Evolution of Dispossession

Evolution of Dispossession
How to Steal a Country?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

US Fighting ISIS, or Assad?

This article summarizes what the keen observer has been saying for months-years.

Article from the Telegraph written by the excellent Robert Fisk.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Voice of Reason

Avi Shlaim's Artcile from The Guardian

This well-written article places blame where it needs to be ; on the actions of Netanyahu and his rabid right-wing settler coalition.

The article also highlights what supposed friends do NOT to do their friends/benefactors. And no I am not referring to Obama "taking their friend to the security council" as Netanyahu put it.

It is amazing that the margins for criticism of Israeli policy are much wider in Israel than they are in the US, the self-proclaimed free-speech capital of the moral universe.

Friday, January 06, 2017

New Session of Congress

House Vote "Condemns" the UNSC Vote on Israeli Settlements

So the House has voted to "condemn" the vote on December 23, 2016 in which the UNSC vote was 14-0-1, with the US abstaining.

Note that our elected "leaders" did not criticize the 14 countries that voted YES. They saved their disdain and shock and indignation for their own president and state department. The republicans and democrats cannot agree on a damned thing, but when it comes to Israel, they can talk tough about the outgoing president. The vote is symbolic but it does demonstrate who is on AIPAC's payroll in the US Congress.

So far in the new session of Congress, legislation has been put forth to:

1.  Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem
2.  "Condemn" the UNSC vote on the illegality (the settlements have been illegal for more than 2 weeks ...) of Israeli settlements
3.  De-fund the UN for its anti-Israel machinations

I am wondering if the US has no problems to tackle. I wonder if these elected "leaders" are going to start solving issues that affect Americans. We have a crumbling infrastructure, devastating national debt measures, alleged Russia hacking into our political system, an education system that produces nimrods, illegal aliens flowing across the southern border, a corrupt (see above) system of representation, etc etc etc.

There is something surreal and decidedly bizarre when US politicians have some unwritten, unspoken competition on who is more pro-Israel. Are they trying to get Saban's money? Adelson's money?

Netanyahu's Poor Logic Exposed

Peter Beinart's Article on Forward

This article is excellent, detailed, and written by someone who has exposed faulty Zionist logic many times.

Well worth the read.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Reactions to the UNSC Vote on December 23rd, 2016

As someone who has plenty of time to read dozens and dozens of articles about this UNSC vote concerning Israeli settlements and their illegality, some observations are noteworthy:

1.  I have never been more embarrassed for so many US politicians for supporting a foreign head of state over their own president, state department and secretary of state. It is ok to have a different opinion about these matters, but at the end of the day it is bad policy to side with a foreign head of state that has insulted the US administration on many occasions.

2.  All of the criticism coming from Netanyahu and Israel has been directed at the one country that has previously vetoed (lone veto mind you) UNSC resolutions targeting Israel more than 40 times since the 1970's. Shouldn't the comments from Israel be thanks for all of the times Israel was shielded? Or thanks for promising to continue giving Israel almost $4 billion every year for the next 10 years? Nope. It was about this abstention. Did Israel condemn the countries that actually voted YES on the resolution? Perhaps a little bit, but the lion's share of criticism has been against its main benefactor.

3.  People like Lyndsey Graham, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz (and that imbecile Huckabee, who is in Israel this very moment proclaiming that there is no such thing as a settlement!) who want to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem need to be more concerned with fixing the many problems of the USA. The new session of Congress just began and they are already taking up this issue. Given the problems that face the USA, for this to be even an issue at the moment tells you where their loyalties are. A war will be started if these Israel-firsters get their way, so where is the counter-balance going to come from in the US Senate?

