Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

It Has Begun

All over the news in the last few weeks, the coverage has been dominated by the next presidential election, disregarding the media frenzy on Anna Nicole Smith's death and Britney Spear's bald head, and her brief stint at the rehab hospital.

The Presidential election is a year and a half away, and we are already seeing the power-hungry lining up and becoming organized. Why is this so disconcerting?

Obama, Clinton, et al are still serving their constituents supposedly. So when elected officials hungry for more power ignore their current duty, what happens to the state of governance in the present?
Is the USA in such good shape that it can be neglected for 18 months so that we can provide a track for the mad dash to the White House?

There are bigger questions out there than Hillary or Obama on the democratic side, or Guiliani or McCain on the republican side. Better questions which impact the Big Picture are :

1. Why are Americans herded into one of two political parties, when other Western democracies have multiple parties represented in the election process?

2. Given the state and nature of corruption that has always existed but has shown its ugly head in the last few years, at what point do Americans become fed up with charlatans presumably speaking on their behalf? If the middle man of the corporate-controlled electoral process is corrupt to the core, or glaringly incompetent, why don't Americans insist on a fundamental change in their governance, namely the National Referendum?

3. Who, of all the candidates, will refuse the special interest dollars and stand up for the interests of the US, and not the interests of other groups?

It's amazing to observe the machinations of the people desperate for power. I believe that many enter politics with noble thoughts of improving the system of governance. Maybe it is the case that the corruptive elements are too strong for humans to withstand. Or maybe the system itself has design flaws that should be changed, for the greater good.


Logipundit said...

What a great post...with great questions. I agree with what Newt said the other day about how ridiculous to start talking about this nonsense now almost two years before the inauguration.

As I've stated before I do not believe a National Referendum is the best option; but I do agree that a third and fourth party would help break up the "Duopoly" we have in place.

And the rest of it I'm 100% in agreement.

Should I link to this post, or do you want to throw it up on LP?

scottie said...


I just linked it to Logipundit.

I sent invitations out last weekend to old contacts to visit the site, and offer comments.

Hopefully, I can generate some comments, but for now, I am trying to transfer some of my old posts which have not become dated, while adding some new ones.

Did you know the edit option times out after a while, so I have to do this nasty cut and paste procedure, and re-form the paragraphs.

Anyway, thanks for comment and the idea of linking it. I will likely continue dual posting til mine gets off the ground.