that the "event" was closed to the media ; the organizers do not want the public to know the agenda. Very transparent ....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

At Least the Israelis Did Not Kill the Protesters

Interesting tactic on non-lethal crowd dispersion ...

At least the Israelis did not shoot the protesters with rubber-coated bullets, which the IDF has done many times lethally, nor did they use tear-gas.

The Israelis used the "skunk".

What really stinks in this whole article is the lack of mention of the 41-year old illegal occupation and the living conditions of the Palestinians in their Gaza cage or behind the Apartheid wall.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Double-Standards Yet Again

The Cuban Missile crisis started when the Soviets put nuclear weapons in Cuba, and the US objected because the missiles were so close to our shores.

We were dangerously close to a confrontation because even as the Soviets wanted to withdraw the missiles the Cubans were adamant about keeping them.

Now the US will build a missile base in Poland, and Russia has been objecting to this proposal for really the same reasons. We say that the base will protect the region (Israel in other words) from rogue states like Iran (which has not attacked a country without provocation in modern history), but the Russians feel like the Americans did some 40 years ago.

Why is this idiot and the idiots around him so willing to re-start the Cold War?

In a bitter ironic twist, when Russia invaded Georgia earlier this week, Bush made some public comments to the effect of : Russia has invaded a sovereign nation, and needs to withdraw its troops immediately !

Imagine that coming from Bush who in 2003 invaded a sovereign nation and insisted we stay more than one week !

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another WhiteWashed Israeli Investigation

Why do we continue to follow the conclusions that the Israelis reach as it pertains to their soldiers' impropriety?

The facts of this case are damning for Israel, as they are in so many other episodes which bear an eerie similarity : Israeli troops kill innocent Palestinians, and when the killings are caught on tape Israel "investigates" to create the illusion of caring, all the while only serving to salvage some semblance of its wretched public image, and in the end it is all the same :

Israel exonerates Israelis.

No conflict of interest?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Corporations Evade Taxes

When corporations evade their tax responsibilities it places undue burdens on the individual taxpayer. This should be one of the top stories of the year, and Americans ought to tax protest until either the rich, greedy corporations pay their fair share or income taxes are abolished altogether. This is outrageous and very depressing.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anti-Semitism ; the New Standards Revealed

Stern's arguments for what constitutes anti-semitism are very questionable, pathetic, and brazenly transparent.

Referring to the Apartheid wall or the Apartheid-like policies Israel subjects the Palestinians to is anti-semitism, according to Stern. Well Mr. Stern, if you don't like the comparisons which are drawn, tell your beloved Israel to stop behaving that way. Are people not supposed to take notice of obvious injustices? Are people not supposed to question Israel's reprehensible behavior over the last 41 years? Please Mr. Stern, get real. Ploys like this are incredibly transparent.

Here's a novel thought : Instead of contorting logic just to insulate Israel from warranted criticism, why not just work for justice, and then the criticism will dissipate?

Exposure is the Best Weapon for the Palestinians

This approach is the best approach that can be taken. Yes Israel is a brutal occupying force, yes Israel stands in violation of dozens of UN resolutions, yes Israel is clearly in the wrong for its indiscriminate killing of Palestinians, collective punishment, house demolitions, illegal settlements, etc etc etc.

But the Palestinians lose the moral high ground when legitimate resistance turns into ugly methods targeting Israeli civilians.

This article illustrates a new method of fighting the Israelis ; exposure.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Olmert Resigns

So Olmert announced his retirement today. What will it matter? Livni or Bibi will assume the reins and each is bad for separate reasons. So the outlook for the Middle East remains gloomy, due largely to the 2 greatest fascist states of the modern era.

Our Future Currency Issues

This story highlights the eventuality of a currency collapse Americans will one day suffer, When central banks create both inflation and then deflation, over time currency and prices and wages all are affected (negatively). Will the US ever see the degree that is experienced in Zimbabwe? Probably not, but the currency policies over here are barely noticable in the short-term which makes them easy to overlook. But in the long-term the US is headed in this direction when a private cartel of banks run the currency policy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birth of Propaganda

This video shows how easily propaganda for a certain agenda is created.

Watch the clip and try to rectify Ahmadinejad's comments to those comments attributed to him. Mike Wallace's team clearly edited out the entire passage because his comments were reasonable.

Ahmadinejad never said Iran wishes to wipe Israel off the map, never said the Holocaust is a myth. These words are planted by Zionists to achieve a desired end.

Mike Wallace, are you a disinterested dispassionate journalist, or does your religious/ethnic background bias you on this issue? This question might appear harsh, but I think it should be asked when we see how Wallace gets to play the moral hero by censoring his interviewee and terribly distorting his comments. From this nascent point, the distortion and propaganda has snowballed to such a degree a war might result.

All for what? So Mike Wallace can win an award and Israel gets what it wants?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Greedy Murdering Septegenarians !

This case is disgusting from top to bottom. Murder, fraud, avarice, and from 2 people who lived long lives and should know the difference between right and wrong. What were they going to do with their millions? Take it with them. They were 75 and 77 !

Monday, July 14, 2008

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

7000 articles on this topic this morning at GoogleNews and barely a whisper on why the Fed should bail out 2 private corporations.

Unless I misread the Constitution, I am pretty sure that there is NO provision that says tax dollars taken from private citizens ought to be used for bailing out 2 private corporations with questionable lending practices. Schumer's comment in the link tells you all you need to know. These 2 companies had a liquidity crisis because of their lending practices. In plain English, they misused depositor's money and when the deposited funds were called for, none was there.

Companies like this ought to go out of business, and tax dollars should not be the province of the Fed to further misuse. And by the way, the Federal Reserve System is itself unconstitutional.

But tomorrow a different headline will steal American attention, and this issue will be forgotten.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Single Digits !

Congressional Approval is at 9%, an all-time low and indicative of how sickened Americans have become with our dysfunctional corrupt duopoly.

National Referendum sounding good?

I think so. Perhaps the revolutionary idea is that Americans in 2008 don't need these scoundrels to speak on our behalf. But are we ready to replace Congress with "we the people" ? I am, but Americans need to ponder the existential question ; do we exist to provide our so-called leaders with positions, or do those positions exist so that democracy can function freely and shouldn't the leaders simply be a mouthpiece for the masses?