4.  The uber Zionists have come out of the woodwork to proclaim what a Jew-hating anti-semite President Obama is. Phrases like "act of hate" and "stabbing Israel in the back" have been used. So let's review. President Jimmy Carter delivered the greatest accord between Israel and the Arab World in 1979, and one of the main provisions was the 1967 borders, that Israel clearly has reneged on. But after Jimmy Carter wrote "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" he too became an anti-semite in the eyes of the Zionists. Never mind all the good he did for Israel. And the UN, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, B'tSelem, Physicians for Human Rights - Israel, the International Red Cross, and other rights groups and NGO's have been also saddled by the same slander ; they are all guilty of anti-semitism! Imagine that. Every one of these organizations devoted to human rights all have some hidden ugly animus towards Israel because Jews live there ... When will it dawn on Americans that this is a political tactic, used too frequently, to deflect attention away from Israel's lawless behavior, and re-focus attention on Israel's perceived victimhood? Israel is criticized by the entire world, outside the US, because of what it does, not because of its Jewish character.

5.  Obama did not intervene when Israel was slaughtering 1400 Palestinians in 2008-2009 during Operation Cast Lead. The evil Palestinians managed to kill 10 Israelis (6 soldiers and 4 civilians). Another 4 IDF soldiers were killed by Israeli friendly fire. And during that seige, the IDF killed 1400 Palestinians, more than 1000 being civilians, more than 320 children, who died for no other reason that they were Palestinian at this sad point in human history. Israel bombed schools, and hospitals, and used white phosphorous and Goldstone's report found that Israel was guilty of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity. Then Goldstone became a self-hating Jew, according to the same commentators.

6. Obama did not intervene in the summer of 2014 when another massacre happened in Gaza. This time 2200 Palestinians were killed, versus 68 Israeli soldiers. You do the math.

7.  Netanyahu came and addressed Congress about the threat of Iranian nukes, and before that the '67 borders. And our Congress gave him standing ovations, even while he insulted our president, all the while taking our money and playing on the sympathies of the eternally-ignorant and morally-corrupt. And then Netanyahu said there would be no Palestinian state during his tenure, when he was trying to get re-elected. He tried to take that one back after the election, as he knew there would be a price to pay.

And now we have to listen to the poor, slighted, always-misunderstood victim, who happens to also be the biggest war criminal of the 21st century. Well, maybe that is an arguable point since Bush and Cheney's machinations also occurred in this century.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Netanyahu's Arrogance Has a Cost

Haaretz Opinion Article

The opinion piece does a great job with his timeline of the spat between Netanyahu and Obama. And all of Netanyahu's actions have repercussions. Biting the proverbial hand that feeds you virtually assures that such feeding need not continue. The politicians in Israel are angry at Netanyahu. He has many competitors, and enemies, who will seek public office, and his days are numbered. The question is whether or not he will do anything dramatically stupid before he is ousted.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

AIPAC Interference

Saban Gives $100,000 to Influence Election

When a person brings up how AIPAC is overly involved in our electoral processes, many times they get treated with ridicule. For every article which highlights how much candidates get from Saban, or Adelson, or AIPAC, how many articles are not written? Saban and Adelson are self-described one-issue men, and that issue is Israel. And here they are, showering the opponents with lots of money because the incumbent did not vote sufficiently pro-Israel while in office. The greatest democracy in the world? Or the greatest democracy that money can buy?

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bernie Sanders on Israel's War Crimes in Gaza

Article in Salon

Finally, a US politician saying publicly what many know to be true, but are afraid to say publicly for fear of an AIPAC backlash. The fact that Bernie is Jewish spares him the charge of being "anti-semitic". Sanders is choosing morally right over what is popular, and what is Clinton doing, being subservient to AIPAC and Netanyahu, who belongs in front of judges at the ICC in The Hague. I hope Bernie can surpass Clinton and face off against Trump or Cruz, because maybe he offers to best chance the US has of doing things differently than past administrations and breaking up this awful and corrupting influence Israel has on the US.

Monday, April 04, 2016

The IDF ... The Most "Moral" Army in the World!

Article by J. Cook

For every event like this, the question to ask is how many do NOT get caught on video?

The IDF has a dubious history of wanton disregard for non-Jewish life, from the wheelchair-bound man in Jenin who had a white flag on his chair, to Rachel Corrie, to the kids playing soccer in Gaza, to Mohammed al-Durra, to the Turks on the Mavi Marmarma, to the war crimes committed in 2008-2009 and the summer of 2014.

