Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Wesley Clark's Interview with Amy Goodman

The reader might discover a few important points in this piece. The transcript is there, but you can also click on the video clips to watch the actual interview.

I thought General Clark's comments on Iran, Syria, Lebanon , Somalia, Libya and the Sudan to be most intriguing.

I disagreed with Amy Goodman's grilling the general on bombing the RTS headquarters to be a bit off. I was not familiar with the controversy until the background came out in Amy Goodman's question. But if they were warned twice that the building was a military target, and Milosevic stations people there during the night, when it was bombed, then that becomes the fault of Milosevic, not Clark.

This would be completely different than US forces targeting Al Jazeera, both in Kuwait and Afghanistan, which evidence suggests both events were deliberate.

I think Clark would be a candidate for President I could support, a much better candidate than Clinton, on the democratic side.

I will have to find a new country to live in if Hillary Clinton is the next president ....


Logipundit said...

I agree his comments are interesting, but just don't know whether I buy it all or not. These conveniently anonymous conversations with Pentagon staff members are always precarious to me. And another good portion of his comments seem to be conjecture (educated guesses, yes) more than based on actual fact.

(Sorry didn't read past the Iran stuff...but agree with you on principle on the RTS incident)

Wesley Clark will never be President regardless of whether he "thinks about it every day or not" All anyone has to do is play a little clip of him parading around with Michael Moore (the worst political move in the history of politics).

I certainly can't imagine supporting Clark personally but I have to agree with you on Hillary.

I hear Ireland is nice.

scottie said...

I was glad he told about the classified info from his anonymous general friend, and I do respect him for not compromising his friend's name. I do not think he would make something that important up, and as such I take him on his word.

Of the people who would run as a Democrat, I would vote for him before any other Democrat.

I am still waiting for Chuck Hagel or my favorite, Ron Paul, who is the best representative in this country, bar none.

I didn't know about his association with Michael Moorer.

After I watched Fahrenheit 9-11, I was really baffled on the buzz the movie created. I had known much of the content of that movie from my own reading, but I was never convinced from his presentation.

It seemed that he threw darts at a board, and that he didn't really care where they landed. His darts were not smoking guns, as he wanted us to believe. I got the feeling he had no coherent sense of why he was mad at this admninistration, and in the final analysis, it came off as just a partisan attack.

He could have left his obvious left-leaning beliefs out of the movie, and made some points not as a democrat, but as an American.

I got much more out of Control Room, Against All Enemies, Plan of Attack, 9-11 (Chomsky), and Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace.