Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Case Against Israel

The linked list contains the UN resolutions that Israel has defied. Most disconcerting is the last table which shows the US usage of security council veto power, which scuttles so many measures to force Israeli compliance with UN resolutions.

The linked list is sourced to the US State Department.

Alan Dershowitz, the author (so claimed) of "The Case for Israel", argued, as a lawyer would, on the case for Israel. Incidentally, in "Beyond Chutzpah", professor Norman Finkelstein of DePaul University juxtaposed Dershowitz's claims with the documentary record of Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, B'tSelem, Public Committee Against Torture, and Physicians for Human Rights - Israel. The claims in Dershowitz's book become untenable when considering the findings of these mainstream reputable human rights groups, which all consistently criticize Israeli behavior (as well as Palestinian behavior).

Also in Finkelstein's book, Dershowitz's contents were shown to be eerily similar to much content from Joan Peters' "From Time Immemorial" in which Peters argued that on the eve of Zionist colonization Palestine was virtually empty of Arabs. According to Peters, it was only after the Zionists made the "desert bloom" that the Arabs showed up on the scnene. Peters book was initially showered with praise from the likes of Barbara Tuchman, Saul Bellow, and many other scholars. It did not take too long to expose the Peters book as a hoax, which was done. Unfortunately for Dershowitz, he chose to plagiarize from a hoax (see Finkelstein's website for all the details).

The above list mysteriously does not even contain UN 242, which called on Israel to withdraw from all the Occupied Territories of the '67 war. Carter's Camp David Accords, which Menachim Begin and Anwar Sadat signed, also called on Israel to withdraw from the Occupied Territories and also called on Israel to stop settlement activity in these territories. This behavior from Israel, which is one of the principle obstacles to peace in Israel-Palestine, is the subject of UN rulings, Geneva conventions, international law, and with respect to these measures, Israel continually comes out on the wrong side.

I do not understand all the lip service from the US State Department, the Palestinians and the Israelis for a new comprehensive peace treaty. I view this as a serious stall tactic. If Israel has not complied with the original Camp David Accords under Carter, why would Israel comply with any new terms? Israel does not comply with accords it has signed, it does not comply with UN resolutions, it does not comply with international law, it does not obey rulings from the World Court (in regards to the "security fence" or Apartheid Wall, whatever its label), it does not honor Geneva conventions. How can such a lawless state remain a member of the UN? How can such a lawless state continue to receive billions upon billions of US tax dollars? Average Americans pay for this, and the blood of the Palestinians is on our hands, because we do not do anything to stop it.

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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