Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Are you kidding me?

Check out the title on the link.

So last week Israel rejected Hamas's offer of a truce, which means no more attacks by either side if my vocabulary serves me correctly. Now Israel says "peace" only when the attacks stop, but Hamas offered a cessation of attacks, and Israel, you said NO !

But Israel will continue its illegal expansions in Har Homa, Hebron, and the West Bank in general.

It would be grand if the Palestinians were for once in a position of strength and could tell a weak and impoverished and occupied Israel, no peace until settlements stop ...

Ron Paul, Pakistan, and the History News Network

I stumbled upon this great article from the History News Network on Ron Paul's recent comments about Pakistan. Given the recent assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, I think the article makes some fine points on the virtues of a non-interventionist (not isolationist) foreign policy.

I especially like Scheuer's comments on terrorism and al-Qaeda.

I learned today that FoxNews is not inviting Ron Paul to the "forum" in NH on Jan 6th, two days before the NH primary. ABC put him at 3rd in Iowa last week, deadlocked with Giuiliani ( a so-called "frontrunner") and is doing even better in NH and FoxNews, a private for-profit corporation, gets to stick its nose into our choice for GOP nomination? This really stinks. Paul came in 2nd then 1st in the only 2 FoxNews celltext votes following debates, and have since terminated such practices ...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Iranian Jews Safe, according to their leaders.

The argument cannot be made that Iranians have an irrational hatred of Jews. The policies of Israel directed against the Palestinians and the continuing illegal occupation is what Iranians object to, as do many millions of people of conscience around the world.

Very nice article from the AP.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Uri Avnery on Hamas's truce offer

Uri Avnery sums up very nicely why Israel's rejection of the Hamas offer is ridiculous in a way that only Uri can.

Bravo !

Click on "Help ! A Cease Fire" if first article is not this one.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Israeli Court Clears Israeli use of Cluster Bombs in Lebanon

I am not surprised to see this ruling at all.

Israel ALWAYS acts in self-defense, even when it bombs other counries' civilian areas.

Be Careful Chavez

I especially like the comment : "Critics accuse President Chavez of using his oil wealth to extend his and Cuba's political influence across the region."

Is this any different than what the US does, but on a scale about 1000 larger?

Cheney's Profits

The Vice President's shares in Halliburton have grown from $240,000 in value to $8,000,000 in value due to the government contracts funneled to Halliburton from this administration on Iraq and Katrina.

Cheney also profited heavily during he sanction years on Iraq when Halliburton did business with Iraq through international subsidiaries.

This is criminal.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tim Russert's hatchet job on Ron Paul

Tim Russert did a textbook hatchet job on Ron Paul yesterday. Might be the worst example of "journalism" in an interview I have ever witnessed, and I am not saying this because of my overt support for Paul.

Tim did not let Paul answer the questions fully, kept changing the subject abruptly, and tried to sully Paul's integrity with a few data pieces taken completely out of context.

It was agonizing watching a nice man, Paul, try to be nice to a nasty little devil, who definitely earned his Christmas bonus for his NBC masters.

I wonder of his questioning (especially on Israel) had anything to do with the politics of the CEO of NBC, Jeff Zucker ...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Second take on a truce with Hamas

Peres says no to cease-fire offer from Hamas UNTIL Hamas stops launching rockets ??? !!!

The irony is too thick to overlook. Hamas says "truce" and Israel officially responds by saying that "no truce until you stop"

Mr Peres, that is what a truce means, no more fighting. You cannot require that Hamas stops and your soldiers continue to kill Palestinians.

The post below, the first take , I think is the more reasonable position to take.

First take on a truce with Hamas

In reading the news this morning, I was awestruck by the 2 different positions Israel has officially taken. The above linked article shows a willingness to at least discuss the possibility of a truce with Hamas from several Israeli ministers.

See the next post, to get the 2nd take on the truce.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Zionist Mindset

I showed the video of the drunk Israeli kid (on this site under ZIONISM) to 2 of my friends/colleagues and one friend said that he could not be held accountable for his comments since he was obviously drinking or drunk. I countered by saying that the video highlights a mindset, a Zionist mindset ; it is my country, God gave it to me. The other person present agreed with me.

In this article on the increased settlement activity in Har homa, just weeks removed from the Annapolis "show", note the comments of the pizza owner.

Monday, December 17, 2007

How About Ron Paul ? !

With a record one-day haul of campaign contributions, Ron Paul has really convinced Americans that real change is possible when people get involved in grassroots campaigns.

Linked to Muckrakerreport's article on the New Boston Tea Party a la Ron Paul.

Very Encouraging

Pledges made for the Palestinian people are very encouraging.

The Gaza has been completely cut off by Israel. Palestinians cannot leave and essentials like food, sugar, wheat flour, and medical supplies cannot enter.

It is nice to see the morally conscious people of the world pledge their help.

Of course, it did not have to get to this point in the first place ; Israeli maltreatment and contravention of international law and UN resolutions with its illegal occupation have led to this humanitarian crisis.

Strangling Gaza

A link to a CommonDreams post.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Could It Be Any More Clear?

If there are any lingering questions on who was really behind the drumbeat for war with Iran, the NIE report release and articles like this one make it very clear who was pulling the strings all along, whether Israel or its Zionist neocon plants within our government.

J'accuse !

Bye Bye Bedouins

Zionism has a very heavy human cost to those who happen to live in the region but do not subscribe to Zionism's racist ideology.

CIA jet crashes with 4 tons of cocaine?

This event is all over the internet. The guy in the interview says that they have the FAA records of the plane and the same plane was used in extraordinary rendition flights to Guantanamo.

If this could be true, then it resurrects the old conspiracy theory that the CIA is the biggest drug smuggler our country has ever known.

Must dig deeper ...

Friday, December 14, 2007

ICRC Criticizes Israel

The criticism of Israel in this piece comes from a very controversial source, the Red Cross.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why I Support Ron Paul

This letter written by a Ron Paul supporter hits the nail on the head.

Americans can vote for the same ole same ole on either side of the corrupt political fence, or we can move in a different direction altogether.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wolf Blitzer interviews Ron Paul on Dec 1, 2007

Nice video interview of Ron Paul being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer. Even though Wolf used to work for AIPAC and I know he cannot be dispassionate in his reporting on Middle Eastern affairs, especially Israel and Palestine, this is the second time I have seen Wolf interview Ron Paul, and I appreciate the respect shown to Paul by Blitzer, respect that has not been shown by a few other hosts.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Innocents Abroad, with a French Twist

My mom recently took a trip to Jerusalem with her husband and his siblings. Pierre's daughter Marie-Claire works for the EU (formerly for the UN) on Palestinian elections, and Pascal, Marie-Claire's significant other works for the UN on the same issue. They live in Jerusalem. The entourage got to see parts of the occupied territories with a UN host.

I asked my mom to detail their trip, and this is what she came up with. Enjoy !

Innocents Abroad III (with a French Twist)

Our trip plans were all set, months in advance, for our vacation with the family to Jerusalem. We purchased our train tickets from the South straight to Charles DeGaulle airport. We had our e-tickets in hand two months before. Well laid plans...On the 13th of November, the French unions for transportation, i.e., those for the SNCF, the TGV, RATP, etc., began their general strike. We were to depart on the 19th. We rushed to the local train station to see when the strike would end and
to exchange some tickets in the interim period which would be useless because of the strike. The workers at the station assured us that the strike would be finished by the 19th. I told my husband, "Don't trust them. We have to drive to Paris before because if they continue to strike on the 19th, we won't have time to get to the airport by car." We contacted the woman who had agreed to feed our cats and asked if she could begin two days before. She could. We were absolutely correct in not
trusting these French transportation workers. They continued to strike well into the week plus that we were in Israel.

We set out for Paris with our new foundling cat, Saba II, who could not be assimilated with our other two Yemeni cats. Our friend and former "femme de menage" told me that she would love to have her. She lives in Paris. One hour after our departure, Saba had an "accident" in the car. We stopped at a rest area to clean the mess from her cage. Thirty minutes later, she had another "accident". Again, we stopped to clean up the smelly mess. All the while, she was crying. I finally
released her from her cage and put the litter box on the back seat. She was a
little better, but with her newly found freedom, she tried to help us drive the car on the auto route because the view is certainly better from the front windshield than from the back of the car. Ten hours after leaving and after being lost trying to find our friend's house in the suburbs of Paris, we arrived. Our friends kindly let us spend the night with them. Saba spent the night hiding behind their furnace in the basement.

On Sunday, we drove to my husband's matchbox flat in Paris. His sister and her husband were to meet us there to spend the night for our trip the following day. We had planned to park the car at my husband's daughter's apartment, but when we tried in the afternoon to reserve a taxi to the airport for the next day, none of the companies were answering their phones. We changed our plans again and decided to drive to the airport and park the car there. We calculated that it could not take more than four hours to get there. It took longer, but by now we were prepared.

My husband had a meeting in the East of Paris. Usually, it takes 20 minutes by car to go there from his apartment. It took two hours. (We four had all agreed that it would be better not to separate because maybe we would never get back together again.) We waited until he had finished his meeting two hours later and started for the airport. We arrived at the airport three hours before the departure time. All was well.

We were only thirty minutes late on take-off, a minor problem for our pilot, it seems, because we arrived in Tel Aviv 20 minutes early. Aboard the flight were all six of us "pilgrims", the other two had met us at the airport where they had flown for the connecting flight.

We were met at Ben Gurion Airport by Pascal, Marie-Claire's significant other. We barely managed to stuff our luggage and seven of us into his Toyota by holding the smaller bags on our laps. Off we went from Tel Aviv, destination, the Mount of Olives to Augustus Victoria religious guest house where we deposited four of the family. My husband and I continued on to Pascal's house in the Palestinian section of Jerusalem. We had a glimpse of Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock (or as Mark Twain called it: the Mosque of Omar), and the walls of the city. It was 1:30 a.m. by then.

The highway system from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is nice. We were checked by the police at only one spot, a street leading to the Palestinian section of Jerusalem. Pascal asked, "Are we having any problems in the area tonight?" The policeman replied, "Yes, all over."

