Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

My Email to plagiarist Alan Dershowitz

I don't know why I am adding this post, but I felt like doing it.

Mr. Dershowitz,

Your behavior is disgraceful.

It is bad enough that you lie ad nauseam (concerning your plagiarisms, the release of the letters, etc), but ever since Finkelstein shredded your fraudulent book, you have been on quite a tear.

I just read every word of that letter you wrote to the Brandeis Justice, and I like the way you report only what the detractors say about Finkelstein. You only know one thing, and that is the art of logical fallacies (ad hominem, poisoning the well, red herrings, straw man, false dilemma, appeal to pity, hasty generalizations, slippery slopes etc etc etc).

I copiously diagrammed your logical fallacies in detail in a previous letter of yours, only to receive yet another form letter. I will try a different strategy.

Raul Hilberg described "The Holocaust Industry" as a groundbreaking piece of work. It is curious you did not mention this endorsement in your poisonous polemic on Finkelstein.

In a face-to-face debate with Finkelstein, you got embarassed. You did not even know the contents of your book. You attributed phrases to the wrong people. You confused different people in the peace process that you claimed you aided. You plagiarized from another person's work, which itself was fraudulent. You quoted Sony pictures, and small obscure news article from tiny newspapers to support your untenable arguments, and when Finkelstein shredded your pitiful arguments in "Beyond Chutzpah" by summarizing the mainstream human rights groups findings, where were you then?

Writing letters trying to get the book blocked ...

Oh, never mind, I forgot, you claimed you never did that.

You showed that you are a passionate defender of Israel, but a mindless supporter of injustice.

Jimmy Carter wrote a good book, and when Carter said he had no interest debating you at Brandeis because you had NOTHING substantive to offer on the issue, because you know nothing of the Palestinians, you were able to somehow get the press to spin this as "Carter afraid to debate the great defender of Israel, Alan Dershowitz".

The spin should have been "exposed plagiarist charlatan does not know how to let the debate continue without his vacuous and fallacious input".

Your credibility is a thing of the past. Let the real scholars do their work.

If you have a form letter meant for this type of email, I would certainly love to read it.


Scott Sorrell
Lafayette, LA

I did not receive a response ...

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