Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Friday, September 28, 2007

NeoCons Win Again

Iran is the topic of choice lately on this blogsite.

Joe Lieberman, Zionist senator and leading chicken-hawk, wants to send US forces to die in another propaganda-rich conflict in Iran, not for the sake of the US, but for the sake of Israel and the bankers in this country.

Do not be deceived again, America.

It is unprecendented to label a foreign army a terrorist organization, and it takes real chutzpah to lead the charge in the Senate to do so, when Joe Lieberman is old enough to know our CIA is the worst terrorist organization in history.

Note Berman's point of how the Hezbollah issue has entered US Congress's domain somehow.

Hezbollah would be a non-entity if Israel did not invade Lebanon in '82 and illegally occupy it for 18 years.

But now, on the mere accusation, no proof mind you, our elected officials, with their AIPAC money in their pocket, has set the stage for yet another war for false and falsified reasons.

As bad as this admin has been, the next one won't be any better. The situation in this country is worsening, and unless Americans wake up, we will not have a country for very much longer.


Rothell said...

This posting on the NoQuarterUSA.net website makes excellent points about our deplorable reaction towards Ahmadenijad's recent visit to Columbia.

The utter hysteria surrounding his visit is entirely in contrast to the diplomatic character of pre-Nixon America when, for example, America's then-threat Russian President Nikita Krushchev visited America in 1959. This man, considered the most evil and dangerous man to Americans at that time, was welcomed with respect and all the celebratory bruhaha typical for the time. Not to say that Ahmadinejad should have been given a ticker tape parade. But all foreign dignitaries are owed some modicum of respect and dimplomacy. Is that not the point of diplomacy? No so in today's climate of hyped up fear and demonization of all things non-American. It undercuts the Bush Administration's myth of EVIL when we see that Ahmadinejad is a human like us, who eats, breathes, talks, and is willing to discuss issues (intelligently or not). Despite the man's ignorance and incompetance, in principle he showed more character by showing up to talk than did anybody in the White House who stayed away like pouty children and refused to even listen.

scottie said...

hey rothell!

thanks for your comments. you make some great points. look, i am about to start inviting more and more people to offer comments. up to now i have kept it pretty closed just trying to add some content.

your comments from the logipundit site were always well thought-out and you articulate your ideas very well.

please keep adding comments.

what is disconcerting is that there is a real push to extend the war to iran now, and this push must be stopped. the more people know and understand the underlying causes the more outraged they should be.

if iran was the evil enemy that this admin and the neocons want americans to believe, then there might be cause for concern. but the charges against them are all sexed-up, ahmadinejad did not deny the holocaust, never threatened to wipe israel off the map, is not enriching uranium outside the boundaries of the NPT, and is not arming the sunni-run insurgency (which is in opposition to the shia in iraq).

americans need to know this.

i think that our system of government is at a crucial point right now, and if after the iraq disaster the people get duped into supporting another war for false and falsified reasons, our country will suffer catastrophic consequences.

Liberal White Boy said...

If there was ever any doubt about who controlled the MSM it should have ended with the hysteria about the President of Irans visit this week. Lee Bollinger is a cow.