Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Iraqi Insurgents

I remember having discussions with family and friends prior to March 03 on the impending Iraq invasion. I supported the Afghanistan operations post 9-11, as did most Americans.

I remember making the arguments that :

1. Iraq had no WMD's
2. The US's image will suffer if it invades Iraq with no justification, and in the long run, Americans will be less safe, and more vulnerable to terror attacks
3. The US should not circumvent the UN to punish Saddam Hussein for non-compliance of UN resolutions
4. The US is not interested in freeing "oppressed" people, for if it were, it would force Israel's compliance with international law, UN resolutions, Geneva conventions, and its own signed treay agreements
5. Corporate interests are being pushed by elements within the administration that will inevitably profit from the war

I think it's safe to say that the anti-war movement got it right. The object of this piece is not to gloat, really, but to make a point on US arrogance.

The use of the term "insurgent" and "foreign fighter" has been very widespread in the mainstream US presses. I'm not sure Americans ever question the use of this term. We hear comments like "there are suspected foreign fighters from Syria operating inside Iraq" ... George Galloway asked Christopher Hitchens, when Hitchens said something similar in their debate, "exactly what part of Iraq is Richard Myers from?"

I'm pretty certain that newspapers in England called US colonials fighting against them in the revolutonary war "insurgents".

Do the facts warrant such a term like "insurgent" being used? The US invaded Iraq with doctored/cooked/cherry-picked intelligence. US politicians talk endlessly on rebuilding Iraq, even when there were/are discussions about whether New Orleans should be rebuilt. I get so angry when I hear the terms "rebuilding Iraq" because it only needs rebuilding because the US destroyed it in the first place. How prescient was Colin Powell's objections to Wolfowitz's neuroses? Powell quoted the Pottery Barn rule ; you break it, you own it.

Consider this hypothetical ; suppose an uber-strong foreign military were to invade a corrupt, weak United States. Suppose that people inside the US armed themselves and fought against the invading army. Would US presses call these people "insurgents" or would they be labeled "freedom fighters" ?

It is their country. At this moment, a plurality of Americans acknowledge being deceived into supporting the war in the first place, and a majority want to bring the troops home. What Americans should really be preoccupied with is not being bombarded with campaign messages for the next president, but in holding the people responsible for the deceit accountable. There should be hearings, and those responsible should be labeled traitors, and executed at dawn.

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