The following day, we went to pick up our rental. It was $100 per day. The prices by lots of vendors and providers of services are posted in dollars. The euro is gaining momentum, though. After having lunch, we went to Abu Gosh Monastery, where there are French Dominican monks and where they sell a lemon liqueur that is 47% alcohol. A Sister there is from our area of France and was present at the baptism of my husband's grandchildren at the same monastery. These Dominicans are there to
represent their religion to Israelis, mostly, and wandering pilgrims such as ourselves. There were two tour buses when we arrived. These buses contained African-American Christians from Atlanta. (A couple of them refused to descend the stairs. They were tired; it was their last day in the country. I talked with them. One of them will most probably visit France next year due to my description of the country.) There was a guide who read passages from the Bible at this stop. Everyone was reading along with him from their Bibles. I heard only a vague reference to the problems of the country while he was speaking. Religion is religion, politics are politics, and business is business.

After stopping at another religious site, Latrun, a Lebanese/Latin congregation, which sells wine (instead of liqueur), we were out of daylight and had to start thinking about dinner. A couple of us decided that we probably could only allow four hours a day between meals for tourism, 36 hours tops for our stay, but one must also subtract driving time and time for being lost from those 36 hours.

The following morning we are off for the Dead Sea. There was absolutely no traffic on the highway. The route was nice, consequently. There are barren mountains parallel to the Dead Sea. We saw almost no one living in the area. I suppose it's because life just cannot be sustained in any form at this location. Across the Dead Sea are other barren mountains, which are in Jordan. We were told that on these same
mountains across from us in Jordan, Moses died on Mount Nebo showing the Promised Land to his people, but not being allowed to enter it because he committed the great sin of breaking the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments in anger when he saw the Israelites worshiping Baal.

We found a spot where we could go to the Dead Sea. We had to pay to enter the resort. We changed into our swimming attire. I didn't bring a suit, so I went along as the photographer/guardian of bags and purses. A tractor with open cars attached took us down a muddy path to the sea. Four of the five others jumped in immediately. It was cold, of course. November isn't cold, but it isn't warm, either. The fifth, having broken his leg months before, had to sidle into the sea from a crude rope system that cordons off areas not fit for swimming. No one actually swam, though. One floats on the Dead Sea. There is no way that one could drown there. Swimming is difficult, as well, because of one's buoyancy. After leaving the sea, the minerals and salt immediately cake up on one's skin; therefore, the next stop on the tractor, the mud baths. There is a crude concrete vat filled with slimy, mushy, black mud to accomplish this. Four of the six began slapping on the mud. Thirty or forty other mud turtles were in various stages of administering the mud, drying the mud, and showering off the mud. Everyone leaves young. Photo op time... This same mud is sold in our little village 20 times more expensive.

At this point, lunch-time. We decided on Jericho. On the way there, there was an Israeli checkpoint. Out come the passports. No problems for us there. Two hundred yards later, there was a Palestinian checkpoint, we all decided, mostly to simulate the appearance of a little dignity. No problems for us there, either. They were happy to direct us to a nice restaurant, especially since my husband speaks Arabic.
There must be a small difference between his Arabic and theirs, though, because we had to stop four more times to ask directions to the same restaurant. We finally settled on another restaurant that looked okay to everyone since we couldn't find that obscure, wonderful one. We had three grilled chickens and lots of Palestinian side-dishes with baskets of pita bread. More often than not, the bread comes free with anything you order; the pickles, tomatoes, and sauces, too. I usually ate all
of the pickles because they weren't "French" pickles. (Good French pickles are tiny; those of Palestinians are rather large and too salty for French tastes.)

With lunch finished, we decided that we had better skip the archaeological excavations of Jericho, as the Dead Sea excursion had taken so much of our time, and go directly to Omayyad Palace archaeological site on the outskirts of Jericho. The site dates from the 8th century. We were told that this castle complex was built as an "entertainment" and leisure escape for this Calif from Damascus. We saw a wonderful mosaic of the Tree of Life amongst the ruins, which was very refined and well preserved in a building. The ruins are impressive, as well, and apparently Mrs. Bush went there to inaugurate the financing of the excavations. I vaguely heard that the monies were suspended with the election of Hamas by the Palestinians. One can buy reproductions of parts of the mosaic, but none from our party coughed up the money for one of these reproductions. We did buy some postcards.

After leaving this palace, we proceeded North along the Jordan River to Tiberiade (in French), on the shores of Lake Tiberius, known in Jesus' time as the Sea of Galilee. We stayed at the YMCA on the shores of the lake. After settling in our rooms, we went to find "St. Peter's fish" for dinner. It's a very nice fish anyway that it can be served. Our restaurant gave us all of the side-dishes free and it was still an
expensive place to eat. Tiberius Lake was where Jesus recruited some of his disciples and especially Peter. They couldn't catch any fish and Jesus told them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat. Later he told them he would make them "fishers of men". I think that Tiberius Lake is more apt a name than Sea of Galilee. It's definitely not a "sea".

The YMCA was clean, with nice gardens. Their free breakfast was wonderful. It's not a "continental" one. Some had omelets, some had other types of eggs, and all had their "continental" breakfast, too. By this time, we had all decided that we had better tank up on food in the morning when it's free and eke out on the other meals when we had to pay. (Some of us were so occupied with aunts and such the day before
leaving on the trip that we had no time to access an automatic teller for free withdrawals in France. In Israel they charge three euros plus 2% of anything one withdraws in cash. Consequently, we were all trying not to use their machines. Some of us were having conniption fits about maybe our lack of money. Some brought dollars, which seemed to have dissipated fairly quickly; some brought British pounds, also gone quickly because one of the two persons with those frequently bought things the others didn't; and we had euros, gone just as quickly,but with nothing to show for them but a full stomach.)

After we checked out of the YMCA, we went to Capernaum, where the ruins of St. Peter's house are. In fact, there are ruins there from several epochs and the entire town is just a site of ruins, except for the modern church built over Peter's house with glass floors to view the ruins. There were two eras of ruins of synagogues, one of which was the one in which Jesus taught. It is a must to see for anyone who travels to the country. There were about 20 tour buses there when we arrived. Various groups had leaders reading from the Old and New Testaments. Unfortunately, we couldn't tarry there because there was a rain storm. Nearby is the Mount of Blessings, where Jesus said, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, blessed are the meek, etc." Jesus also fed thousands with a few loaves and fishes.

If I had to choose an area to live in Israel, I would definitely choose somewhere between Tiberius and St. Jean d'Acre, (Akko), The people can actually grow something other than palm trees there.

Our Arabic speaker had no problem with directions to Ahziv, our next destination.
On the way to Ahziv, we found a McDonald's...lunch. (About eight euros a person for a menu, plus ice-cream and coffee.) We decided to go find our resting place for the night, a place where one has to bring his own towels and sheets. (I had been dreading this experience for a week before we left France.) We found it on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The view of the sea was nice. The rooms were about $67 per couple. Ours had the smell of sewer inside, so we asked to be changed to one where a worker had been varnishing a door. I preferred the smell of varnish to the
smell of feces. Dogs and cats had been allowed to wander in and out of the rooms and we have all been itching since. No one has been able to produce a flea, so now we are of the opinion that we contracted either impetigo or scabies. The centerpiece of the attraction there was the private museum of the owners. They have collected thousands of stone relics, pottery (even a neolithic pot), pillars, wheels, etc. We saw two different wedding groups there who were having their photos taken in the museum. Over the door of the entrance, there are many, many different types of
horse-shoes/donkey-shoes. The owners were Israelis. Someday, we all hoped, the site would be restored and become a nice place to spend the night. We took comfort in our gins and tonics and appetizers. The proprietors demanded payment before we spent the
night and I am of the opinion they are aware that no one wants to pay afterwards.

The next day: Saint Jean d'Acre, a wonderful town with Crusader Cathedrals, wonderfully restored. The brochure for it is called "5000 Years of History".
The historic part consists of a walled city with ancient Hellenistic and Roman remnants, the Crusade and Ottoman sections, mosques, and the underground Crusader city. We walked through tunnels underneath the city, sometimes having to bend over to walk. There is a nice port and a colorful souk. Lots of countries/empires have contributed to the history of the city: the Canaanites, the Jews, the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Crusaders, the Mamelukes, the Turks, and the British. There were areas which had been covered and were excavated from many meters beneath other structures; the courtyard and Knights' Hall of the Crusader area had been filled in with dirt to make a garden for an important Arab. It was nicely preserved when it was excavated last century, consequently.

We started back to Jerusalem, making a detour through Tel Aviv, where we were too late to meet Pascal along the seashore, near the French Embassy. Three of us stayed in a cafe having hot chocolate while the other three went to call Pascal. We saw thousands and thousands of geese, we think (because ducks migrate in a "V" pattern and those birds weren't as organized--sort of "V's", but with loops, as if there were several leaders), flying parallel to the coastline. There were three different groups of them. We watched them for about 15 minutes flying over. We decided that they were headed for Africa. Tel Aviv is huge and modern. We had a devilish time getting out of it and finding the auto route back to Jerusalem.

We went immediately to Jerusalem to Pascal's house for a pizza dinner and he afterwards guided us to our resting place for the remainder of the time, through Lions' Gate, to the former Hospital of Austria, now a guest house, in the Old City. We were thrilled to have a proper room.

Bright and early after a wonderful buffet breakfast, we set out for Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus. Bethlehem is very near Jerusalem. We had our first glimpse of the "Wall". There is a checkpoint before one enters the city. Leading to the checkpoint is the tall, concrete barrier being erected by the Israelis. On top of the wall are barbed wire coils. The Israeli side of the wall is free of graffiti. The other side of the wall is covered with graffiti. The anger of the Palestinians is reflected in the graffiti. As we couldn't stop to take photos, we didn't record much of this graffiti.