9% of Americans approve of this crappy system, so maybe Americans are wising up.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fallout of Atrocious Monetary Policy

Eventually there will be a reaction economically to 100 years of unsound monetary policy. Unlucky for us here in the US now (and the world at large) the coming depression can be attributed directly to the Federal Reserve System and its numerous controls (which do not work and only delay the inevitable booms and busts and robs wealth from individuals) and outrageous inflation-creation schemes.

Swell article that I would classify as a must-read.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Way to Go Feingold !

Senator Feingold reveals the attack on our Constitution that this current piece of legislation performs. Changing FISA to allow the US government to basically monitor all communications to and from average Americans not suspected of terrorist activities is fundamentally wrong and disgraceful.

Our country is diminished day by day when Americans won't stand up and make their voices heard on issues like this one.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

McCain on bin Laden

And after bin Laden is killed, does this mindless war monger McCain think the terrorist threat against the US will be eradicated?

Someone will take his place, and the US will be no safer. Swat the mosquitoes or drain the swamp ?

The swamp will continue to produce mosquitoes until it is drained, and until the US balances certain policy issues, especially its unconditional support of a criminal- Apartheid-colonialist-terrorist state, the threat to the US will never subside.

McCain's comments are indicative of his narrow-minded, short-sighted, and ignorant adherence to a failed foreign policy. Americans must change it, because these politicians will not. And Obama just finished his latest round of pandering to AIPAC, so there is no relief on the other side of the aisle.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire

Hamas offered a 10-year cease-fire in December 2007, and Israel refused to discuss the terms.

Now it seems a cease-fire has been reached.

Imagined the innocent lives on both sides that would have been spared if Israel had only discussed the terms 7 months ago.

Israel Pressed to Explain Its Unlawful Killing of a Reuters Cameraman

On this site I posted the footage of an Israeli tank shelling this cameraman even though he was in plain view in a clearly marked press vehicle.

Now there is renewed pressure for Israel to explain is unlawful actions.

I'm sure there will be a white-washed investigation and Israel will claim something like he was adjacent to militants, or harboring militants in his press car, or perhaps that he was a potential militant ....

Israel always claims self-defense yet kills a disproportionate number of its Arab neighbors who posed no threat.
And why do they get away with it?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lieberman Shows His True Colors Again

First this guy supports the Iraq War, and even after all of the propaganda from his NeoCon buddies has been exposed to the American public in how that war was sold, Lieberman still supports the Iraq War. For the last 2 years Lieberman has been clamoring for a US military attack on Iran, not because Iran threatens the US but because Lieberman claims that Iran means Israel harm. This guy is a total sellout to this country. Complete and total sellout. When he can stump for McCain and support every single measure that is bad for this country yet good for Israel, the only thing I can say is Lieberman, you are exposed and your true colors are shining through brilliantly for all to see.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rice Criticizes Israel .... It's About Time

Israel first said it would abide by the international status of Jerusalem. Then it says that it captured Jerusalem in the June '67 war (even though Israel agreed to the UN charter which expressly forbids acquisition of territory by force) so it has a right to build new and illegal settlements in Jerusalem. Truth be told, Israel has reneged on every one its pledges to the US and the international community since its inception. But Israel wants special treatment on these homes. Please.

It's long overdue that Rice would criticize the Israeli agenda, but better late than never.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

God's Chosen People Attack the Elderly

This clip is so disgusting, cruel and absolutely brazen. I wonder why CNN is not showing it on their stations ...

Jon Stewart on AIPAC pandering ... Very Funny !

Just watch the video ...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Special Interest Whores

Very timely article on the special interest associations McCain and Obama both have.
I think McCain is the worse of the 2 if this article is any true indication of how deeply-rooted special interest groups are in US politics, and the obvious question for every US voter to ask is if McCain and Obama speak on behalf of these groups, are they serving the national interest?

McCain obstructed a deal with Boeing, a US company, so that Airbus could get a contract. Only problem with this is Airbus is a French company. So why would McCain do this? A few weeks ago it was revealed that one of his advisers had inside connections with Airbus.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Gingrich Crosses the Line

Americans should be very concerned that a former Speaker of the House would suggest that we should have allowed more terrorist attacks to happen to remind the populace on how serious the threat is.

What is happening to this country?

Obama's Pandering Sickens, or Should

Check out the transcript of Obama's speech to AIPAC. Candidates must talk tough when they address AIPAC. Note that Obama does not discuss Israel's 41-year ILLEGAL occupation or the NUMEROUS UN resolutions Israel has violated or its NUMEROUS contraventions of international law.

I wonder what Ron Paul would say to AIPAC, had he the opportunity to address this lunatic group.

IDF soldiers shoot at unarmed non-violent protesters

More video footage of the IDF shooting unarmed protesters. In this particular case, the woman shot is an Irish woman named Mairead Maguire who won the Nobel Peace Prize in the 70's.

Utterly disgraceful is this behavior.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Stranded Palestinian Students

This is criminal for the Israelis to prevent passage of these students out of the Gaza and to universities abroad.

I wonder what would happen if the shoe were on the other foot, proverbially, and Jewish students were not allowed to leave an occupied area to attend university. I am sure the ADL and every major news organization in the world would be on the spot reporting on the Nazi-like behavior of the oppressors. But since it is the Palestinians who are being deprived of inalienable human rights, that's ok. Turn a blind eye, because the Palestinians do not count. The Palestinians are sub-human.

Only in a world this pathetic could this go on while good people watch and not act.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Obama and the Palestinians

I like the Obama who used to say frank things like "No one has suffered more than the Palestinians".

I do not really care for the Obama who gives speeches to AIPAC and makes pandering comments like "Jerusalem should be Israel's undivided capital".

Maybe he is just doing the presidential version of "fake it til you make it" and will be different if he beats McCain, but it is pretty disgusting to hear these comments.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Cluster Bombs and the US

111 countries ratified a ban on the use of cluster bombs. Most notable in their absence to this summit were the US, Russia, and China. While Americans should not be happy about Russia and China not participating in this agreement, we Americans have to hold our government accountable and not worry about other peoples and their governments.

The US claims to be a leader in human rights globally, but juxtapose this claim with the actual record of the US and one becomes appalled.

Punish the Victim

8 students from Gaza have had their Fulbright scholarships canceled. This is outrageous and sickening at the same time. These scholarships are awarded solely on merit, and I find the reason offered in the article very lame.

