Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fox Attacks Iran

Please consider the identical arguments used again. Congress has already cravenly given Bush a back-door to war by labeling the Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.

The theme song of the Republican party is "Don't get fooled again". Americans are being fooled again, by the same liars and deceivers, by the same media groups and Neocon think-tanks.

No more wars for Israel!
No more wars to save the dollar from collapse!

Americans need to go after the real culprits, the Federal Reserve bankers who are the real cause of all this nonsense.


samadams said...

The only way to avoid war with Iran is for the military to refuse to fight it. Unfortunately, as generals and admirals are already indicating their intention not to fight Iran, they are being systematically replaced with pro-war lackeys. And even more unfortunately, if public pressure is that strong against a new war, someone somewhere will find it necessary to 'convince' we the sheeple with another even more horrific 'terrorist' attack. That event will of course be truly terrorist, as the very definition of the word indicates the use or threat of use of violence to attain political change. With politicians like these, who needs middle eastern terrorists?

I applaud the attempt. But there is a good reason why a small handful of politically connected individuals are the ultimate owners of all of the major media outlets. Just in case the sheep decide to take back over the country.

I have to go back and read my Declaration, but was 'engaging in wars of conquest and folly' one of the reasons the founders gave for the split or do we get to add something new under the sun for a change?

scottie said...

yeah, i have been telling my friends that our colonial forefathers fought a revolution against the british for far less than the crap that is going on today.

from government secrecy to falsified reasons used to manufacture consent for pre-emptive wars with no end, to the federal reserve system bankrupting this country (in violation of the constitution) for propaganda systems poisoning the minds of the people to allowing special interest groups and corporate interests to decide our important policies, this country is on a respirator, and most strikingly, the masses either do not care or refuse to learn more about things.

to be continued ...

scottie said...

brezinski mentioned that if the case for war is not made strongly enough in the minds of the people, look for another type of 9-11 attack to serve as a modern day gulf-of-tonkin

our government has shown its evil streak many times, none more poignant than operation northwoods, which many 9-11 truthers use as a basis for for their arguments.

many generals have said they would resign if we attacked iran, but you are correct they are being replaced.

this is the first neocon administration in our history, and they will chew this country up and spit it out for the sake of israel

people gotta get involved and learn, and i mean quickly learn, whats going on

samadams said...

Actually, the neocons date back much further than this administration. Their roots run much deeper. Many of their ilk were quite prominent in mid level offices since the Kennedy administration. Nixon was the first failed attempt at a unitary executive - the holy grail of his then assistant, one Richard B. Cheney. Cheney also served under then and recent Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld. (It was also Cheney who pressured Ford to use the Justice Department in questionable legal ways against Seymour Hersch and the NYT for breaking the Mi Lai story.) Hersch of course continues to be a thorn in Cheney's side as he recently broke the administration's plans to nuke Iran This was the same Cheney who in 1994 claimed that taking over Iraq would be a 'quagmire.'

But on to more current events.
Three weeks ago, we apparently were as close to nuclear Armageddon as we've ever been since the Cuban Missile Crisis. It seems that when the U.S. Air Force went on stand down and other branches were conducting 'drills' in the northwest, the rest of the world went on high alert. They fully believe we did 9/11 ourselves and that it is not beneath those responsible to do so again in order to gain support for a nuclear strike against Iran. They are firmly convinced agents within our country will use a drill to 'go live' and look as if it was an outside attack. Too many people in prominent places and in the know have been trumpeting this dire warning.

It seems that all the cards were in place. Until a group of patriots squawked about errant nukes being shipped to Barksdale. (all 12 of which have died mysteriously or of 'natural' causes in the last 3 weeks) This coupled with the Israeli's balking at their part in the scene by not launching an air raid on Iran, which helped to quiet things down.

But this next week contains yet another week long 'false flag' exercise drill dealing with a radiological truck bomb from 'Iran.' Considering the current economic climate and the pressing need to find a scapegoat for it, as well as the urgent desire to get on with the PNAC strategy outline, and we are looking at something major happening before the end of the year, possibly as early as November.

Unfortunately, this will be 'it.' If this happens, the republic will be scrapped. Gen. Tommy Franks has assured us that the next attack will result in the scrapping of the Constitution and the imposition of Emergency (read Martial) government.

Will it happen? It isn't set in stone. Maybe there are still true patriots in the military to prevent it once again. But time is running out, and their numbers are getting thin. I hate to say it, but if a military coup doesn't happen soon, it will be left to the people themselves to be the last line in defense of Liberty. I really don't like any scenario. Maybe an eleventh hour reprieve will buy us a little more time. Maybe we'll get enough of those to elect Ron Paul. But it isn't looking good these days.

So close, yet so far away. I think our only task now, is to spread the truth, prepare for the worst, and pray for the best, and leave the rest in God's hands. Unless someone has some bright ideas, I don't see any way this train can be stopped much less derailed or changed course.

Sorry for the bummer of a comment - but that's the way I see it right now.

scottie said...

no need to apologize

what evidence do you have about the 12 patriots killed in the last few weeks?

i'd like to check on that

ps there is more cause to be optimistic. ron paul is being censored and i am doing a piece for the muckrakerreport on this idea, and censoring ron paul indicates that the power groups are very afraid.