La ville de Bethlehem was abuzz with activity...tres vivante. The streets were literally swamped with people going to the market. We went to the place where Jesus was supposed to have been born. Two adjoining churches have been erected to cover the spot. The birthplace is one level below the ground floor. There is a small cavity where the floor is covered with glass, sort of like a fireplace. Marie-Claire's children made this spot their resting place, to the chagrin of other pilgrims. A monk kept coming and going reciting either, "one, two, three" and the next time, "four, five, six". He made several rounds while we were there. None of knew what this meant in a religious context of things.

It was now lunch time. We went to a local cafe/restaurant, called "L'ail de Beit Jala. The owner barbeques chicken halves outside the restaurant on a homemade barbeque made of a barrel. We ordered four whole chickens, eight halves. They were wonderful with everything else served with them (and cheap). After eating, a young man who had been wounded, we thought, by a rocket (he had a scar on his head) attached himself to us. We tried to give him money, but he didn't want money. The locals kept telling him to go away in Arabic, but he was persistent. He kept saying, "One, two, three" (just like the monk) and pointed at several houses/buildings as he was talking. Another resident made the "crazy" sign and pointed at him. Another said in English, "Watch him closely." He followed us to our vehicles and helped us into them by opening the doors for the children. We learned, also, that Bethlehem has the highest percentage of people with doctorates in the country and that most of those who studied abroad in either Europe or the U.S. came back home again. As there aren't many professional positions for these educated people, they drive taxis, have shops, etc. to survive...a terrible waste of brain power, we thought.

When we went back through the checkpoint again, we were asked for our passports. Going into Bethlehem, we had been merely waved through. It took a couple of minutes to round them all up and finally get the automatic back seat door of our Chevrolet rented vehicle open. In English I finally said, "I'm coming with all of them". She didn't bother, at that point, to even look at them. She waved us through.

After escaping back through the wall to the route to Jerusalem, we pilgrims, including the unbelievers in the group, decided that we have been blessed to not have
been born where Jesus was. France, England/Wales, and even Louisiana are cleaner, greener places to have been born. (We pilgrims hail from those three locales.)
There were comments such as:

"The Palestinians are trapped behind that "wall"." (If one lives in Bethlehem, one cannot go to Jerusalem unless one has a valid (the validity decided by Israeli
officials, of course) doctor's order. They can't visit their families on the other side of the wall in Jerusalem. Decidedly, their families rom Jerusalem have no problem visiting them, though, because with Jerusalem citizenship, they can
go almost anywhere in the country with their Jerusalem license plates. However, if their families live in other parts, it's almost impossible to see them.

"They're not just trapped behind that wall; they are like monkeys in a cage."

"They don't seem to be doing as poorly as about 95% of Yemenis."

What is even more amazing about this is that the Yemenis, even in their extreme state of poverty overwhelmingly support the Palestinian cause. I am really torn about my reaction to this. Do they not know that their plight is worse? Their life expectancy is certainly worse. Maybe it's just a case of solidarity, but
as one prominent person in Yemen once told me..."We don't like the Palestinians; we just dislike Israelis more."

"We didn't see many beggar-women." (--my acid-test of poverty because of the lack of safety nets for women in the Middle East and Arab Asia)

Back at the hotel after a traffic jam, the day for tourism has finished. It's now 5:00 p.m. and dark. We agreed to meet in one of our three rooms for our gin and tonic, our stolen boiled eggs from breakfast, some oranges we bought, some pita bread left from lunch, and some hummus. We agreed to see the Holy Sepulcher the following morning.

The Holy Sepulcher is an amazing structure . It is located at the end of the "Via Dolerosa". One can view processions of different denominations from around the world on their pilgrimage up, up this street (one begins below and has to mount to arrive at the Holy Sepulcher), which was the path Christ took toward his crucifixion. I am of the opinion now that the most devout Christians in the world are the Korean ones. Not one day passed that we didn't see a procession of them. Of course, I probably lumped all of the French, Italians, and other Westerners into the same category, but the Koreans were fantastic. After arriving in the courtyard, the first object one sees is where Jesus was placed after the Crucifixion. It is a big flat, rectangular rock. Inside the church is a magnificent mosaic composed of minuscule tiles. I don't think that one can improve upon Mark Twain's description upon arriving in Jerusalem during his travels, 1867-1868:

"One naturally goes first to the Holy Sepulchre. It is right in the city, near the western gate; it and the place of the Crucifixion, and, in fact, every other place intimately connected with that tremendous event, are ingeniously massed together and covered by one roof---the dome of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Entering the building,....before you is a marble slab, which covers the Stone of Unction, whereon the Savior's body was laid to prepare it for burial. It was found necessary to conceal the real stone in this way in order to save it from destruction. Pilgrims were too much given to chipping off pieces of it to carry home. ....

"Entering the great Rotunda, we stand before the most sacred locality in Christendom -- the grave of Jesus. It is in the center of the church, and immediately under the great dome It is enclosed in a sort of little temple of yellow and white stone, of fanciful design."

(We present-day pilgrims had a monk allowing on a specified number of people in at a time. Perhaps too many had tried to squeeze in before and some were smothered, we reasoned.)

"Within the little temple is a portion of the very stone which was rolled away from the door of the Sepulchre, and on which the angel was sitting when Mary came thither "at early dawn". Stooping low, we enter the vault---the Sepulchre itself. It is only about six feet by seven, and the stone couch on which the dead Saviour lay extends from end to end of the apartment and occupies half of its width. It is covered with a marble slab which has been much worn by the lips of pilgrims. This
slab serves as an altar now. Over it hang some fifty gold and silver lamps, which are kept always burning, and the place is otherwise scandalized by trumpery gewgaws and tawdry ornamentation.

All sects of Christian (except Protestants) have chapels under the roof of the Holty Sepulchre, and each must keep to itself and not venture upon another's ground. It has been proven conclusively that they cannot worship together around the grave of the Savior of the World in peace."

end of quote

Since that time, however, in another area of Jerusalem, a British archaeologist had reason to believe that the actual burial place of Jesus was in a different area: outside the walls of Jerusalem. It seems that Joseph of Arimathea, a rich vintner, had his tombs in this place. There are grottoes, one of which has the shape of a skull, and this maybe was the tomb for three days of Jesus. The Anglicans built a church here, so I suspect that about all sects of Christians have now covered all
possibilities of burial places.

We saw Ste. Anne's church (she was the mother of Mary). At this place was where the lame man was trying to get into the healing pool and everyone by-passed him before the boiling waters stopped churning. Jesus told him to take up his mat and walk. The the ruins are still there of the baths and the deepest pool still has water in it. We saw Mary's birthplace, as well.

Afternoon: time to turn in the rental and catch a bus for Ramallah.

We caught the bus near the rental agency for the vehicle. We were to alight from the bus at the first checkpoint, two or three kilometers from Ramallah, and walk inside, but the bus driver kept going until we reached Ramallah. He charged us an extra two shekels because he didn't let us out where we asked. We had to busy ourselves with trying to contact my husband's daughter who was waiting for us at the first
checkpoint. She had forgotten that going into Ramallah is no problem; it's the
getting out of it that's a problem.

Ramallah is the seat of the Palestinian Authority. It also houses a newly created burial/shrine for Arafat. His tomb is inside the complex, where he was imprisoned by the Israelis until he died. The gates are all guarded and we were not allowed in, except through the one to his tomb. We tried them all...His tomb isn't a fanciful one. It was guarded by two uniformed Palestinians. There was one wreath on it. The grandchildren got a little too close and another very well-dressed Palestinian asked us to control our children and pointed to a line that we shouldn't cross.

Lunch in Ramallah was at a very nice restaurant where Kofi Annan and Ted Turner had lunch to celebrate Ted's gift to the United Nations of a billion dollars. Apparently, the Saudis tried to give money directly to the Palestinians and the U.S. and Israeli banks blocked the gift. I would like to think that Ted's gift to the U.N. was his way of thwarting these two national entities who seem to want to starve out the Palestinians. (After reading in the UK Guardian, I discovered that it's true. Ted did give $1 billion to the U.N. and chastised the Israelis.)

We intended to leave after lunch, but were told that we were now imprisoned in Ramallah. The checkpoint had closed as soon as we went through it. Someone said that there probably had been a bomb threat since the Annapolis meeting was that same day. We walked around and some shopped. Later, we heard that the checkpoint had reopened, but the line was three kilometers long with vehicles waiting to get out. Even if we walked there to go through the checkpoint, the buses would be filled with
other people who had been waiting all day to get through the checkpoint when it reopened. A nice Palestinian family invited us to their house for tea. The wife had had to walk three hours to get home and she was very angry. She left her car on the other side of the checkpoint in Jerusalem. She is a journalist. She said that when others heard that there had been a bomb, they asked? "Did they get any?"

Other Palestinians have semi-accepted their plight. Some say, "We won't have our country back in our lifetime, but we probably will in our children's lifetime. We won't see it, though." Some have decided not to stay angry all of the time.

We visited the Wailing Wall. I had assumed that this wall was the remnant of Solomon's Temple, (Mark Twain thought so) but the travel brochures stated that the wall is actually from the Temple of Herod the Great. I can understand wailing over Solomon's temple since he was the son of David, but as Herod was only one-half Jewish, I'm a little confused about the attraction. I'm sure they are venerating the last temple before the Romans destroyed it in 70 A.D., not the man who built it.

I missed the visit to the Dome of the Rock. I expect to receive photos of it soon. It is certainly the most outstanding sight from afar with it's golden dome. My husband and I walked around the Valley of Jehoshaphat, five or six kilometers, to visit the tomb of Mary. The hills of the valley opposite Jerusalem are covered with tombs. At the site of Mary's tomb, we descended 47 (or was it 57?) steps to view her tomb. The tomb is very ornate, but the building is very simple.

Our trip was finished. Our shopping was done. We reserved a taxi the day before our departure.