Israel has NO right to limit the movement of people in the Gaza, especially for these students to go to college in the US. These students could attend university in the US and then return home and explain to their brethren that the American people are clueless on the issue of Israel-Palestinian, not because of any ill-will or pre-conceived notions, but because of the evident bias in the reporting from the MSM (I'm being euphemistic).

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ron Paul Gets 24% in Idaho, 5 Delegates

Continued to be ignored as far as his campaign goes, Ron Paul has continued to try and deliver his message to hungry Americans who are tired of false choices from a corrupt two-party dictatorship.

24% and 5 delegates can be interpreted one of two ways ; either a vote of no-confidence for John McCain or a sign that Paul should run Independent.

I like these Idahoans !

Monday, May 26, 2008

Carter's Interview on Gaza

When you read the transcript of Jimmy Carter's Q&A session about his visit with Hamas and his end-goal, ask yourself does the portrait painted of Carter painted by the MSM match the person we see from his lucid responses.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Israel Deports Finkelstein

Israel has deported Norman Finkelstein and banned him from Israel for 10 years. Not the exact treatment one would expect for the son of Holocaust survivors and a so-called democratic state.

Finkelstein was in the process of visiting the occupied territories.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Everyone Must Answer to God's Chosen

Obama must prove that he supports Israel ....

What a weird notion this is, that a man running for President of the US must worry about a small sub-group of Americans and convince this subgroup that he will treat another nation favorably.

Just how low has our political process sunk?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

McCain's Corruptive Ties

This article explains why McCain fought against a contract for Boeing and for Airbus, a French company. If this article is any indication what type of President he would be, at least we are learning about this stuff before the convention.

Maybe McCain will do the honorable thing and fall on his sword and let Ron Paul go up against Obama ....

Nice Essay from a "terrorist"

I hope this essay makes very clear why the Palestinians are resisting. It should dispel familiar canards about the conflict, and I agree with the author that the Europeans made this mess, in particular the British, and they should take a more pro-active approach in its just resolution, since it is very clear the Americans keep playing games.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Great Quick Point by Ron Paul

This guy combines basic common sense with a firm understanding of history and he has clearly-defined goals, which is not evident from the other candidates.

In years to come, Americans will rue their passivity with not learning more about this guy and his platform.

Nice point here that Paul makes on why his supporters are challenging the direction of the party.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Courageous Few

Principles of justice apply to all people. Every time I read a piece like this one I rekindle some hope that the reasonable people of the world will eventually push the unreasonable people to the margins of history.

The brave young students took a stand for a basic moral principle they believe strongly in, and this ought to be commended by all.

Bravo and continue the fight !

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Conversation with a Colleague

Recently a colleague of mine who read my bumper sticker which says "Roadmap to Peace : Stop US Aid to Israel" confronted me about my 'anti-Jewish' bumper sticker. I had to explain very carefully that the bumper sticker contained no inherent anti-Jewish connotations, but was instead a statement of opposition to the illegal occupation and the US tax dollars which fund this misery. I had to explain the existence of many Jewish peace groups like JATO et al in which Jewish scholars and activists are equally opposed to the illegal and immoral occupation, and that if these groups can vocally criticize the Israeli occupation, then why can't I? After explaining to her that Israel has contravened UN resolutions and international law and Geneva convention protocols since 1967 (some since 1948) she promptly replied that the Jewish people have suffered historically, I guess in an attempt to excuse Israel's behavior today. So my comments really did not seem to make a dent. I asked her if she wanted a good book to read on the subject, and she said "I am not that interested in it."

Dead Palestinian Children

This article linked above is very incisive. Either the Israeli armed forces are the most inept in the world, or these killings are systemic.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

How Do Israeli Arabs Feel About Israel's 60th Birthday?

Israel's Arab minority ambivalent about Independence Day

By DIAA HADID and IAN DEITCH, Associated Press Writers 52 minutes ago

KUFR QASSEM, Israel - The highway leading to this Arab town in central Israel was lined with blue-and-white Israeli flags Wednesday to mark the country's 60th Independence Day. But no banners fluttered in Kufr Qassem itself.

Israeli Arabs, who make up a fifth of the population of 7.25 million, weren't celebrating the founding of the Jewish state.

They mix their Arabic with Hebrew and participate in Israel's democracy. But for the most part, they define themselves as Palestinians who live in Israel, and remain a distinct and largely disadvantaged minority.

"It doesn't mean anything to me," Umm Ziad, owner of a bookshop in Kufr Qassem, said of the festivities in the Jewish community of Rosh Haayin just a few hundred yards away. "It's not our party," added the 32-year-old mother of three, dressed in a maroon robe and white veil.

Many Israeli Arabs are torn between two loyalties.

Israel gives them more freedoms than most Arabs have in the Middle East — even though they spent the first 18 years of Israel's history under military rule — and Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza tend to resent them for their more comfortable lives. Yet Israeli Arabs are distrusted by the Jewish majority and have been subjected to decades of official discrimination.

"We are ready to build bridges with parts of the Jewish community, but coexistence can only happen when there are equal rights," said Ahmed Tibi, an Arab member of Israel's parliament and a longtime adviser to the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Tibi said Israeli Arabs face unequal treatment in all walks of life, from land allocation to education. He noted only 4 percent of Israel's development budget is spent in Arab communities.

Kufr Qassem, with 20,000 residents, hasn't been allocated an industrial zone, although the mayor, Sami Issa, said he has lobbied for years for the Israeli government to invest in one.

That would help earn tax money to fix the town's bumpy roads and shabby buildings, adorned with garish Arabic and Hebrew signs. The 50,000 people in nearby Rosh Haayin have smooth roads, chic coffee shops, a large industrial district and gleaming buildings that house international companies.

Over the past 60 years, Israel's Arab and Jewish communities have largely remained separate. Intermarriage is taboo, and only a few towns, such as Haifa, Jaffa and Ramle, have mixed populations.

Israeli Arabs are less educated, on average, and earn less than their Jewish counterparts. Arab families are generally larger than Jewish ones, and Israeli Jews fret over statistics that show Israeli Arabs have one of the highest birth rates in the region, ahead of Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.

Kufr Qassem, a conservative Muslim town, is considered well off because of its proximity to Tel Aviv, Israel's business capital, which offers plenty of jobs. Residents freely admit economic opportunity is one reason they want to stay in Israel.

They don't like recent talk by hard-line Israeli politicians who want Arab towns in Israel to become part of a future Palestinian state, in a swap for Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Ismail Issa, 39, a barber and poet who is a distant relative of the mayor, said he would like to see a bi-national country of Arabs and Jews between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River, rather than the separate Jewish and Palestinian states envisioned in current peace efforts.

