Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wolf Blitzer interviews Ron Paul on Dec 1, 2007

Nice video interview of Ron Paul being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer. Even though Wolf used to work for AIPAC and I know he cannot be dispassionate in his reporting on Middle Eastern affairs, especially Israel and Palestine, this is the second time I have seen Wolf interview Ron Paul, and I appreciate the respect shown to Paul by Blitzer, respect that has not been shown by a few other hosts.


MOM said...

Hi, Again,

I am sick of the media saying that we would be "throwing away" our votes for Ron Paul. We are already throwing away our votes when we vote for Congressmen and Presidents who take their money from the likes of AIPAC and Big Oil companies and sell us out. Hillary Clinton says that the lobbyists are Americans, too!--Screw you, Hillary! They should get one-vote per person, but they are ganging up on the rest of us SCHMUCKS! I would rather throw my one vote away on Ron Paul than kowtow to the likes of the people who have taken away everything they could from the rest of us Americans.

scottie said...

Amen !

The special interest dominated Congress with their media cronies have bled this country dry, hurt our sovereignty, distracted us with the wrong questions for long enough, and i think we have hit rock-bottom and its time to look for other solutions. but it must be said that the problems must be exposed first, and that should be the first endeavor of all americans, is to identify the problems.