We walked to the bottom of the street from our Austrian Guest House to Lions' Gate on the day of our departure to catch our taxi since we thought he couldn't squeeze his taxi up the street to our hotel. We arrived two and half hours early at the airport. There was no immediate check-in with the airline company. We had to go through security first...all luggage. There were tags on the "good" bags and the bags without tags had to be viewed by security people in the center of the room. My sister-in-law and I were the chosen ones with bags minus security tags. My sister-in-law is 72 years old and has six grandchildren. There were four lanes with lines of five or six people in each line. We waited. Finally, it was my turn. They opened my one untagged bag and looked at a ceramic bottle that I had bought. They asked if I had any makeup or liquids and I told them that I intended to check everything, so it should be all right, even with the makeup.
They said, "You can go."

My sister-in-law, the 72-year-old woman with a bun was another matter. She had bought oodles of hand blown glass bottles and vases made in Hebron and had packed them carefully between her underwear and clothing in the piece of luggage without the tag. Out came all of her treasures along with her clothing. She had spent about an hour packing it all before we left the hotel. Officials waved magic wands over everything, even the seams and hems of her clothing. At this point, we were getting worried because we were the last people waiting to check in for our Air France flight. Finally, the two women officials occupying themselves with her began helping her re-pack everything. One brought her passport to the check-in line and made sure she had a seat on the plane, while the other continued the repacking process. All in all, my sister-in-law required an entire hour of security, or two man-hours of security because there were two taking care of her.
She had said on her way to the airport that she would be very happy to come back with my husband anytime he wanted if she were free from obligations to do so. After the ordeal of the airport, and even in front of all of the security people, she said, "I'm never coming back to this place!"

I still haven't sorted all of my impressions into neat little bundles of thoughts, yet. I expected Israel to be just as it is; with the topography of a smaller Yemen, with smaller mountains, having many historic buildings. I was surprised that the vehicles in the entire country are basically new. One doesn't see ancient Toyotas put together with rubber-bands that one sees in Yemen. The roads are better than we have in Drome. The system of roads and tunnels which the Israelis are building to by-pass the Palestinians and connect the illegal settlements to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is impressive, as well. The "settlements" built by wealthy New Yorkers and Israelis are modern condominium complexes; these have been condemned by the United Nations to be destroyed since the land they are on was stolen from Palestinians. I heard that one can rent a condo in those settlements very cheaply and that half are unoccupied. I heard that the habitation taxes for
a small house in the Palestinian part of Jerusalem (habitation tax is paid by renters) is $7000 per year. I'm horrified that the owners of the small shops in the Palestinian section of Jerusalem, those who sell food and tourist trinkets, are being shoved out by exorbitant property taxes. I was horrified to hear while we were there that 400 or so young Jewish elementary school/middle school students ran rampaging through the streets with the Palestinian vendors wrecking their shops. I was happy to hear that Israeli policemen tried to stop them although it had been too late because the vendors had shuttered and closed their shops with the first wave of those little monsters.

If there is a world capitol of religion, it is certainly Jerusalem. How can it be that a place with such icons of the past should make such a mockery of what those icons stand for?


On the heels of Annapolis : ATTACK !

I guess Annapolis was meant to crown Abbas, suggest an elusive peace is possible, and round up the elected Hamas leaders, confine them in the Gaza, so they could be more easily targeted. Given the nature of the article linked here, I do not see any other conclusion.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


This is a form letter than can be found at Forward.com written to urge the release of Pollard. Thanks to Weinberger who sent the judge responsible for sentencing a cache of classified documents which spoke to nature of his offenses.

I especially like the emotional blackmail at the end of the form letter in red letters ; that Olmert cannot be counted on to do it because he is more interested in freeing Arab "terrorists"

I'm pretty sure if they were terrorists, they would not have been released. But for a society that labels dead 13 year old Palestinians "militants" because they threw a rock at a tank, affording the IDF the opportunity to kill them, nothing surprises me.

The truth makes the Israelis angry, why?

The Israelis reacted angrily to the recent NIE on Iran. US intelligence indicates that Iran stopped working on a nuclear weapon in 2003. This NIE is a fatal blow to Bush and Cheney's war plans on Iran. Imagine all this time that this administration has been drum-beating for war with Iran, and we now know that the intelligence does not support the aggressive and provocative statements by this administration. Makes one wonder why the bluster? Who feels put out at the moment?

Plans to "talk" about Peace

Despite the flowery rhetoric last week on the Annapolis meeting, which really disappointed in that the talks only concluding with agreement to more talks.

One of the most contentious issues is with Israel's illegal settelments in the occupied territories, so today's news that Israel plans to build even more illegal homes in East Jerusalem indicates how committed Israel truly is to peace and a Palestinian state.

Monday, December 03, 2007

The NIE on Iran's Nuclear Weapons

If you are an American who does not want to be duped into supporting another attack on a country under false pretenses, it is imperative that this report from our national intelligence estimate is read.

It is very clear that Iran is not using nuclear technology in the pursuit of weapons production, so if this admin or the next tries to make that argument, here is the data that repudiates that possible casus belli.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ron Paul wins a major straw poll ! YAY !

In the continuing media blackout on Ron Paul's grassroots success, it would be very hard to ignore the straw poll for the Virginia GOP !

This post is dedicated to my old friend Butch who lives in Virginia.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Israel Must Be Obeyed !

This is getting close to comical.

First the build-up to the Annapolis was monumental. The conclusion, well, was a bit anti-climactic.

Both sides agree to have talks ....

Well Yippy Skippy.

Now Israel asks the US to withdraw the UN resolution, presumably because the Israelis do not want to have another UN violation on their hands when they obstruct yet another round of negotiations.

Like my previous post's title, song and dance but no real show.

CIA Meddling ; It's OK if we do it to other countries, so long as there is no reciprocity

I have long argued that our government's history of turning the CIA loose on the rest of world, overthrowing dozens of governments and decimating dozens of popular movements within other countries leads to anti-American attitudes, and when blowback occurs, our media outlets feign shock, ignorance, and "struggle" to understand.

The Bush administration has been very belligerent when it comes to Venezuela and Chavez, and his plan to barter his oil and bypass its dollar denomination in trades is central to udnerstanding this bellicosity.

So when memos like this one are leaked, Americans should try and understand that what our government does to other governments and other peoples does affect their attitudes towards us. That's pretty basic, and not controversial.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Declassified documents on Israel's nukes

It's too bad that we Americans have to wait 40 years before information becomes available to the public.

Yet another means of control.

Vatican Official Endorses Palestinian Right of Return

Title says it all.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hope in Iowa

This data is hard to ignore. The sociology department sponsored it, so there is no partisan bias there, and the sampling size was quite large.

Note that the major media refuse to cover Ron Paul, which probably indicates the political nature of our so-called news media. No journalism, just politics as usual.

This poll made my day.

Another Ron Paul Collage, this time set to Don McLean

Ron Paul Makes Bernanke Look Silly !

Nice video of Ron Paul grilling Bernanke of monetary policy.

Where is the Love?

Song and Dance, but no Show

Noam Chomsky's views on the Annapolis meeting today.

I am pessimistic about the outcome. A deadline has been reached that a deal will be done by the end of 2008, but Abbas is not the leader of the Palestinians, Haniyeh is despite the US's refusal to recognize the outcome of a free election.

I rather agree with Haniyeh on this issue that Abbas has no authority to make concessions.

We'll see how this develops, but it just seems to be another song and dance that lacks substance.

The Arab League proposals should be the basis for any negotiations, and Netanyahu can go to hell when he says that Olmert should not make any "one-sided concessions" to the Palestinians.

Make no mistake, the "one-sided concessions" that Netanyahu refers to are essentially Israel living up to its agreements, abiding by international law, Geneva conventions, and all the relevant UN resolutions.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Scott McClellan finally tells the truth

Scott McClellan comes clean in the White House's attempts to leak Plame's identity, then cover it up. I have newfound respect for McClellan for telling the truth, and it is clear that the resignations of Bush administration officials indicate people's refusal to be a part of deception.

Monday, November 19, 2007


For those following the decline of the US dollar, check this must-read out.

A Reasonable Interjection

An Israeli Knesset member interjects some needed commentary to Livni's outrageous statements made yesterday.

He gets it, and I cannot understand why other Israelis do not.

The way of transfer

Livni caused an uproar by isinuating that a future Palestinians state in the fragmented bantustan-model of the West Bank and Gaza would provide a solution to the Arab Israelis living inside Israel ; dumbed-down version : when a Palestinian pseudo-state is eventually created, Palestinians should be encouraged to leave their ancestral homes inside Bethlehem and Nazareth and join other Palestinians who will be living in a garbage dump for Israel.

At least there was an uproar and Israelis have denounced her insensitive suggestions.

Note that these Palestinians have been living there since the time of Christ, and they should not have less rights to the land than immigrants from all over the world The Zionist paradox is that the Zionists want the world to accept their claim that since Jews controlled pieces of this land 2,000 years ago and that God willed the land to them, that they still have some right to it, but they won't recognize the undeniable rights of Palestinians whose former generations occupied the same land up until 1948 when it was unfairly taken from them.

But Livni, like Avigdor Lieberman who is truly a demon, suggests the way of transfer.

Very arrogant this idea is, and racist, and supremacist, and amoral.

Why can't Israelis like Jeff Halper or Ilan Pappe or Uri Avnery or Gideon Levy call the shots instead of these fanatical zealots in charge?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Petrov on the Iranian Oil Bourse

With the yahoo article several below, readers should be introduced to an article from Krassimir Petrov about the Iranian Oil Bourse.

This article gives the bacjground for understanding the background of not only the invasion of Iraq, but also why our government is so bellicose right now with respect to Iran.

Another piece on Dollar Hegemony

This was the article that made all the loose ends connect together.

Dollar Hegemony

I am posting this article that I had on the other blogsite I contributed to.

A good background on the real reasons Iraq was attacked and occupied, and it has nothing to do with the reasons we were told.

The Most Compelling Confirmation

If this article does not confirm all of my links to articles on dollar hegemony and the real reason that the Iraq war was started and why the US is now sabre-rattling against Iran, then I do not know what will.

The death of the dollar is imminent, and as catastrophic as that may be, maybe Americans will unite and see the need to repeal the Federal Reserve Act and return to sound economic practices.

No country that has ever used a fiat currency has survived for long under that type of currency system.