In the meantime, he said, "I carry an Israeli passport, and I have to respect it."

A monument in Kufr Qassem commemorates the events of 1956 when nearly 50 villagers were shot to death by Israeli border police as they returned home — unaware a curfew had been imposed on Israeli Arabs on the eve of Israel's Sinai campaign.

Every year, thousands of Israeli Arabs gather at the monument, and townspeople frequently refer to the massacre by way of emphasizing that they will stay here, regardless of what happens.

The fate of Israel's growing Arab minority is seen as the key to Israel's future. Further alienation could one day destabilize the Jewish state, while Arab citizens with a sense of belonging could build bridges to Israel's neighbors.

For now, the future doesn't look bright, said Kufr Qassem's mayor, Sami Issa.

"People here, generation after generation, don't have hope, and don't feel like they have a future. That's very dangerous," he said. "If you are full and live next to a hungry man, he might not hurt you today. But he'll hurt you tomorrow."

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Monsanto's Scare Tactics

This company get tax subsidies from Americans. They threaten and intimidate farmers over products like seeds (this article's content) and their dairy hormone (which makes milk more productive but with added pus).

Outrageous !

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Boycott Leviev

This Israeli billionaire has been blocked by Dubai and the UAE from opening stores there. Leviev builds illegal settlements in the occupied territories and also is a force in the Angola diamond trade popularized by a recent movie.

This is positively the best way for a moral world to deal with immoral and unscrupulous capitalists who benefit from contraventions of international law.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Simple Economics of the Dollar versus Oil

Dollar falls. Oil prices rise because of their exclusive denomination in dollars. It's actually very simple.

So what is the root cause of all this economic turmoil ?

Monetary policy of the corrupt FED. Until this core issue is addressed substantively, the problem will not subside, and the rest is pure window-dressing.

Lipstick on a pig ....

Monday, April 28, 2008

Israeli Soldiers with a Conscience

Systematic abuse of Palestinians being alleged is quite a common occurrence for those who follow human rights groups findings. It is refreshing to see Israelis who see the harm being done to the Palestinians by the occupation, and having the courage to speak up. Bravo !

Have the Israelis No Shame?

A few posts ago I posted an article by the AP that described an Israeli tank shell killing a mother and her four children while they ate breakfast.

Now the Israelis are saying that it was explosions from inside the house that actually killed them.

This reminds of an event on Gaza Beach in the summer of 2006, in which an entire Palestinian family was killed by an Israeli warship while picknicking on Gaza's beach. The Israelis said there were mines planted by the Palestinian militants (On Gaza's beach where only Palestinians visit ...) and this is the ordnance that killed the Palestinian family.

The UN sent in a research team. There was an American Colonel, maybe Major, who concluded that the forensic evidence was overwhelming that the Palestinians were killed by an Israeli shell launched from sea.

Here is the new version by the Israelis, and my question is have the Israelis no shame?

Blast during Gaza fight kills Palestinian mother, 4 children

By IBRAHIM BARZAK, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 10 minutes ago

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - An explosion shattered a tiny Gaza Strip house as Israeli troops battled militants Monday, killing a Palestinian woman and four of her children in new bloodshed that threatened efforts to arrange a truce between the warring sides.

Palestinians said the house was hit by an Israeli tank shell; Israel said explosives being carried by militants blew up and brought down the two-room structure.

Miyasar Abu Meatak was preparing breakfast for her children in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun when an explosion ripped through the home, her stepson Ibrahim said. Four of her children, ages 15 months to 6 years, were killed instantly, and she died shortly afterward at a hospital, Palestinian officials said. Her two older children were reported critically wounded.

"What a black day. They killed my family," the grief-stricken father, Ahmad Abu Meatak, wailed outside the hospital. Abu Meatak said he was on his way to a nearby market when the house blew up.

The force of the blast scattered clothes and other household items outside the wrecked home. A single white child's shoe, flattened by the explosion, lay near a pair of blue shorts covered in sand. A green baby seat, one end bent, stood empty.

Omar Abdel Nabi, a farmer in a large crowd watching workers clean up debris and bloodstained sand, said he was driving his tractor in a nearby field when two or three explosions shook the ground.

"People were screaming that a tank shell landed in the next street," he told The Associated Press. "I carried two people covered in blood out of a house."

Israel's military said its troops launched an operation in the town after gunmen approached a border patrol. Palestinian Health Ministry official Moaiya Hassanain said two militants and an unidentified men were also killed in the fighting.

In a statement, the military said explosives carried by the militants were detonated by an Israeli airstrike, and the blast from the explosives hit the house, not a tank shell, "and uninvolved civilians were hit." Palestinians said the militants were at least 400 yards from the house and none of the fighters were killed near the structure.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak put the blame on the Islamic militants of Hamas, which has run Gaza since defeating the rival Fatah movement in a five-day battle last June. Barak said Israel would continue to operate in the volatile coastal territory.

"We see Hamas as responsible for everything that happens there, for all injuries," Barak said during a tour of an Israeli weapons factory. "Hamas is also responsible, by operating within the civilian population, for some of the civilian casualties."

During fighting April 16, a Reuters TV cameraman was killed by an Israeli tank shell in central Gaza.

At least 18 rockets and dozens of mortar shells were fired at Israel from Gaza on Monday, the Israeli military said. No one was seriously hurt. Palestinian militants frequently launch rockets from Beit Hanoun.

In recent weeks, militants have also tried to infiltrate into Israel at least four times.

Monday's violence was a blow to Egyptian efforts to mediate a truce between Israel and Gaza militants.

Ismail Haniyeh, Gaza's Hamas prime minister, accused Israel of trying "to ruin any regional and international efforts to end the siege and halt aggression."

Last week, Hamas said it would accept a six-month cease-fire with Israel, provided Israel ended the economic blockade it imposed on Gaza after the Hamas takeover. The blockade has caused shortages of fuel, cement and other basic items in the impoverished territory.

Israel dismissed the truce offer, saying Hamas would use the lull to rearm after sustaining heavy losses in recent fighting. But Israel said it would hold its fire if Hamas and smaller Gaza militant groups halted their attacks.

While battling Hamas in Gaza, Israel has been conducting peace talks with the rival Palestinian government of President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank.

