Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Must Investigate Further

Well, I do not know if this piece has much to it other than hearsay, but it definitely comes from a credible source, Le Figaro.

I will do some checking up on this issue, but this piece, if it is proven true or possibly true, could explain Sarkozy's comments a few weeks ago that 'Israel was the greatest miracle of the 20th century' and could explain why he is so confrontational over Iran, which is a neocon, Zionist-driven agenda.


MOM said...

Don't believe it. An "anonymous" letter to the Figaro saying he is with Mossad...naturally, since he is of Jewish origin...It's just a way to discredit him in France. Let the Mr. Anonymous stand up and be counted instead of hiding behing whatever...


Liberal White Boy said...

I am starting to think we need an international Zionist treason awareness week on our college campuses. Do you think we could get the Ivy league schools to participate?

scottie said...

One day humanity will see Zionism for what it really is, despite all the flowery rhetoric, despite the many red-herrings this single issue carries with it :

Zionism represents theft, racism, colonialism, supremacism, terrorism, deception, distortion, and the lies and propaganda that follow having to cloud its true essence to the American public and its corrupt representative prostitutes, who knowingly perpetuate all of the above.

People will wake up in this country, but I think it is a race. The race is between people waking up in time before the damage to this nation is irreparable.

scottie said...

PS I think you will find many Ivy League scholars amenable to discussing this issue, like Sarah Roy of Harvard, and Stephen Walt of Harvard, and John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, Rashid Khalidi of Columbia, et al.

The people who are well-educated recognize the essential problem and the obvious solution. It is the less learned that you have to beat your head against the wall to make the slightest of impressions, and even still, you risk casting pearls before swine.