Zionism : The Real Enemy of the Jews

If President Jimmy Carter's book experienced a turbulent media reaction, one can only imagine the reaction to Alan Hart's thesis is his new book.

Not surprisingly, no US book publishers would give Hart the audience the book is really meant for, namely the propagandized American masses.

This article is a bit long, but does summarize what I have been saying on this blogsite.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Interview with Jeff Halper

Matthew Rothschild of the Progressive interviews Jeff Halper who is a professor of anthropology and co-founder of Israeli Committe Against House Demolitions.

This interview is not overly-long, but very incisive.

If only the government of Israel could be as reasonable as Jeff Halper, there would be an immediate solution to the conflict.

Turn a blind eye to Israeli espionage, but if its the Chinese, then there is a story ...

Chinese espionage is a threat to the US national security interest, but Israeli espionage is overlooked, and frequently, swept under the rug. The biggest gift that US policy has given the world is double standards.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Concessions .... Yeah Right

The Knesset moves to pre-empt concessions. Those words flew off the paper at me. "Israel won't budge" is a little more intellectually honest.

There is also a nice spin by Olmert. The Palestinians recognize Israel within the framework of all the relevant UN resolutions, namely the pre-June 1967 borders. But Olmert claims that the Palestinians do not recognize the right of Israel to exist.

That's bollocks. The Palestinians certainly do, but they do not recognize the settlements on Palestinian land, nor should they.

With 240,000 illegal settlers in the West Bank, and over 200,000 illegal settlers in East Jerusalem, why should the Palestinians accept less than full withdrawal? After all, there are countless UN resolutions which address Israel's illegal settlement activity and illegal occupation.

But the Knesset pre-empts concessions! What a joke! What a tragedy!

From Freedom to Fascism

Best 90 minutes for someone who wants to learn about the legal extortionists ; the Federal Reserve System.


Rosen and Weissman will see their court date soon enough. If they are not put in prison for their treachery when Franklin was, it will expose yet another ugly double standard.

The article above shows how serious the government is when people use their position in the US to peruse classified information. This person was indicted. If there is any fairness at all, Rosen and Weissman will be too. If not, then our government is hypocritical yet again.


I remember reading this story when it first came out. The dry cleaner offered the client a few hundred dollars to buy new pants. The judge said no. The dry-cleaner then offered $4,000 for a pair of pants. The judge still said no. He sued. It was dismissed, but so too was the judge.

That a person can be a part of the judicial system them pursue this ridiculous frivolous litigation staggers the mind.

I am glad he lost his job. He should not be in a position to render judgements against others if he thinks like this.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sibel Edmonds ; Her case speaks volumes on the decline of the US

The link has a video interview of Sibel Edmonds, a language expert who worked for the FBI for less than 6 months after September 11, 2001. She is the most gagged person in US history, and her story needs to be told.

The translations she made in Turkish, Farsi, and Azerbajani indicate that the FBI did have foreknowledge of the impending 9-11 attacks, and the government's organized agenda to prevent her testimony from becoming public record speaks volumes.

If the government had nothing to hide, every American would know anout her case. Because we do not know the details reveals the degree to which this government will stoop to prevent the truth from coming out.

Bravo Sibel!

They had democratic elections, and the victors got sanctions!

Rice makes an interesting comment in this piece. The Palestinians must embrace "democracy" ...

well they did have democratic elections, and Hamas won, and our Congress imposed crippling sanctions against the victors.

How can there be a true democracy when the US leads the charge for sanctions?
This is a monumental farce.

The rest of the article makes good sense, and the recommendations are long overdue.

Hidden Costs Add Up !

keep in mind that our GDP is about 4 trillion.

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Good Soldier

This is not the first time a "hate crime" has been staged to heap more victimhood on collective Jewry.

But aren't hidden video cameras nice. No way to lie one's way out of the mess.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Must Investigate Further

Well, I do not know if this piece has much to it other than hearsay, but it definitely comes from a credible source, Le Figaro.

I will do some checking up on this issue, but this piece, if it is proven true or possibly true, could explain Sarkozy's comments a few weeks ago that 'Israel was the greatest miracle of the 20th century' and could explain why he is so confrontational over Iran, which is a neocon, Zionist-driven agenda.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Nice Collage of Ron Paul Media

Good 8-minute investment of time.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Finally !

I have been blogging on the issue of Larry Franklin , the Pentagon analyst working under prominent neocon Douglas Feith who was sentenced to almost 13 years in prison in January 2006, and how the media chose not to report on this monumental issue because it reflects poorly on AIPAC, the US government, and the Israelis.

The hush on Larry Franklin, it has been argued by me and others, is a damning commentary on media bias with respect to Israel. If lobbyists from another country were caught by the FBI in a sting operation accepting classified information from a Pentagon analyst, I am pretty sure that the media would cover the issue ad nauseam. But not when its Israel.

Finally, the AIPAC officials involved are going to court, and Rice et al may have to testify.

If Franklin has already been found guilty, and Rosen and Weissman are not, then justice is completely dead.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ethnic Cleansing in the Knesset

A very transparent law aims to minimize the number of Arab Israelis serving in the Knesset.

I wonder how the following hypothetical would go over :

What if the US Congress passed a law prohibiting Jewish members of Congress from visiting Israel?

I am not suggesting that Israel is an "enemy state" as the article puts it, but given that Israel has displaced millions of Palestinians for its racist, colonialist, Zionist agenda, it seems despicable that Arab Israelis cannot visit neighboring Arab states, where there are many Palestinian refugee camps.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Real Consensus

The US is alone in the world, save for Israel's allegiance, which is very questionabe historically.

I have mentioned various UN GA vote counts to people in the past, and I usually get muffled and puzzling responses.

Perhaps we should listen to the other members of the world community.

The CIA directed terrorist actions against Cuba in 1959, and has been interfering with Cuba's internal politics ever since, to no avail.

Perhaps Americans ought to consider the terrorist activities of our own CIA, whose record of overthrowing governments and decimating populist movements around the world is now known.

A Reasonable Person Intervenes

There had been reports that Israel would cut fuel shipments and electricity to the Gaza to essentially punish the civilians in a region where Hamas, the party that the people voted for in a free election, rules.

Thankfully, the Israeli AG intervened to stop this inhumane tactic.

If the Israeli government was populated with reasonable people like the AG, then I think there could be a Palestinian state, or even better, the one-state solution that some people are writing books about.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Crucial Qualification

Free speech is certainly possible in the US in the year 2007, but only if we add certain qualifications

#1 you cannot come across as un-american, whatever that means

#2 you better not criticize israel, because their puppet groups in the US will sick the dogs and the thought police on you

just read the link

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Holocaust is related to .... EVERYTHING !

Talk about emotional blackmail ... I can think of no better example that what Lantos said to the Dutch delegation.

No reasonable person disputes the tragedy associated with the Holocaust, but that event should not be used as political currency. Unfortunately it is used in this manner, as this article indicates, but also with respect to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Key Report from the UN on Israel

Overlooking the claims that the UN is biased against Israel, a comical smokescreen,
this report reinforces the findings of many other scholars and various human rights groups' findings.

The vast majority of Americans are either uneducated, under-educated, or worse, mis-educated on the issue of Israel-Palestine, and conclusions which emanate directly from agreed-upon facts should not be ignored or marginalized by the mainstream US media, which they habitually are, or worse, manipulated.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Greatest Threat to Liberty is ...


Good God, yawl, what is it good for?

The interest payments are revealed in this article.

Not only is war the greatest threat to liberty, it seems it is very expensive as well.

These engagements will perpetuate a slave status of next-generation Americans to pay for the wars, and with respect to Iraq (and soon Iran) we are paying for a pack of lies.

One would think that since Americans are paying for it, they would demand their government tell them the truth on why it was started, since even Cheney and Bush openly admit it had nothing to do with WMD's or 9-11.

But it's keep your cell phone close, bury your head in the sand, let me watch my reality TV, let me party, don't tell me anything important because I do not want to learn about it, what? if you dont like it here then just leave.

Collective Punishment is Immoral and Illegal

The title says it all.

When the racist Israeli government treats Palestinian civilians so inhumanely, it is clear that Palestinian blood is not worth much in the eyes of Israeli polcy-makers.

Sarkozy recently hailed Israel as the miracle of the 20th century and one of mankind's greatest achievements.

I guess God's chosen have a right to kill, torture, imprison, and steal the home of the non-chosen!

If that could be true, then I do not want to have anything to do with that God.

You Gotta Be Kidding Me !

Of all the important issues our Congress should be addressing, this is not one of them. Moreover, this issue should not even be in the domain for our Congress. For that matter, neither was the measure to label actions taken nearly 90 years ago by the Turks against the Armenians.

Special interests at work again, hijacking our Congress to work for them.

AIPAC should be booted out of this country.

What an Ironic Twist !

Israel sells military technology to China against the wishes of the US. China is selling the same technology to the Iranians. And the current Israeli-sponsored rhetoric of Iran serving as an existential threat to Israel (more like the other way around) is met by past Israeli misdeeds.

They have no one to blame but their government for this mess.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's Coming, Censorship for everyone with a conscience!

More on the assault on free speech on a not-so-controversial issue, outside the US that is.

Inside the US, the propaganda is beating the truth at the moment, but I will hold out hope that eventually truth and justice will triumph.

If every American would watch "Occupation 101" they could quickly "catch up" on the issue of Israel-Palestine.

Nice article which summarizes many of my posts on this blogsite.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The censorship of Ron Paul

My most recent addition to the muckrakerreport's site

There is some good data in this piece.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

When all else fails, stall

Stall tactics are a hallmark for the US-Israeli side of the issue. The entire world knows the solutions, yet the 2 true obstacles to peace always childishly find some way to avoid it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Confiscation of Palestinian Land

This is why the US is hated, and it's pretty simple really. Israel will only listen to one nation, and when it continues to use our tax dollars to fund their war machine and their illegal settlements, the whole world views the US as being unbalanced.

The US protects Israel in crucial UNSC votes (39 times since 1972), they are the most aggressive, only nuclear armed state in the middle east, (which has attacked US military targets twice before) and they get away with it.

