Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Background on Israel-Lebanon

Last summer, when Israel used the capture of 2 Israeli soldiers (they were captured in Lebanese territory) to launch its bloody war against Lebanon, in which the Beirut airport was bombed, a milk factory, the UN compound in what Kofi Annan called deliberate, and before Israel left a million cluster bombs in Lebanon before its retreat, George Galloway was interviewed by SKY NEWS, and I thought the interview was riveting.

Incidentally, I was in Switzerland for a week during Israel's destruction of Lebanon, and I was fortunate to watch the coverage from CNN World and BBC World, and the disparity in coverage was amazing.

The BBC gave boths sides of the history of the conflict and Hezbollah's genesis, while CNN World was decidely pro-Israel. The coverage was appalling by CNN World.

e.g. When Kofi Annan gave comments of the bombing of the UN compound, BBC World gave the speech in its entirety. Annan said that the coordinates of the UN post were well known by the Israelis, and that when the firing of shells and other ordinances were getting close to the UN compound, the UN communicated this to the Israelis continually for 6-7 hours prior to the attack. Kofi Annan said the attack was deliberate, which Israel has done before, targeting UN workers and the UN compound.

What did CNN World have to say about this ?

It was something to the effect of Kofi Annan called the attack "deliberate" with deliberate in quotation marks. CNN World did not show the entire context of his comments, with the important background.

Israel's response : Mark Regev, who lies habitually (I can back up this charge), said "Israel would never do such a thing".

In fact, it has done it before, and until the US stops using its security council veto (more than 40 UN security council resolutions critical of Israel have been vetoed by the US and thus scuttled) to protect its little non-law-abiding non-UN-resolution-abiding buddy, Israel will continue.

Of course, the pro-Israel ideologues claim that the UN has an anti-Israel bias ...

Please watch George Galloway's video :

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