Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The truth makes the Israelis angry, why?

The Israelis reacted angrily to the recent NIE on Iran. US intelligence indicates that Iran stopped working on a nuclear weapon in 2003. This NIE is a fatal blow to Bush and Cheney's war plans on Iran. Imagine all this time that this administration has been drum-beating for war with Iran, and we now know that the intelligence does not support the aggressive and provocative statements by this administration. Makes one wonder why the bluster? Who feels put out at the moment?


MOM said...

Because, DUH, they don't want to spend their "dollars" (no wait, they want our U.S. foreign aid donations now in "Euros"); they want to use their money to send rockets into Gaza on the Eve and the very day of the Annapolis meeting; or they want to spend our donations building road systems and infrastructures to freeze out the Palestinians even more with economic warfare...I guess that anyone who doesn't want a war with Iran is "Anti-semitic" now. BLAH BLAH BLAH

scottie said...

The neocons are left with their skirts pulled down on this one.

It suggests that our intelligence apparatus will not allow a neocon agenda to twist the known intelligence to suit their needs or Israel's needs.

I think perhaps our intelligence learned a lesson of neocon loyalty after Iraq, after people like Perle, one of the agitators for war with Iraq, said things like he would not have supported the case for war had he known how mismanaged it would be, etc.

The Bushies pinned the blame on faulty intelligence (even though it was cherry-picked and contorted to fit the neocon agenda), and so I think our intelligence groups and officials do not want to be scapegoated again.

And it exposes Bush and Cheney to the American public. This report has been done for 6 months, and even knowing that, Bush and Cheney have been very aggressive on Iran with their public statements. One must think they knew the NIE conclusions, and continued to mislead us again on purpose, just as they did with Iraq.

I'm so ready for a new government.

MOM said...

I'm ready for a new government, too. Will they let us have one? I'm pessimistic. They will kill Ron Paul before they let him change our system for the better. I'm really scared.

scottie said...

well, it is a sad commentary to say that they dont have to kill him ; the media ignores him, and he becomes a non-entity to the majority of people that could be reached with his message.

i know that paul has a chance in new hampshire, and if he can do damage there, it might translate into momentum elsewhere.