There are 2 schools of thought on how to end terror.

1. swat the flies
2. dry up the swamp that creates the flies

Until we force Israel to abide by international law and Geneva conventions and UN resolutions and stop confiscating other people's lands, the US will always face a terrorist threat. Until we address AIPAC's role in our ill-fated foreign policy with respect to Israel over the years this will never happen.

Israel is destroying the image of the US and bottom-line, it doesnt care about us one bit.

Maybe it is time to look hard at a "clean break" like the disloyal Neocons wanted several years ago.

Cut em loose or tie our own noose.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What's Going On?


Greenspan and the missing $9,000,000,000

The missing $9 billion in Iraq is somewhat explained in this piece on Democracy Now.
The more one learns about the Federal Reserve and how our tax dollars fund this crooked beast, the more angry citizens should become.

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Resurgence of Anti-Semitism

Jewish leaders are meeting with the Pope to discuss the resurgence of anti-semitism.

One of the important results from Norman Finkelstein's collective works is the analysis of the cyclical nature of the charge of anti-semitism.

Finkelstein argues that every time Israel faces a public relations problem, usually from its reprehensible policies with respect to the illegal occupation of lands it does not own, there is a concerted effort on the part of pro-Israel groups (not necessarily Jewish groups) to claim that anti-semitism is on the rise, and must be combatted.

One must wonder if such charges would me made were Israel to abide by international laws, UN resolutions, Geneva conventions, NPT standards, and would stop attacking its neighbors and occupying pieces of their neighbors' lands.

As it is now, it seems that the repetitive nature with which the charge is leveled against anyone who validly criticizes Israeli behavior is effective at warding off further criticism. In this way, Israel immunizes itself from criticism by manufacturing the charge even when it does not apply.

The misapplication of the term should be discouraged, not encouraged, by Jewish leaders. If the term is used frequently when it does not apply, the misuse tends to de-sensitize people to the charge.

But I don't think this consideration even matters to the hard-core Zionists. Herzl, Zionist pioneer, once said that anti-semitism should be welcomed by the Jewish community and Zionist leadership, for it would hasten the realization of the Zionist dream, or nightmare if you are a Palestinian.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ray McGovern on AIPAC

Good article. Has some chilling testimony from an actual survivor of the June 8th 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.

I just finished watching a CSPAN BookTV installment with Walt and Mearsheimer promoting their book that was assailed in a coordinated manner by the pro-Israel news media.

I tried to find a video of their comments from CSPAN but I guess it has not been archived yet.

I found McGovern's comments on CommonDreams so I added this post instead of my intended.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fox Attacks Iran

Please consider the identical arguments used again. Congress has already cravenly given Bush a back-door to war by labeling the Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.

The theme song of the Republican party is "Don't get fooled again". Americans are being fooled again, by the same liars and deceivers, by the same media groups and Neocon think-tanks.

No more wars for Israel!
No more wars to save the dollar from collapse!

Americans need to go after the real culprits, the Federal Reserve bankers who are the real cause of all this nonsense.

Wurmser speaks his mind, as warped as it is

The Wurmsers (his wife is more hawkish than he is) are prominent neocon hawks who say and do everything for Israel. They claim to work for this country, but articles like this leave little doubt in my mind as to where their true loyalties lie.

We need a McCarthy witchhunt to bring these clowns to the attention of the masses.

Notice Israel-firster Wurmser said "we need to be prepared to fire the last shot"

Neocons, to quote George Galloway, are willing to fight to the last drop of other people's blood !

Friday, October 05, 2007

With Friends Like These ....

I have blogged on the topic of the USS Liberty and its deliberate attack many times. I have told this episode many times to friends and family, and no one ever seems to be as outraged as I always am.

More data is collected, strengthening the case for a deliberate attack by Israel.

Admiral Thomas Moorer called the attack deliberate then, and he would say later that if Americans knew how strong the Israeli lobby was in the US, there would be a revolution the next morning.

This comment from a man who once occupied the position of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest military post in the land.

Another Anti-Semitic Nobel Peace Prize Winner!

This is getting ridiculous.

Jimmy Carter made Begin and Sadat sign a monumental peace treaty. Israel has still not lived up to its end of the bargain, as it still illegally occupies the West Bank, East Jersualem, as well as pieces of other countries.

But Carter wrote a book called "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid" and the Israeli lobby and their media mouthpieces slandered Carter as a "supporter of terrorism" and an anti-semite.

Now this tiny university in Minnesota rescinds their invitation to Bishop Tutu because he once criticized Israel's behavior in the West Bank (criticism that is commonplace in the real free countries of the world).

University administrators checked with the local Jewish community to see if the invitation was ok. When they said his comments were "hurtful" university officials rescinded his invitation.

Keep in mind that Israel is the most egregious violator of UN resolutions historically, more than Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea and all the so-called rogue states have combined.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Qumsiyeh's email

I am on Mazin Qumsiyeh's mailing list. His most recent email contains beaucoup material related to my recent posts, so I will cut and paste his email below:

"Cowardice asks the question - is it safe? Expediency asks the question - is it politic? Vanity asks the question - is it popular? But conscience asks the question - is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular; but one must take it because it is right." Martin Luther King, Jr.

The power of the Israel lobby is waning in the public and in mass communications (media, books, etc) thanks to those who listen to their conscience. This will not impact the next elections since leading candidates in both major parties are still pledging allegiance to AIPAC. But whoever gets elected will soon realize that AIPAC's push for a war on Iran was the final treachery that will destroy what remains of the US's reputation (so far support for Israeli expansionism costs us over $2 TRILLION for wars and occupation of Iraq and Palestine and thousands of American lives). Evidence for this waning influence is everywhere where good people stand up for what is right. We can cite the failure of the lobby to silence or put a dent in the sales of books like Carter's "Palestine: Peace not apartheid" and Mearsheimer and Walt's "The Israel Lobby". Mearsheimer was even on the Colbert Report: http://www.comedycentral.com/shows/the_colbert_report/index.jhtml

More evidence coming to light of results from people who follow their conscience rather than their fears:

Chicago Tribune Special report. New revelations in attack on American spy ship: Veterans, documents suggest U.S., Israel didn't tell full story of deadly '67 incident By John Crewdson
(letters can be sent to ctc-TribLetter@Tribune.com )

"Jewish money" and the presidential candidates rush to support conflict with Iran: An excerpt from an Amy Goodman interview with Seymour Hersh (both have been labeled "self-hating Jews"):

AMY GOODMAN: Sy Hersh, I wanted to switch gears for the last question, and this has to do with it not just being Republicans who are sounding a drumbeat for war. The three leading Democratic presidential candidates -- Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards -- have all declared no options off the table. This is a clip from last week's Democratic debate. It was the day the Senate approved a controversial resolution calling on the State Department to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization. At the debate, Democratic presidential hopeful Mike Gravel bitterly criticized Hillary Clinton for voting in favor.

MIKE GRAVEL: This is fantasyland. We're talking about ending the war. My god, we're just starting a war right today. There was a vote in the Senate today. Joe Lieberman, who authored the Iraq resolution, has authored another resolution, and it is essentially a fig leaf to let George Bush go to war with Iran. And I want to congratulate Biden for voting against it, Dodd for voting against it, and I'm ashamed of you, Hillary, for voting for it. You're not going to get another shot at this, because what's happened, if this war ensues, we invade, and they're looking for an excuse to do it. And Obama was not even there to vote.

TIM RUSSERT: Senator Clinton, I want to give you a chance to respond.


AMY GOODMAN: That was Hillary Clinton laughing. Fifteen seconds, Seymour Hersh. Your response?

SEYMOUR HERSH: Money. A lot of the Jewish money from New York. Come on, let's not kid about it. A significant percentage of Jewish money, and many leading American Jews support the Israeli position that Iran is an existential threat. And I think it's as simple as that. When you're from New York and from New York City, you take the view of -- right now, when you're running a campaign, you follow that line. And there's no other explanation for it, because she's smart enough to know the downside.

AMY GOODMAN: And Obama and Edwards?

SEYMOUR HERSH: I -- you know, it's shocking. It's really surprising and shocking, but there we are. That's American politics circa 2007.

AMY GOODMAN: Seymour Hersh, thank you very much for being with us, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist. His piece in the New Yorker is called "Shifting Targets: The Administration' s Plan for Iran."
Source http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=07/10/02/1438251
The lobby is partially successful where it bunches up on people who are not knowledgeable enough of the issues and when good people get silent (usually out of fear of being smeared with labels like "anti-Semitic" or "Self-hating Jews"). An example is the misinformed canceling of an event by Desmond Tutu (background at http://articles.citypages.com/2007-10-03/news/banning-desmond-tutu/ )
Take Action: Join Jewish Voice for peace in protesting the silencing of Bishop Desmond Tutu
(My own letter read: As a Palestinian Christian, I am appalled by your actions to bar Archbishop Desmond Tutu from speaking at your campus. Your succumbing to the minority (and they are a minority even within the Jewish community) Zionist position is shameful. Here is a link to over 100 Jewish led organizations who would disagree with the Zionist pressure to silence voices of peace: http://www.qumsiyeh.org/predominantlyjewishlinks/
Archbishop Tutu is a Nobel Peace Laureate with whose voice for justice will win against Israeli apartheid just as it did against South African Apartheid. I strongly urge you to reverse this decision, let Tutu appear and reinstate Prof. Toffolo.)

And lest we are disconnected from reality of what is going on in Palestine, please read this account by Gideon Levy "The war for the house"

AND IN AMERICA....."Israel's Toy Soldiers" By Chris Hedges
"If you are a young Muslim American and head off to the Middle East for a spell in a fundamentalist "madrassa," or religious school, Homeland Security will probably greet you at the airport when you return. But if you are an American Jew and you join hundreds of teenagers from Europe and Mexico for an eight-week training course run by the Israel Defense Forces, you can post your picture wearing an Israeli army uniform and holding an automatic weapon on MySpace."