Abbas condemned the new Gaza fighting, saying it would make peace negotiations with Israel even more difficult. "We emphasize the need to achieve calm and keep our people away from the agony of war and destruction," he said.

The sides hope to reach a peace deal by the end of the year, though Abbas acknowledged after a trip to the White House last week that he was growing pessimistic because of the lack of progress in talks.

In the West Bank on Monday, a Palestinian military court ordered the execution of a man convicted of collaborating with Israel.

Judges said the man, a Palestinian security officer, provided information that helped Israeli forces kill four Palestinian militants. Abbas must approve death sentences, though often they are commuted.

The last execution was in 2001. Suspected collaborators are often killed vigilante-style before they can be arrested and tried.

Scott Ritter on the Illegal Israeli Strike on Syria

Scott Ritter interviewed on the illegal Israeli strike against a supposed nuclear weapons site in Syria.

I told a colleague the other day that if Israel or the US could prove that Syria was building a nuclear reactor without informing the IAEA that the US and Israel would have gone straight to the UN Security Council.

They did not.

Israel bombed the site, but the relevant background is here illustrated by Ritter.

Reading Stuff Like This Makes Me So Angry

April 28, 2008 Contact: Joshua Walsh

Israeli Military Trying to Close Palestinian Orphanages

Israel has killed 1,020 Palestinian children since 2000 and Palestinians have killed 124 Israeli children. Too many precious children have suffered and died as a result of politics. Another outrage is about to occur and you can help stop it. On April 23 a program on French TV Channel 5 highlighted a tragedy that may occur at any moment. This news is not even discussed in the United States.

The Israeli military is about to close down schools and orphanages run by the Islamic Charitable Society (ICS) in the West Bank city of Hebron. More than 240 boys and girls, aged 5-18 live at the orphanages, while thousands of other children, many of whom have lost at least one parent, receive schooling, food and clothing from the charity. The Israeli military has already seized $157,000 worth of goods — including rice, oil, sugar, clothing and first aid kits — from the ICS warehouse.

Israeli soldiers entered the Rahma Bakery, owned by the society, on April 14, destroyed the oven, and confiscated more than $43,000 of equipment, including all the display cases, refrigerators, fixtures, and most of the inventory. Upstairs, the soldiers destroyed heating ducts. This bakery provided bread for the orphanages.

The charity has appealed to the Israeli High Court of Justice. The Israeli army claims that ICS is supporting the Hamas movement, which started in 1987. The society, founded in 1962, argues that ICS is a Palestinian charitable organization, with no political agenda, which is monitored regularly by the Palestinian Authority.

Israel and its supporters in the United States and Europe have targeted almost every charity that is trying to keep Palestinians fed, clothed, and educated. By closing this charity and others, Israel will complete the economic strangulation and even ethnic cleansing of Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza. Israel’s wall and checkpoints are already preventing Palestinians’ access to jobs, fields, medical care and schools.

If the Israeli army shuts down the ICS and its projects in the city of Hebron, nearly 300 orphans will have no place other than the street to sleep. Please fax, telephone and e-mail your representatives to ask Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to stop this outrage. Ask him to show Palestinians that he does want peace by stopping this heartless eviction.


President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20500
(202) 456-1414

White House Comment Line:
(202) 456-1111
Fax: (202) 456-2461

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
Department of State
2201 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20515
Fax: (202) 261-8577

State Department Public Information Line:
(202) 647-6575
Fax: (202) 647-2283

Any Senator
U.S. Senate
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-3121

Any Representative
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-3121

E-Mail Congress and the White House:

Congress: visit ; for President Bush: ; Vice President Cheney: vice.president@whitehouse.gov


Embassy of Israel
Ambassador Sallai Meridor
3514 International Dr., NW,
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 364-5500 Fax: (202)
(202) 364-5560

Fantastic Article from Common Dreams

Just read it. It is quite good.

CNN's Coverage

Yesterday I watched Wolf Blitzer discuss Iran's influence in Iraq with Dianne Feinstein and John Hoekstra. Both said that Iran was "meddling" in the region. What then are we doing?

No WMD's, no connection to al-qaeda, no connection to 9-11, Bush admin made > 900 flase statements leading up to the war, and now we have Pentagon-gate, where the Pentagon has been exposed as the director of an unequivocal propaganda campaign using ex-military to go on MSM shows and discuss the Pentagon's talking points, even when the majority of these ex-military are well-invested with DOD contracting companies that stood to profit from the war. This whole thing stinks. We should have never attacked Iraq.

Now we hear former AIPAC employee Wolf Blitzer and devoted Zionist Dianne Feinstein on the show talking about confronting Iran, a well-documented pro-Israel objective.

After the golf tournament yesterday, I heard the '60 Minutes' lead-in. Israel is a tiny vulnerable nation in a bad neighborhood that has to worry about terrorist threats ....

Here's an article from the AP this morning about this vulnerable nation:

Israeli strike kills 7 Palestinians

By IBRAHIM BARZAK – 1 hour ago

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — An Israeli tank shell slammed into a tiny Gaza Strip home Monday during a skirmish with gunmen, killing a Palestinian woman and four of her children as they prepared to sit down for breakfast, officials and relatives said.

The new violence threatened to hobble Egyptian attempts to bring a cease-fire to the area.

A militant and an unidentified man were also killed in fighting in Beit Hanoun, a northern Gaza border town Palestinian militants frequently use to fire rockets and mortars at southern Israel.

Palestinian medics identified the dead children as sisters Rudina and Hana Abu Meatak, ages 6 and 3; and their brothers 4-year-old Saleh and 15-month-old Mousad. Their mother, Miyasar, was in her late 30s. Her two older children were critically wounded in the strike, the officials said.

The Israeli military said forces entered the town early Monday after gunmen approached a border patrol. During ensuing clashes between gunmen and Israeli forces, tank shells were fired, and one struck the Abu Meatak home.

The force of the blast scattered clothes and other household items outside the two-room home. A single white children's shoe, flattened by the explosion, lay on the ground near a blue pair of shorts covered in sand. A green baby chair also sat outside, one end bent by the force of the blast.

A large crowd of people gathered outside, milling about as rescue crews cleaned up the debris and washed away bloodstains in the sand.

Beit Hanoun farmer Omar Abdel Nabi said he was driving his tractor in a nearby field when two or three explosions shook the ground.

"People were screaming that a tank shell landed in the next street," he told The Associated Press. "I carried two people covered in blood out of a house."

The children were taken to a local hospital morgue, where family members stood over the bodies, wailing and flailing their hands in the air.