Of course, their actions are always justified.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Way It Is, But Not the Way It Should Be

The GOP Seeks Out Jewish Donors

So we enter the frenetic race for the next Presidential election, and the GOP'ers are off and running. There is a land rush of sorts, except the coveted prize is not land but influence and money. They are off running to get some of Adelson's money, and all they have to do is proclaim their love of Israel and their commitment to Israel in the foreign policy arena. To gain Adelson's support, they need to vilify the impending nuclear deal with Iran, saying that Obama gave up too much. Even though reason demands the obvious point that Russia, China, Britain, France, and Germany would never have given into questionable terms just because Obama wanted to do this or that, given the current relationship between the US and its "partners".

Many of the same GOP mouth breathers begging for Adelson's money are the ones that signed the open letter to Iran, claiming that the deal would never last, showing their ignorance of international law and slapping their own president and state department in the face, while aligning their position with the Iranian hardliners, who also do not want a nuclear deal. All of this done in the service of Netanyahu, who has actually gone out of his way to embarrass our leaders (not just Obama, Biden, Kerry et al.). Even if you do not like Obama's current position, he is our president. The speech he gave to our Congress, while trying to score political points at home, would have made Jefferson, and Adams, and Washington roll over in their grave. When an American politician gets chastised because he did not clap enthusiastically enough, then people need to start asking questions, like what the hell is going on?

So is this the way it is supposed to be? In the "greatest" democracy in the solar system? That a candidate's chances of winning depend on seeking funds from one demographic, or that the candidates are completely subservient to a foreign lobby called AIPAC?

America First! America first, second, third, .... and last! And if your actions say otherwise, then your loyalty to this nation is questionable.

Monday, April 06, 2015

More Israeli War Crimes ... Does It Matter?

Israel has once again committed war crimes in Gaza, in the summer of 2014. If there is ever any investigation, I am sure that the investigative team will also find Hamas guilty of war crimes as well, just as they did in 2008-2009 during Operation Cast Lead.

The key difference will be, once again, the effectiveness of the Israeli killing machine versus the dreadful tactic of sending homemade missiles into Israel with no hope of doing any physical or mortal damage, the only wounds being inflicted on the morale of the Israeli public diving into bomb shelters for "rockets" that cannot do any harm.

At the end of last summer's crisis, Israel killed around 2,500 Palestinians, and this go around, Hamas soldiers killed around 70 Israeli soldiers. Of the Palestinian dead, about 1800 were civilian, with another multiple hundred of children killed.

Once again, Israel bombed schools, hospitals, and UN shelters, claiming that Hamas militants were "hiding" among the civilians. Since the Palestinians have no army, no navy, no air force, no marines, no coast guard, no helicopters, no assault jets, no white phosphorus munitions, and no US weapons, I guess they were hiding with the civilians since they were civilians, trying to defend their people against an overly militant, racist, terrorist state with the blessing of the world's sole superpower.

How many of you watched the kids gunned downed by Israeli Navy warships while the kids played soccer on the beach? How many of you saw the broadcast of the journalist overlooking the beach as the claim was made that when the kids ran away, after the first shell struck, that the Israeli gun turrets re-targeted the kids running away from the shelling?

Sadly, episodes like this get lost in the large-scale Israeli denials of their egregious contraventions of international law and get ultimately lost when US media report that "Israel was fighting against terrorism".

The End of My Blogsite

So I thought about shutting down my blogsite, since I never get any substantive comments, and my google page hits are quite high, but nobody ever seems to post a comment, so no discussion ever progresses.

It has been quite a while since I have posted any links to articles or comments, but given the situation with Netanyahu addressing the US Congress and the ongoing discussions with the P5+1 nations with Iran and the nuclear issue, I thought I might start to add some more comments and articles.

I guess I am saying I am back, and instead of offering my comments to the idiotic partisans on various "news" sites, I am back to run my site and add my commentary.