Jews for Ahmadinejad
"Just the facts Ma am, as Dragnet's Jack Webb used to say. When it comes
to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad however, facts can be hard to find. We hope to
present a few facts here that may have escaped your attention."

So ""Cowardice asks the question - is it safe? Expediency asks the question - is it politic? Vanity asks the question - is it popular? But conscience asks the question - is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular; but one must take it because it is right." Martin Luther King, Jr."

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

Jewish Groups which work to solve the IP issue

I found this link on Mazin Qumsiyeh's site:

With so many Israelis and American Jews which belong to groups which want to solve the IP issue once and for all, I just wish the governments of US and Israel would get out of the way.

A majority of Israelis want to end the occupation for peace and security guarantees. But their government is not listening. Americans are slowly learning about this crucial issue, but our government serves the special interest groups and not what's good for Americans.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's a Man Baby!

Cagan hates all Iranians. I think they took another Kagan (K not C) and dressed him like a woman to get this snapshot.

Holy Cow!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Uri Avnery on Iran War

Good read, Avnery's arguments support all of my previous arguments on the coming Iran war, including the misquotations of western media, who is pushing for this war inside the US and why, and Avnery does a great job of providing crucial background.

The Driving Force

The driving force behind a new war with Iran. Again, lies are repeated, and distortions perpetuated.

How someone says "if the Europeans did something to the Jews in Europe, why are the Palestinians suffering for it" and this becomes translated through the pro-Israel western media as "Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust"

Ahmadinejad quotes Khomeini, who said like the Russian communist regime, so too will the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv fade into history. Western media translation : Iran's president wants to wipe Israel off the map.

What is true is that Israel and the NeoCon-led US government want to wipe Iran off the map for giving weapons and material backing to Hezbollah and trying to trade Iranian oil in Euros and Yen, and not the US dollar.

Gideon Levy On Disproportionate Killing

Some key figures in Levy's piece ought to jump off the page at the reader.

Contrast the actual numbers with the media coverage of the issue, and more questions should be asked.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Be Careful What You Say, Even If It IS Correct!

Another witchhunt ....

Bravo Jim Moran!

The PNAC letter several posts (click on NEOCONNED from topics LIST, and "Let there be no mistake") below this one proves the intent of Zionists and NeoCons wanted this war with Iraq. They signed their name to the PNAC letter. The PNAC letter is virtually a blueprint for going after the Taliban (understandably after 9-11) then Iraq (under false pretenses). Also in the context of the letter, Israel's destruction of Lebanon in 2006 can be understood as the letter states the need to address the Hezbollah threat to Israel. In the language passed by this horrible special-interest controlled Congress yesterday, which labels the army of a foreign government a terrorist group, again the need to address the Hezbollah threat is in the forefront of a major public discussion.

That said, the letter is public record, the blueprint has been followed, and now the same Zionists and their cronies and their media puppets feign innocence and put on their best "pity us" clothes, and go after every good American who says what must be said. AIPAC did lead the charge to war in Iraq, and AIPAC has hijacked our Congress, and the major media is biased towards Israel, and the same think-tanks, the same NeoCons are playing the same tired song again for Iran!


Friday, September 28, 2007

NeoCons Win Again

Iran is the topic of choice lately on this blogsite.

Joe Lieberman, Zionist senator and leading chicken-hawk, wants to send US forces to die in another propaganda-rich conflict in Iran, not for the sake of the US, but for the sake of Israel and the bankers in this country.

Do not be deceived again, America.

It is unprecendented to label a foreign army a terrorist organization, and it takes real chutzpah to lead the charge in the Senate to do so, when Joe Lieberman is old enough to know our CIA is the worst terrorist organization in history.

Note Berman's point of how the Hezbollah issue has entered US Congress's domain somehow.

Hezbollah would be a non-entity if Israel did not invade Lebanon in '82 and illegally occupy it for 18 years.

But now, on the mere accusation, no proof mind you, our elected officials, with their AIPAC money in their pocket, has set the stage for yet another war for false and falsified reasons.

As bad as this admin has been, the next one won't be any better. The situation in this country is worsening, and unless Americans wake up, we will not have a country for very much longer.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Iran and the Coming War

I am ashamed of many of my fellow Americans for their treatment of a head of state who was invited to speak at Columbia University by the President of Columbia Lee Bollinger, who then in his introductory comments, called Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a "petty and cruel tyrant".

I guess Bollinger felt like he would be the moral spokesperson of the US and be the first to publicly lash out at his invited guest. Or perhaps he was worried about alumni donations.

I watched the reaction from the likes of CNN, MSNBC, and on down the line. I listened to the commentary from the so-called objective journalists, and I heard only heard one commentary yesterday that even bordered on the sane, and that was the Chris Matthews show, hosting Pat Buchanan and some blithering idiot of a councilman from New York. This councilman could only parrot other people's ridiculous claims, and repeated the word propaganda ad nauseam, without even being able to form an argument or even a sentence.

Chris Matthews made the point that Ahmadinejad has been misquoted frequently about wanting to "wipe Israel off the map" and denying the Holocaust. Pat Buchanan made a few good comments concerning the latter point.

So let's try and understand why the media, US Congress, NeoCon Think tanks, presidential contenders, and this administration want to discredit Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

#1 : Ahmadinejad is reported to have said the Holocaust never occurred; that it is a myth.

His actual words from Columbia yesterday, which I had to dig deeply to even find transcripts for:

"Why don't we encourage more research on a historical event that has become the root, the cause, of many heavy catastrophes in the region in this time and age? Why shouldn't there be more research about the root causes? That was my first question.

And my second question: well, given this historical event, if it is a reality, we need to still question whether the Palestinian people should be paying for it or not. After all, it happened in Europe. The Palestinian people had no role to play in it. So why is it that the Palestinian people are paying the price of an event they had nothing to do with?

The Palestinian people didn't commit any crime. They had no role to play in the World War II. They were living with the Jewish communities and the Christian communities in peace at the time. They didn't have any problems. And today, too, Jews, Christians and Muslims live in brotherhood all over the world in many parts of the world. They don't have any serious problems.

But why is it that the Palestinians should pay a price, innocent Palestinians, for five million people to remain displaced or refugees abroad for sixty years? Or is this not a crime? Is asking about these crimes a crime in and by itself? Why should an academic, myself, face insults when asking questions like this? Is this what you call freedom and upholding the freedom of thought?" [1]

These comments do not match at all the charge against him. His basic point is not whether or not the Holocaust occurred, but rather that if Europeans were responsible for this immense tragedy, why should the Palestinians have to suffer for it? Love him or hate him, that is not what is being attributed to him. It is also comical to have watched the media frenzy over him yesterday and every comment I saw on this exchange said basically "Ahmadinejad side-stepped the question", but these commentators did not provide the details. This is curious because it is clear to me that the media want to keep the plight of the Palestinian people out of the spotlight as much as possible.

#2 : Ahmadinejad is reported to want to "wipe Israel off the map"

This is the one of the 3 big bones of contention that war-crazy American think-tankers and "public servants" have with Ahmadinejad. He wants to get a nuclear weapon and destroy Israel. It is too bad the whole quotation is a complete fabrication!

Link to Virginia Tilley's article from last fall : http://www.counterpunch.org/tilley08282006.html

Saying that eventually the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv will fade into history is very different from saying that Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map.

Do we Americans remember the emotional blackmail games our leaders played on us with respect to Iraq? If we do not invade Iraq they will destroy us with WMD's. Iraq was involved in the 9-11 attacks. If we do not spread democracy to that region, then it will be a hotbed for fundamentalism. If we free an oppressed people from their tyrannical leader, the people of Iraq will love us for it. We must circumvent the UN to punish Saddam Hussein for defying the will of the UN. We must fight them there or here ....

All these lies were fed to us like pigfeed at a trough, and now the administration is doing the same thing with respect to Iran. Why?

Not the easiest question to answer because it is multi-faceted but before the WHY is explained let's consider some more of Ahmadinejad's comments yesterday from Columbia University.

"And as for the second topic, Iran's nuclear issue, I know there’s time limits, but I need time. I mean, a lot of time was taken from me. We are a country. We are a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency. For over thirty-three years we have been member state of the agency. The bylaw of the agency explicitly states that all member states have the right to the peaceful nuclear fuel technology. This is an explicit statement made in the bylaw. And the bylaw says that there is no pretext or excuse, even the inspections carried by the IAEA itself, that can prevent member states' right to have that right.

Of course, the IAEA is responsible to carry out inspections. We are one of the countries that’s carried out the most amount of level of cooperation with the IAEA. They've had hours and weeks and days of inspections in our country. And over and over again, the agency’s reports indicate that Iran’s activities are peaceful, that they have not detected a deviation, and that Iran -- they have received positive cooperation from Iran. But regretfully, two or three monopolistic powers, selfish powers, want to force their word on the Iranian people and deny them their right. [1]

Our administration, and now France and Germany as well, is attempting to put diplomatic pressure on Iran to cease its enrichment of uranium. As per the Non-Proliferation treaty, it is clearly stated that countries may develop nuclear technologies for peaceful purposes, like energy consumption. "

Israel has nuclear weapons. The US gave the Israelis nuclear weapons and nuclear materials. Israel recently admitted it bombed a site in Syria this month which was SUSPECTED of being built to develop nuclear weapons, which is a very long and technically-difficult process. Note that the UN was not conuslted before this raid occurred. The Israelis shared information with the US, the US approved of the attack, and for the most part the media have hid the entire incident. So Israel, which does not abide by the NPT treaty, which does not allow the IAEA to inspect the facilities at Dimona, wants all of its neighbors to never develop nuclear weapons. Never mind that their arsenal is triggering a nuclear-arms race (on a small scall) within the Arab world. But Iran signed the NPT, has allowed inspections, and has done nothing against the provisions of that treaty. Yet Tehran is full of madmen, and Israel remains the innocent but aggressive victim.

The last major argument, which is easily shredded by anyone who follows the events in Iraq closely, used against Ahmadinejad's Iran is that Iran is supplying the "insurgency" in Iraq with weapons and munitions, and this represents a casus belli. Indeed Joe Lieberman has been calling for military action on Iran in recent weeks more vociferously than he was last year. In fact, he has led the chorus of chickenhawks beating the drums for another war.