"I feel sick. I want to throw up the blood that is boiling inside me, into the face of the occupation," said Ibrahim Abu Meatak, the children's 24-year-old half-brother. He said Miyasar Meatak was fixing breakfast for the family when the tank shell struck.

Maj. Avital Leibovich, spokeswoman for the Israeli military, said militants fired at troops from within a residential area.

"It's another example of the use of civilians as a human shield," Leibovich said.

The Israeli army frequently operates in the Gaza Strip against Palestinian militants, who have fired thousands of rockets into southern Israel since the Hamas militant group took control of Gaza last June. Militants claimed to have fired rockets at Israel before the Abu Meatak house was hit.

In recent weeks, militants have also tried to infiltrate the border at least four times.

Despite the sporadic clashes and border attacks, Hamas has indicated it is willing to accept a cease-fire with Israel, mediated by Egypt. But Monday's violence may throw fragile cease-fire efforts into disarray.

Ismail Haniyeh, prime minister of Hamas-ruled Gaza, accused Israel of striving "to ruin any regional and international efforts to end the siege and halt aggression."

Gunmen fired rockets at a crossing Israel shares with the Gaza Strip shortly after the tank shell strike. And a Hamas-allied militant group warned revenge. "The blood of the children will not be spilled in vain," said Abu Mujahed of the Popular Resistance Committees.

Despite the threat, he said the group would send a delegation to Egypt on Monday to discuss the current truce offer.

Last week, Hamas said it is ready for a six-month truce. Israel has dismissed the offer, saying Hamas wants to use the lull to rearm after sustaining heavy losses in recent fighting. Officials also say Hamas must control smaller armed groups, like the PRC and Islamic Jihad.

While battling Hamas in Gaza, Israel has been conducting peace talks with the rival Palestinian government of President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank. Hamas is not a party to those talks.

Abbas condemned the Gaza shelling, saying it would make peace negotiations with Israel even more difficult. "We emphasize the need to achieve calm and keep our people away from the agony of war and destruction," Abbas said.

The sides hope to reach a peace deal by the end of the year, though Abbas complained after a trip to the White House last week that he was growing pessimistic about the lack of progress in negotiations.

Early Monday, the Israeli army lifted its closure of Palestinian territories, imposed for 10 days over the Jewish Passover holiday.

Israel routinely bars Palestinians from entering during Jewish holidays, seen them as a time of high risk of militant attacks.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Part of the Master Plan

Israel's plan to make life so unlivable for the Palestinians that they leave voluntarily.

Then of course Israel can say "we did not expel them".

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Alternative to AIPAC

This idea is long overdue. Lobbying in theory is not a bad thing to a pseudo-democracy. But the extent to which AIPAC exerts influence makes one think that all lobbying should be banned.

However, the idea of an alternative to AIPAC's extremist brand of lobbying makes sense because there are plenty of reasonable people out there to support positions open to compromise and balanced policies.

I really hope this vision takes off, and we can discuss issues pertaining to Israel-Palestine awithout all the current tangential baggage, i.e. if a former President of the US who brought lasting peace between Israel and Egypt speaks out against Apartheid policies in Israel, he won't be called a bigot. In fact, he is working AGAINST bigotry in his denouncement of Israel's racist policies.

Hillary the Israeli Puppet

Footage of Hillary, in her own words, saying what the US would do, if she were President, if Iran launched a nuclear strike on Israel.

Forgetting for a moment the NIE, which is a summary of all 16 of our intelligence agencies assessments, and forgetting for a moment that Iran's uranium enrichment is about 1/20 of enrichment levels needed for weapons grade uranium, and forgetting also that Iran has complied with the Non-Proliferation Treaty (Israel has not mind you and Israel has nuclear weapons) , watch the video to see what Hillary would do ...

Gillerman Crossed the Line

The UN ambassador from Israel called President Jimmy Carter a bigot for visiting with Hamas. I do not care of one thinks this is a good diplomatic move or not, calling our former President a bigot is so far out of line. Ironically the man issuing such a charge works for a racist Apartheid government, so really the charge is the most hyprocritical disengenuous remark I have ever heard.

Later in the piece, when Gillerman was asked about the Israeli spy arrested last week in New Jersey, Gillerman said it was a long time ago ... And that Israel pledged after Pollard to not spy on the US again ! Gillerman then claimed that the Israelis have fully complied !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I guess Larry Franklin was not sentenced to almost 13 years in prison in January '06 for passing classified information to Rosen and Weissman to AIPAC, which act as agents for a foreign government; Israel.

Gillerman has 0 credibility as far as I am concerned. This guy is a real sleeze, a used-car salesman trying to play politics. So what does it say about Israel that this guy is their spokesperson at the UN?

Entire article below :

Israel's UN ambassador calls Jimmy Carter 'a bigot'

By VERENA DOBNIK – 5 hours ago

NEW YORK (AP) — Israel's ambassador to the United Nations on Thursday called former President Jimmy Carter "a bigot" for meeting with the leader of the militant Hamas movement in Syria.

Carter, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, "went to the region with soiled hands and came back with bloody hands after shaking the hand of Khaled Mashaal, the leader of Hamas," Ambassador Dan Gillerman told a luncheon briefing for reporters.

The diplomat was questioned about problems facing his country during a wide-ranging discussion with reporters lasting more than an hour. The briefing was sponsored by The Israel Project, a Washington-based, media-oriented advocacy group.

The ambassador's harsh words for Carter came days after the ex-president met with Mashaal for seven hours in Damascus to negotiate a cease-fire with Gaza's Hamas rulers. Carter then called Mashaal on Monday to try to get him to agree to a one-month truce without conditions, but the Hamas leader rejected the idea.

The ambassador called last weekend's encounter "a very sad episode in American history."

He said it was "a shame" to see Carter, who had done "good things" as a former president, "turn into what I believe to be a bigot."

Telephone calls by The Associated Press to two Atlanta numbers for Carter were not immediately returned Thursday.

Gillerman said Hamas is armed and trained by Iran, whose president once called for Israel to be "wiped off the map."

"The real danger, the real problem is not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; the real threat is Iran," he said.

Gillerman spoke with reporters from around the world at the Times Square offices of a New York law firm on the day Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was in Washington meeting with President Bush.

The ambassador said he was "quite optimistic" about the chances for an Israeli-Palestinian agreement because Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert have met more times than any previous leaders of the two sides.

