Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rice says the US is committed to Diplomacy on Iran !

I remember vaguely the news of such an offer when it happened. I never learned the details of it, but the above link shows the interested reader just how committed the US is to diplomatic means of resolving disputes. As the war plan for Iran continues to be developed, we see how avoidable this thing really was ...


JohnnyB said...

Good story,

I had some Iranian ex-pat colleagues, who liked America, supported the war, and thought it would bring about change in Iran. That the admin would go for this all or none approach with Iran is a sign of serious hubris. Reagan negotiated with Gorbachev, from a position of strength. Heck, Reagan and Baker negotiated with the Iranians, as unsavory as that sounds. I don't think we'll be crossing the border into Iran before April as you predict, but rather the Iranians will get their nukes and we will negotiate on their terms, just as we did with North Korea. Sad to see we could have neutralized this threat from a position of strength back in 2003, it would have made a big difference in the casualties.

scottie said...

I agree. An offer was made to sit down and address grievances on both sides.

Scolding the Swiss Ambassador for the delivery of the message does not convince the average American that the State Dept is trying to use diplomatic efforts to resolve issues.

Baker and Hamilton and Gates all recommended discussing issues with Syria and Iran, and not dealing with the perceived threat militarily. But it seems good advice is wasted on this administration.

But Iran will not have a nuke for many years. It is not an overnight project. Some anaylsts say on the order of a decade. Iran can enrich uranium; it is a part of the Non-Proliferation treaty.

What concerns me is other articles, like the US is planning on opening an air corridor for the Israeli Air Force to fly over Iraq.

What this means I don't know. It could be contingency planning, but it could mean that plans for action are in the works (which many reports suggest).

Did you get a chance to read William Lind's article I posted, on hpw to lose an army. I thought the article was well-written and I am in agreement with many articles coming from the American Conservative.

Thanks for the comments, and keep it up. I am thinking of linking this page to other pages, if I can, to generate more comments.