Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Existential Threat?

The other day I heard a pundit on CSPAN giving a talk, and the speaker had the temerity to say that Iran is an existential threat to the USA.

Forget for a moment the sordid history of the CIA coup in 1953 of a pro-Western leader who had already established a parliamentary system in Iran. Let's focus on Mossadegh's true crime.

He nationalized Iranian oil. Truman spoke quite highly of Mossadegh. But this presumptuous leader of Iran dared to boot Ango-Iranian oil (which is today BP - British petroleum) from Iran because it was, in a word, stealing (Iran's oil resources).

Now, the campaign has begun to "spread democracy to the greater Middle East", which has really become Bush's code words for attack.

War with Iran is coming, many say before April when Blair leaves office. Though the US will act on behalf of Israel, as it has demonstrated before, the rhetoric that Ahmadinejad plans to "wipe Israel off the map" (not what he said at all actually) serves the purpose of disinforming the US public (once again) . Our CIA says Iran won't have a nuke for 10 years and no system for delivering it, so why the rush?

The Israel facet is definitely a component. Visit any NEOCON org and you will see chickenhawks clamoring for wiping Iran off the map actually.

But we cannot escape the reason ; dollar hegemony.


The Iranian oil bourse was designed to eliminate the dollar from trades involving Iranian oil, and Ahmadinejad is simply continuing Saddam Hussein's plan to cripple the US economically by providing a reason for all countries to decrease their dollar reserve amounts.

So we will see another war, for false reasons, and all for the glory of the banking establishment, so that they can continue to rake in their enormous profits, in violation of the Constitution mind you. Who suffers because the US uses a fiat currency ? We the American people do, and any country that gets in the way ...

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