"I believe they've gone deeper and further than any other Israeli or Palestinian leader, and I believe that there is a very good chance (for a settlement)," he said.

Gillerman also was asked about another topic involving the U.S. government and Israel: the arrest last week in New Jersey of an 84-year-old man accused of passing U.S. weapons program secrets to an Israeli agent a quarter-century ago.

Retired U.S. military engineer Ben-ami Kadish faces charges linking him to the same now-defunct Israeli intelligence agency that used Jonathan Pollard, who is serving a life sentence for spying for Israel.

Gillerman called it "a very old matter."

"It pertains to something that may or may not have happened 25 years ago" and would be decided when Kadish goes to trial, he said.

In the wake of the Pollard case, the ambassador said Israel had made a pledge not to spy on the United States, "and that is something which I know that we have honored completely."

The ambassador declined to comment on U.S. government reports that Syria was building a nuclear reactor with North Korean assistance before it was bombed by Israeli planes last year.

Gillerman called Syria a "destabilizing influence" in the Middle East.

"You see Syria's hosting, very hospitably and warmly, over 10 terror organizations in Damascus," the ambassador said, adding that the country also supports Hezbollah, an anti-Israeli Shiite group in Lebanon with close ties to Iran and Syria.

"Basically, Syria and Iran, together with Hamas and Hezbollah, are the main axes of terror and evil in the world," the Israeli ambassador said.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Great 1st Step

The Israelis are making a great first step in this offer, which appears to be legitimate and sincere, of exchanging the Golan Heights captured in the 1967 war with a peace treaty with the Syrians.

If the Syrians take the deal, and they would be bitterly foolish to not accept the deal, then it would cut Syria out of the sponsorship of Hezbollah equation. There would be serious and legitimate consequences for non-compliance.

But this should be viewed as a first step by the Israelis, not the only step.

The Palestinians still have many grievances !

Damage Control from the Israeli Spy's Admission?

AP articles are only achived for short periods. My links to them sometimes disappear. So I will post the entire AP article by Laurie Copans just below my comments.

So now Israel says it might compensate the settlers (illegal) in the West Bank who
voluntarily move out of there. Rice has said this would be a positive step. I think the Israelis ought to do the right thing and abandon EVERY single settlement in the Occupied Territories per UN resolutions. But when you read down the page in this piece, an interesting qualification appears. Israel would not be the one compensating the settlers. The US will be the bank, just like it was for the Gaza disengagement. Billions each year is not enough in military hardware, we the taxpayers are asked to shoulder the financial burden of illegal Israeli settlers leaving lands illegally occupied since 1967 too ?

The timing of this accouncement I think is very suspect. An Israeli spy linked to Pollard and his handler was unearthed 2 days ago and has admitted to espionage activity. Another black-eye on the US for allowing the rogue Apartheid state to spy on us. What more can we give?

The cynic in me says that the offer is meant to distract the US from this espionage incident, or should I say the most recent episode in Israeli espionage (see Franklin, Pollard) against the US. The optimist in me hope that this announcement is not just politics as usual, but a genuine pseudo-concession from the Israelis. The pragmatist in me knows that it probably won't be implemented anytime soon.

Israeli law would pay settlers to leave West Bank

By LAURIE COPANS – 4 hours ago

KARNEI SHOMRON, West Bank (AP) — When the Ventura family moved to this West Bank settlement from a Tel Aviv suburb 20 years ago, they sought open spaces and mountain air.

But years of Israeli-Palestinian fighting have scared away their children and grandchildren. Now the retired couple wants to move back.

"We came here for quality of life when there were no worries here," said Tzuri Ventura, 68, a retired truck driver. "We just want to get out of here ... but we don't have enough money."

A new bill would compensate West Bank settlers like the Venturas who voluntarily leave their homes, and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is expected to decide within days whether to support it.

The idea is to get a head start on the evacuation of West Bank settlements that would have to be dismantled anyway in a final peace deal with the Palestinians. Olmert and the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank are trying to conclude such an agreement by year's end, despite enormous obstacles.

Getting settlers to move of their own accord could help Israel avoid the violence and anguish that accompanied the country's 2005 withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

During Israel's evacuation of 8,000 settlers from Gaza, sobbing residents were dragged from their homes and others violently resisted. Many of the settlements were built during the euphoria that swept the country after Israel captured the Gaza Strip and West Bank in 1967.

While Israel hopes to hold onto several clumps of settlements, Olmert has said Israel will have to give up most of the West Bank for a future Palestinian state. Those sections will likely be those located on the other side of the massive separation barrier Israel is erecting in the West Bank and that is nearly complete. More than 70,000 Jewish settlers live in these areas.

As part of U.S. involvement in Mideast peace talks, American officials have expressed interest in the bill. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has raised the issue in meetings with Olmert, officials from his Kadima Party said.

A key backer of the bill, Vice Premier Haim Ramon, will give Olmert a report on the bill in the coming days to persuade him to support it, government officials said on condition of anonymity since Olmert and Ramon were declining to comment on the bill.

The offer would apply to residents of 74 settlements expected to lie outside Israel's West Bank 490-mile separation barrier, said Absalom Vilan of the dovish Meretz Party, a co-author of the legislation.

The bill's sponsors hope the U.S. government would offer aid to compensate the settlers. If half the settlers in question agreed to leave voluntarily, Vilan estimates the total cost of buying them out would be between $2 billion and $2.5 billion.

Ramon's report shows that 25 percent of the settlers living in these communities would leave their homes if compensated, the Yediot Ahronot daily said this week. Sponsors of the proposal say the number is as high as 50 percent.

Settlers who support the proposal say many of their neighbors are afraid to admit they want to move. About half of the settlers are religious hard-liners who believe God promised the West Bank to the Jewish people. For them, moving constitutes betrayal.

"Many people are afraid to speak up because of public pressure," said Benny Raz, a resident of Karnei Shomron and founder of One Home, an organization of settlers who want to move.

Raz and Vilan travel all over the West Bank, holding "parlor talks" with settler families who are anxious to return to Israel proper but cannot find anyone to buy the homes whose property values have fallen in recent years.

Hard-line settlers sometimes demonstrate outside the meetings. Opponents also warn participants they could be fired from local jobs. Raz himself lost a security job in Karnei Shomron after he began pushing for compensation four years ago.

The fate of Karnei Shomron's 7,000 residents is particularly unclear.