Well what's wrong with trying to stop the Iranian arms which are being used to kill Americans in Iraq?

Iran is Shia. The insurgency is led by the Sunnis in Iraq. When they Sunnis are not targeting Americans, who should not be there in the first place given what we know now about the lies our government told us, they are killing the Shia in southern Iraq. The NeoCons and chickenhawks and cowards in our government want us to believe that Iran is supplying the enemies of its allies. This argument is hogwash and intended for the mental midgets in our country.

But it is true that Iran supplies Hezbollah, and Hezbollah is a sworn enemy of Israel, and Hezbollah thwarted Israel's intentions of smashing its resistance last July, even though the country of Lebanon took a major blow, with hundreds of thousands of refugees, destroyed infrastructure, thousands dead, and all for what? 2 "kidnapped" Israeli soldiers? The more learned readers should know that Hezbollah would be a non-entity if Israel did not illegally invade Lebanon in 1982 and occupy that country for 18 years, in defiance of countless UN resolutions, which were all scuttled by the US with its security council veto power. The US has vetoed 39 (lone veto mind you) resolutions in the security council since 1972 which were critical of Israeli actions, or were intended to punish the Jewish State. But today, Americans can hear diplomats at the State Department talk about security council resolutions concerning Iran and its enrichment, which is legal, forgetting altogether that the US has been the major obstacle to security council will when Israel is being criticized.

So back we come to the WHY? Why does the Bush administration, Cheney's cabal, the NeoCons, the chickenhawks, and most importantly the bankers want to make war with Iran?

The dollar and Israel.

The Israel component is clear. This author has discussed the contaminating effects of AIPAC on our Congress. Just months removed from Larry Franklin being sentenced to13 years in prison for passing classified documents to 2 high-ranking members of AIPAC, Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, US officials addressed AIPAC and spoke about the emerging threat of Iran! That's bold, for US officials to address a foreign entity complicit in espionage activity against the US, and speak about protecting Israel! Israel is she who must be obeyed, if you are a member of Congress. Walt and Measheimer got my back on this one!

The dollar ... is getting pummeled. The Canadian dollar just passed the US dollar in currency markets. Israel is now asking for its annual pound of US taxpayer flesh in Euros instead of dollars because of the dollar's decline. Secretary of State Rice said this month:

Secretary of State Rice has acknowledged a communique from Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Levni which requests that all foreign aid payments and loans from the United States be made in Euros rather than in Dollars. Foreign Minister Levni cited the rapidly declining dollar and it's disfavor as a world currency as reasons for the request.

"In the spirit of Yom Kippur, the United States will not hold Israel to any agreements obligating them to accept Dollars as payment for their foreigh aid. We will translate our obligations into Euros or whatever currency that best fits Israel's needs" Secretary Rice said in the Friday, Sept 21 announcement.

"We need to place our Israeli obligations at the top of our national prioriy list. Israel should not suffer any inconvenience due to currency fluctuations" said Rice before heading off to Camp David.

A similar request from Egypt was declined last week [2] *

President Nixon in the early 70's secured an agreement with the House of Saud (Saudi Arabia) to only accept dollars for OPEC oil. SInce then oil contracts sold in dollars have kept the international demand for dollars strong because every country needs OPEC oil. The dollar has effectively been backed by foreign oil since Nixon's administration.

Saddam Hussein felt that the US treated him poorly. We urged him to attack Iran in 1980 (because of the Iranian revolution which overthrew the US-installed Shah, which was a result of a CIA coup in 1953 which actually overthew a pro-western democratically-elected leader, Mohammed Mossadegh). He fought Iran for 8 years, and then the US led the moral war against him in the early 90's, then imposed sanctions against his country, which killed some 500,000 innocent Iraqi women and children. Of course Madelein Albright said that "this was a price we are willing to pay" ! Imagine that.

So in 2000, Saddam Hussein started trading oil contracts in Euros, not dollars. Iran has developed an oil-bourse which is also denominated in Euros and Yen, and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has also hinted bartering their oil instead of selling it for dollars. 3 of the top 5 oil-producing members of OPEC want to trade oil in other currencies than the dollar.

The dollar will die if no countries need dollars to buy their oil. It is only paper if no one wants to trade goods for dollars.

So Iran must be cast as the devil, just as Iraq was, and I expect Chavez to be the next target. This "axis of evil", Iraq, Iran and Venezuela, have declared war on the dollar. If they win and the dollar dies, our economy would be ruined, bankers in this country would be lynched, the Federal Reserve System would be re-evaluated by Americans (and determined to be un-Constitutional) and ultimately abolished, and the scam would be over.

Make no mistake, the power brokers will not let this happen. So we Americans are being fed manufactured consent. We are being fed more propaganda. We are being told by our corrupt and dishonest whores in Congress that Iran is evil, Ahmadinejad the next Hitler, and so on and so forth.

But how many countries has Iran attacked recently? How many of their citizens have been brainwashed into supporting wars of occupation for false and falsified reasons with very sinister, greedy, and power-grabbing hidden agendas?

Maybe Ahmadinejad is evil incarnate, but on a basis of what I have seen my administration do in the last 7 years, perhaps the best comment is that evil is relative.

[1] "Ahmadinejad Speaks at Columbia Amid Protests, Univ. President Excoriates Iran Leader from Podium", Democracy Now, , accessed 9-25-2007, www.democracynow.com
[2] "Israel asks U.S. foreign aid be paid in EUROS" http://www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com/node/3689, accessed 9-25-2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Israel's War on Lebanon

Video collage of before and after pictures of Israel's attacks on Lebanon, which caused hundreds of thousands of refugess, destroyed billions of dollars worth of infrastructure, and for what ; thousands of Lebanese dead, a hundred dead IDF soldiers, and Katushyas flying into Israel, which did not start flying into Israel until after Israel destroyed significant parts of Lebanon, including the deliberate attack on the UN compound at Qana.

Zionist Speaking from the Depths of His Heart

Amazing how the young people can be so full of hatred and propaganda.

There are a few comments the young kid makes, besides the profanity, that should raise a few eyebrows.

With his charm and credentials, he would make a good future prime minister of Israel!

North Korea Accuses the US of a ... Double Standard

I have blogged on the double standard of nuclear proliferation several times in this forum, and the article above mentions the same double standard at work.

Israel has not signed the NPT, Iran has. Israel is secretly supplied nukes and nuclear material from the US, but Israel gets to bomb Syria on the mere suspicion that it might be creating a nuclear site, and the world gets to impose sanctions on Iran at the behest of the US because it is enriching uranium at 5%. For the idiot reader, you need 80% enrichment to make a bomb, and enriching uranium is allowed for signers of the NPT.

Does something stink around here?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Ahmadinejad at Columbia

Good article by Juan Cole, from the U of M.

See my other posts on the western media's treatment of Ahmadinejad.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Been Wondering the Same Thing!

Good article on , guess-what, I-P.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Muhammad al-Durrah (al-Dura)

Muhammad al-Durrah was killed by Israeli troops. He was 12, and the French video clearly shows an unarmed father and son. The IDF got in major hot water internationally over this incident. What is not reported in this piece is that a paramedic (ambulance driver) was also killed by the IDF when he and his paramedic colleagues tried to rescue the pair. Of course, the Israelis claimed that they were killed by Palestinian gunfire.

General Abizaid on Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

Coming from a retired general, this article should be read and his comments firmly understood by all Americans. Take that you NEOCON rabel bunch of un-American and disloyal misfits!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Let there be no mistake !

There is big news that Rudy Guiliani just hired Daniel Pipes, Norman Podhoretz,and Martin Kramer to work on Guiliani's foreign policy staff. These 3 Zionists are very dangerous people, and were Guiliani to win, it would ensure the continuation of a NEOCON Zionist-dominated school of thought in the White House! Americans do not need another administration of war-mongering chicken-hawks who say "protect the US" but really mean "send US soldiers to die for Israel".

The attached letter was an open letter sent by PNAC NEOCONS on September 20, 2001. These same cowards would later state that Israel's security had nothing to do with America's push for war with Iraq! Hard to reconcile that stance when letters like this are public discourse!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Zero Sum

So the surge was 30,000 troops stong, and now there is a push to "recall" 30,000 troops. The admin gets to call it a recall, and spin it as "we are bringing the troops home"

All it is however is a Zero Sum game. But lets see how many gullible Americans fall for the spin!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Double Standard Yet Again

The newspapers are frenzied with articles about the Palestinian Qassam which landed close to an Israeli school loaded with innocent children. Yahoo ran a piece, it was covered in the big papers, and it is plastered on AIPAC's main page today.

But where are the cameras and the collective outcry when it is the IDF which is not landing munitions close to Palestinian kids, but killing them with mortars and tank shells etc?

There is extensive media coverage when Israel can be cast as the victim again, but the same media turn their heads when the victims are the Palestinians.

The numbers do not lie .... >4000 Palestinians murdered since 2000, <1000 Israelis murdered since 2000.

But Israel is the victim, always and forever, even when it is caught victimizing. Nice political situation to have really ...

Hooray for the Courageous Decision by the Israeli Court

The Israeli Supremem Court made a very principled and courageous decision on the issue of the route of Security Barrier as the Israelis call it, or the Apartheid Wall as others refer to it.

Nonetheless, the decision was the right decision and I am happy to witness justice not falling victim to political forces on this issue.

Now the key is to use this decision as a precedent for other villages in the OT!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Pat Buchanan on Bush and Iran

I have opined on this blogsite many times on the agenda which has been set to attack Iran.

Like the case for invading Iraq, Americans will be told a myriad of reasons why Iran needs to be attacked, and on the surface of the claims, many blind and poorly-read Americans will take the bait again.

But like the Iraq debacle, there is a pernicious hidden agenda being pushed, and it is hidden from the bulk of Americans quite well.

The linked article is written by Pat Buchanan and he makes several eyebrow-raising points that should be seriously considered.