The community sits just outside the Ariel settlement bloc, which Olmert has said he wants to keep in a final agreement along with other blocs closer to the Israeli frontier with the West Bank.

Israel began to build a separate fence around Ariel, creating a finger that stretches well into the West Bank, but halted the work two years ago after the United States protested.

Government officials have refused to tell Karnei Shomron's residents where the community will fall. One of the Orthodox Jewish founders of the settlement in 1977, Herzl Ben-Ari, believes the area will be annexed to Israel in the end.

"When we came here we built big to show how serious we were, to show we were here to stay," said Ben-Ari, the local municipal leader. "In the end we will be like the Tel Aviv metropolitan area."

Tzuri Ventura disagrees. He points to "for sale" signs that dot properties along his street. Assessors told the Venturas their apartment is worth the same as it was when they bought it in 1989. The couple says they couldn't afford to buy anything in Israel if they got such a paltry price.

After fighting in four of Israel's wars, Ventura is not sure Israel should transfer West Bank land to the Palestinians. He just wants to be able to see his grandchildren as he grows older. An upstairs apartment built for the younger generations sits empty.

"Our daughter has two children, ages four and seven months," Ventura said. "She has refused to visit since a suicide bombing here four years ago. Now we are left alone."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Musical Interlude

Gary Jules is right, even though Tears for Fears wrote the lyrics.

Waxman is a Joke ; Sibel Edmonds Testimony

Watch this question and answer session with Henry Waxman.

Why would he be so opposed to letting Sibel Edmonds tell her story under oath. She is the most gagged person in US history and has knowledge through her FBI appointment about foreign foreknowledge of 9-11. This should be the most pressing issue of our lifetime, and here this sniveling little simp is saying that his baseball steroid investigation trumps Sibel Edmonds?

What a joke.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Info on the Israeli Spy

This article is better than the first one I posted. More details ...

The Tip of the Berg

More Israeli espionage against its most generous sponsor.

Rosenbergs, Pollard, Franklin Weissman and Rosen, and now this guy, who seems linked up with Pollard.

Perle and Wolfowitz have been investigated (Perle twice) for Israeli espionage activity. Stephen Bryen was investigated.

How many times will we allow the US to burn for the treachery of these dual-loyal Zionist hooligans?

Pentagon Propagandists

Proving the existence of propaganda is a very difficult thing to do. So this piece by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now is awesome because it demonstrates clearly that the Pentagon knew attacking Iraq would be a tough sell to the American people, so what did the Pentagon do? They recruited retired military personnel to parade on political shows seen in the MSM and use the Pentagon's prepared talking points. Given what we now know about Douglas Feith's office and the Inspector General's report, and a column compending the > 900 false statements the Bush admin gave on Iraq, what else can we call this stunt by the Pentagon but propaganda. Read more by clicking on the link above.

Goebbels would be very proud !

Monday, April 21, 2008

Israel's Lebanon Destruction ; A Photo Gallery

These pictures should make Americans ashamed of allowing their government to support the Israelis.

This is what the Israelis do to innocent civilians who had nothing to do with Hezbollah in the south of Lebanon.

George Galloway Interviews Ilan Pappe : Part 1

For those who do not know who Ilan Pappe is, he is an Israeli historian who has recently written an important book on the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people in 1948 and 1967.

Becuase he tells the truth, he gets attacked very frequently, which seems to be a recurring theme in studying the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Here is a 3-part interview of Ilan Pappe by George Galloway.

George Galloway Interviews Ilan Pappe : Part 2

George Galloway Interviews Ilan Pappe : Part 3

Actual Footage of the Reuters Cameraman Being Shelled

Let's see Israel spin this one.

Human Rights Watch claims to have evidence that the cameraman was targeted directly. So I went to HRW and found a link to the actual footage which appears on Rueter's own site.

The Palestinian cameraman was wearing a jacket with PRESS clearly written on it, and was driving in a jeep also clearly marked. The Israelis inside the tank had the means of viewing the cameraman, and still the Israelis fired the shell which killed the cameraman and 2 others, all aged 23 or younger.

Clear footage of Israel targeting civilians and not combatants.

Clear footage of yet another Israeli war crime.

Way to Go Carter

The Israeli rejectionists and obstructionists have for the longest time used Hamas's refusal to recognize Israel as a convenient excuse for not complying with its treaty obligations, UN resolutions, and international law.

Carter's meeting with Hamas seems to have influenced Hamas somewhat with this new declaration.

Now the ball is in Israel's court, and let's watch and see how the Israelis now play dodgeball.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Israel Kills Reuters Cameraman .... Accidentally

For a country that touts its military as the most sophisticated in the Middle East, the IDF sure does have lots of "accidents".

Check out this link to GNN, and look at the flechettes that come out of this shell the IDF fires. How can an army that uses such slogans as "purity of arms" , meaning they only get the bad guys, use a weapon like this and maintain their claims of "purity of arms" ?

Weapons like this are used to exacerbate collateral damage done to civilians, not to avoid it.

Wake up America, our "allies" are behaving like barbarians and continues to violate international laws, past UN resolutions, and continues to spit in the US's face apropos peace treaties, pledges, etc.

Friday, April 18, 2008

More Settlements Amid Israel's Objections to Carter

Israel does not like Jimmy Carter visiting with Hamas.

But Israel does not mind announcing 100 new settlement homes in the occupied territories despite pledging a freeze on this at Annapolis (and almost every other agreement : Road Map, Oslo, Camp David, etc etc etc)

I object to the Israeli objections, how is that?

He Said It Again !

In the days after 9-11, Netanyahu said the exact same thing but off the cuff, so Israeli officials scrambled to rationalize his comments.

Now years later in a speech he says the same thing again !

This is an outrage, for a former prime minister of Israel to see the good only for Israel when the US was attacked on 9-11. Gotta love friends who benefit from your misfortune then proudly boast of their monumental gains.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why Haaretz is Better than the NYT

Haaretz is an honest newspaper. Even though I disagree with many policy statements of its regular contributors, the room for dissent in Israel's best newspaper is refreshing.

All this week editorials in the US have nothing but criticism for Jimmy Carter on his decision to meet with Hamas, without, in general, giving Carter his proper due and respect.

NYT, CNN, FOXNEWS (joke), NBC .... all the same treatment.

But here is an editorial from Haaretz which makes salient points. It's very weird that the US presses are more pro-Israel and less open on the Israeli-Palestinian issue than is the leading Israeli press.